Prep Baseball Report

Hoosier Holiday Showcase: Outfield Analysis

By Blake Hibler & Phil Wade

PBR Indiana 

On Sunday, December 15th, PBR Indiana hosted the Inaugural Hoosier Holiday Showcase at Trinity Ballpark's Indoor Facility in Noblesville, Indiana.  The event consisted of 46 players from across the state, and one player from Illinois.  A total of 13 outfielders participated in the event.  Below we analyze each outfielder.

Top 5

1. Tre Gantt, OF, Hamilton Southeastern HS, 2014: 5-foot-9, 175 pound OF is shows tons of athleticism.  The Ohio State commit showcased an increase in arm strength at 85 mph from the OF and continues to show he’s suited to play OF at the D-1 level.  Offensively, starts from a tall setup with good rhythm and balance.  Present bat speed and present power with wood.    Ran an event best 6.53 60. 

2. Mitchell Garrity, OF, Perry Meridian HS, 2016: 5-foot-11, 175 pound OF ran 7.30 60 and was 83 mph from the OF.  Shows above average arm strength with good footwork.  Athletic build and actions with good strength.  Offensively, starts wide with a toe tap.  Good swing plane and stays inside the baseball well.  Showcased present bat speed.  Posted an exit velo of 79 mph.  

3. Matt Olovich, OF, Guerin Catholic HS, 2017: 5-foot-8, 150 pound OF is athletic with good arm strength at 77 mph.  Ran a 7.43 60. Offensively, uses a toe tap with good balance throughout the swing.  Flashes good bat speed, but will get long at times. Posted an 81 mph exit velo.  Athletic approach.  Good physicality for a 2017.  High follow in the 2017 class. 

4. Carson Wright, OF, Huntington North HS, 2017: 5-foot-9, 145 pound OF ran a 7.27 60 and was 73 from the OF.  Defensively, needs to improve on playing through the baseball.  Footwork is athletic.  As he adds overall strength, arm strength should improve.  Offensively, the LHH starts wide with a toe tap.  Swing plane is uphill with projectable power.  Remains balanced throughout, and sits on his backside.  Exit velo was 73 mph.  

5. Nathanial Bye, OF, Western Boone HS, 2016: 6-foot, 160 pound OF is athletic and possesses a lot of quick twitch good arm speed and quick feet. Was 76 mph from the OF.  The 60 time will drop considerably as he continues to get into baseball shape. At the plate gains momentum with quick hands and good feet. Shows projectable power. Currently a line drive hitter.

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Nick Bantz, OF, Delta HS, 2016: 6-foot-2, 170 pound OF was 66 mph from the OF and ran a 7.97 60.  Defensive actions are currently raw.  At the plate uses a short, simple approach from an athletic stance.  Stays balanced throughout and displayed a level swing plane with average bat speed.  Exit velo was 71 mph.  

Branden Kuxhausen, OF, Lafayette Harrison HS, 2014: 5-foot-11, 150 pound OF ran a 7.29 60.  Displayed a slow release from the OF where he was 73 mph.  Needs to get better use of lower half.  At the plate uses a simple approach.  Starts open with a short stride.  Line drive type hitter with average bat speed.  Exit velo was 78 mph. 

Carlos Matovina, OF, St. Joseph’s HS, 2016: 5-foot-9, 155 pound OF ran a 7.58 60.  From the OF was 72 mph. Possesses an athletic build.  Footwork in the field is raw and lacks premium arm strength. At the plate starts open with a slight leg kick.  Lacks hand separation but possesses avg. bat speed and gets to extension barreling up a lot balls.  Posted an exit velo of 65 mph. 

Michael Richardson, OF, Peru HS, 2015: 6-foot-4, 175 pound OF ran a 7.13 60 and was 72 from the OF.  Possesses a tall, lanky build.  Plays through the baseball well and uses a short arm action.  Offensively tends to open up, pulling off the ball.  Finishes one handed.  Displays average hand speed with good use of the lower half.  Exit velo was 81 mph.  

Aaron Skeel, OF, Yorktown HS, 2016: 5-foot-11, 140 pound OF fields it more as an IF.  Was 72 mph from the OF.  Ran a 7.43 60.  At the plate starts closed with a leg kick.  Needs to continue to add strength.  Good balance throughout his swing with average bat speed.  Consistently made hard contact.  Exit velo was 50 mph.  

Nathan Williams, OF, Hamilton Southeastern HS, 2016: 6-foot, 180 pound OF is a big, physical lefty.  Throws from ¾ slot with above average arm strength at 80 mph.  Ran a 7.37 60.  Offensively, the LHH hits with a short stride and slow load.  Lower half is inconsistent.  Above average bat speed with an uphill swing plane.  Displayed projectable power.  Exit velo was 81 mph. 

Amir Wright, OF, Griffith HS, 2016: 5-foot-9, 145 pound OF possesses long limbs.  The lefty shows athletic actions in the field.  Fields the baseball deep.  Arm speed is quick, but lacks premium arm strength, 69 mph from the OF.  At the plate uses a quiet setup and good approach.  Swing is raw.  Needs to add strength to increase bat speed.  Posted a 79 mph exit velo.  Gets to extension with overall good balance throughout his swing.  Ran a 7.50 60. 

Devon Zachary, OF, North Montgomery HS, 2016: 6-foot, 155 pound OF ran a 7.12 60 and was 76 from the OF.  Moves well with average arm strength.  Uses a short arm action.  At the plate starts slightly closed and uses a short stride.  Swing is short and compact, displaying average bat speed.  Good balance throughout his swing.  Line drive type hitter.  Exit velo was 73 mph.

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