Indiana Wesleyan Underclass: Best of the Rest

By Phil Wade & Blake Hibler
Prep Baseball Report. Indiana

Best of the Rest from the February 18 Underclass Showcase at Indiana Wesleyan University:

Nick Butcher, MIF, New Palestine HS, 2014:

5-foot-7, 150 pound junior runs a 7.14 60.  Uses a short arm action in the field and throws from a ¾ arm slot at 72 mph with good accuracy.  Arm strength needs to continue to improve.  His hands are a little hard, and shows some stiffness throughout his actions.  Projects as a 2B.  At the plate hits from the crouch position with a short stride.  Tends to wrap during his load, and displays average balance.  Possesses some bat speed with an uphill swing path.  Makes solid contact, producing line drives.

Marcus Jessup, OF, Lawrence Central HS, 2014:

6-foot, 160 pound athletic junior.  Shows plus speed running an event best 6.50 60.  His best tool is his athleticism and speed.  From the outfield he was 71 mph.  Needs to improve upon his arm strength and overall arm action.  Currently throws from a low ¾ angle.  He moves well in the outfield and plays through the ball with a clean exchange.  At the plate uses an inward turn with the front leg, and no stride.  

Caleb Keehner, 2B/OF, Covenant Christian, 2014:

6-foot, 167 pound junior was 73 across the infield.  From the outfield shows some carry on his throws at 77 mph.  Needs to continue to improve upon his defensive actions. At the plate showcased an 88 mph exit velo, tied for an event best.  He starts with a wide base and uses an inward turn of the front leg.  Possesses good bat speed with some barrel whip.

Alec Reuille, C/OF, Ft. Wayne Snider, 2014:

5-foot-11, 190 pound junior showcased the best pop time at the event, a 1.96.  He was consistently 1.96-2.12 with his pop times.  Shows some arm strength behind the plate at 76 mph.  At the plate starts with an open set up.  Keeps his hands inside the baseball with an uphill swing plane.   Good balance throughout his swing.  Runs a 7.31 60.

Ryen Millsap, 2B/3B, Terre Haute South, 2015:

5-foot-8, 150 pound left handed hitting infielder. Millsap shows soft hands with average arm speed for his age. Needs to develop into his athleticism and age strength. Currently, Millsap is 66 from the infield but the arm works from multiple angles. At the plate, Millsap’s swing mechanics are clean and just has average bat speed for his age. Millsap will be someone to revisit as he matures. On the mound, Millsap possesses a repeatable clean delivery. Throws from a ¾ arm action and the arm works pretty easily. Just lacks the arm speed currently.

Bailey Waugh, RHP/1B, Homestead,2016

5-foot-11, 150 pound freshman,Waugh shows a body size you like for a 2016. Still physically developing, Waugh shows good movement around the bag at fist. At the plate, Waugh hits from a more upright stance and just lacks the hand speed that will develop with maturity. The plane works and he gets to extension. The lower half will develop as he grows as well. On the mound Waugh was 69-71 with his fastball.

 Fabian Munoz, RHP/1B/OF, Seymour, 2014

5-foot-9, 170 pound right handed hitting Munoz has a good strong base. He hits from a narrow stance with excellent balance throughout his swing. Would like to see Munoz more aggressive with his hands to add some power. On the mound, Munoz works at a slow deliberate pace with a pause before balance point in his delivery. Munoz topped out at 75 and was consistently in the strike zone. Munoz also threw a gradual 10/4 breaking ball at 65-68 and a change up with cut action at 66-67.

Corey Brown, OF/LHP, Crown Point, 2015

6-foot, 160 pound tall a lanky shows good actions for his age in the outfield. He plays through the ball and threw 76 from the outfield. At the plate, Corey hits in a open narrow stance with a slight crouch. The lower half is inconsistent and he spins on the back side losing posture. Shows some hand speed. On the mound Brown projects the best. The lefty throws with some deception in his delivery and works at a comfortable pace. The arm works from a high ¾ and  throws above average breaking ball for his age. Brown topped out at 72 on the mound.

Jake Burton, SS/RHP, Clinton Central, 2015

Burton displays above average speed for his age running a 7.06 and is a tall long limbed middle infielder. As Burton grows into his body it is easy to see a jump coming. In the middle, Burton moves okay, with a very raw approach to the middle. At the plate, Burton hits from both sides. Both swings are comparable with more hand speed from the right and a little more compact from the left. He has a flat bat through the zone. Burton gets wide at times. On the mound Burton, lands open and works from a ¾ arm slot. Again with rawness in his mechanics. He did show a good breaking ball when he didn't get around it. Burton topped out at 74.

Michael Elsbury, C/RHP/INF, North Central, 2016

Strong bodied for his age. Elsbury worked out at 3B, catcher, and on the mound. The frame will add strength as he progresses through high school. At the plate, he hits from a slight crouch and over rotates at times. His exit velo was 71. Defensively, Elsbury projects more behind the plate. He was 63 across the diamond and showed a 2.34 pop time. On the mound Elsbury was 66-68 and needs to work on pounding the strike zone more.

Ian Smith, LHP, Northwood, 2014

Walks in the door and passes the eye test. The 6-foot-3, 185 pound lefty. Throws from a high elbow slot causing the arm to look quick and add deception. Smith worked out of the windup and stretch and showed good tempo out of both. Smith throws consistent strikes with all three pitches. If the velocity jump comes, Smith will be one to keep an eye out for. 

Chris Beresford, RHP/1B, Hamilton Southeastern, 2015

Beresford is 6-foot-4, 175 pounds with plenty of room to fill out as he physically gets stronger. Currently Beresford provides a great tall target at first base and moved well around the bag defensively. At the plate, he hits from a slight crouch with more weight on the backside and glides a little bit into his swing. He shows the ability to lift the ball. On the mound, Chris works in a slow deliberate delivery and high 3/4 arm action, maintains a good line and works downhill. As Chris grows physically look for a velo jump. Chris projects more as a pitcher at this time.

Nathan Phillips, C/RHP, Yorktown, 2015

Phillips is a raw framed catcher with a quick arm. His best pop time of the day was 2.17, which will quicken as he grows into his athleticism. At the plate, Phillips showed flashes of having raw power. The swing was inconsistent. He worked with a short stride good balanced swing. When the lower half cleared he showed the ability to drive the baseball. Phillips also pitched with a short arm action throwing more like a catcher. He did display above average arm strength for his class at 78. Phillips is someone to keep an eye on behind the plate in the coming years