NE Indiana Open: Top Fastball Velocities

Phil Wade
Indiana Executive Director

On Tuesday, June 9th we hosted the NE Indiana Open Showcase at the World Baseball Academy in Fort Wayne, IN. Over 45 players participated in the event. In the coming days we will highlight the top statistical performances and standout players from the event. Today, we begin by looking at the top fastball velos from the event.
Rank Name State School Class Pos Max FB
1 Brayden Risedorph IN East Noble 2022 RHP 88 mph
2 Graham Kollen IN Homestead 2021 RHP 85 mph
3 Dalton Swinehart IN Concord High School 2021 RHP 84 mph
^ Tyler Papenbrock IN Leo 2021 LHP 84 mph
^ Nick Snyder IN Eastside 2022 RHP 84 mph
4 Grant Simmons IN Homestead 2021 RHP 83 mph
5 Carter King IN Delta 2021 RHP 82 mph
6 Steven Hernandez IN Washington Twp 2021 LHP 80 mph
7 Zachary Stawski IN South Bend St Joseph 2023 OF 79 mph
8 James Hernandez IN Washington Twp 2021 LHP 78 mph
^ Jake Stachel IN Northridge 2021 SS 78 mph
^ Adam Besser IN South Adams 2021 RHP 78 mph