Hoosier Holiday Showcase: MIF Analysis

By Phil Wade & Blake Hibler
PBR Indiana

Top 5

1. Nathanial Bye, SS, Western Boone HS, 2016: 6-foot-, 160 pound sophomore possesses an athletic frame with a lot of quick twitch.  Across the infield was 74 mph.  Possesses quick feet with an above average glove.  His 60 time will drop considerably as he continues to get into baseball shape. At the plate gains momentum with quick hands and good feet. Shows projectable power. Currently a line drive hitter.  Multi-sport athlete.  High follow in 2016 class.  

2. Matt Olovich, SS, Guerin Catholic HS, 2017: 5-foot-8, 150 pound freshman showcased good arm strength for a freshman across the diamond at 75 mph.  Displayed athletic actions defensively with an above average glove.  Exchange is quick and clean.  Arm action is long, but quick and throws from a high ¾ slot.  Offensively, uses a toe tap with good balance throughout the swing.  Flashes good bat speed, but will get long at times. Posted an 81 mph exit velo.  Athletic approach.  Good physicality for a 2017.  High follow in the 2017 class. 

3. Duke Schillaci, 2B/MIF, Zionsville HS, 2015: 6-foot-1, 158 pound junior was 67 mph across the infield.  Showcased soft hands with overall average actions.  Possesses some athleticism and ability to throw from multiple arm angles.  Ran a 7.61 60.  Offensively, starts slightly open.  Good approach to the baseball.  Stride is short with above average hand speed.  Drops the barrel. Line drive type hitter.  Posted an exit velo of 75 mph.  

4. Brandon Vermillion, 2B/MIF, Daleville HS, 2016: 6-foot, 168 pound sophomore was 64 across the infield.  Showcased average hands defensively.  Arm action is long.  Feet are quick and displayed some range.  Needs to improve arm strength.  His best tool is his bat.  Hits from the left side of the plate where he starts tall and open.  Strides long.  Showcased quick hands and uphill swing plane.  Exit velo was 82 mph.  Barrels up a lot of baseballs producing line drives.  Ran a 7.37 60. 

5. Jordan Schaffer, SS/2B, West Vigo HS, 2016: 5-foot-9, 140 pound sophomore was 69 mph across the diamond.  Exchange was quick and clean.  Hands are soft with above average glove.  Lacks elite arm strength, but has the ability to throw from multiple arm angles.  Offensively starts closed, locking himself up.  Uses a toe tap and bars his front arm during his load.  Showcased quick hands and produced an exit velo of 76 mph. 

Best of the Rest (Listed Alphabetically)

Hunter Cornelius, 2B/MIF, White River Valley HS, 2016: 5-foot-7, 130 pound sophomore was 71 mph across the diamond.  Displayed quick feet with average hands and fielding ability.  Arm action is long for a MIF.  Ran a 7.89 60.  Offensively starts wide and has a tendency to drop hands producing an uphill swing plane.  Consistently barrels up the baseball.  Exit velo was 71 mph.  

Brennen Dowden, SS, Shenandoah HS, 2016: 5-foot-11, 150 pound sophomore was 73 mph across the infield from a short arm action and over the top slot.  Hands are average and fields it clean.  Feet are average.   Offensively starts wide and uses a short toe tap.  Dives towards the baseball.  Starts with his hands high and doesn’t show much of a load.  Hand speed is average.  Front leg is stiff.  Barrels up a lot of baseballs.  Exit velo of 79 mph.  

Spencer Horsley, 2B/MIF, Daleville HS, 2016: 5-foot-7, 115 pound sophomore was 66 across the infield and runs an 8.34 60.  Currently lacks high level arm strength.  Hands are average and fields it clean.  Throws from a high ¾ slot with a quick release.  At the plate hits from both sides.   From the right side starts closed with a short stride.  Drops hands during his load with a level swing plane.  Exit velo was 60 mph.  From the left side starts slightly open and uses a short stride.  Hand drop down during his load.  Average balance throughout his swing.  Needs to add strength. 

Tanner Lilly, SS, Mt. Vernon HS, 2017:  5-foot-8, 135 pound freshman was 68 mph across the infield.  Showcased average feet with some range.  Fields it clean with a clean exchange.   At times fields it deep.  Glove is above average for a 2017.  Offensively, starts wide and open.  Drops hands during the load with an arm bar.  Possesses good hand speed for a 2017.  

Nicholas Nagy, 2B/MIF, Roncalli, 2015: 6-foot-1, 160 pound junior was 65 mph across the infield.  Possesses long legs.  Displayed average hands and fields the ball deep at times.  Showcased a clean exchange with the ability to get rid of it.  Lacks arm strength.  Offensively starts tall and open.  Gets wide after his stride.  Hands are quick.  Lower half is inconsistent.  Posted an exit velo of 79 mph.