Northern Indiana Prospect Showcase Results

By Phil Wade & Blake Hibler

PBR Indiana

Top prospects from Saturday's Northern Indiana Prospect Showcase at Huntington North High school:

In Alphabetical Order:

Carter Bridge, OF/SS, Lafayette Harrison HS, 2016: 5-foot-10, 165 pound sophomore ran an event best 7.07 60.  Possesses good athleticism with a projectable frame.  In the OF showcased a quick, clean arm at 84 mph.  Moves well and plays through the ball.  In the IF was 77 mph with a short arm action. Displayed soft hands and fluid feet.  Release is quick.  Still a little raw mechanically, but possesses enough tools to be a high level MIF.  At the plate starts with an athletic, balanced setup.  Load is smooth and uses a short stride.  Showed good use of lower half.  Bat speed is above average.  Swing is long at times but does possess quick hands and gets to extension producing line drives with the ability to drive the gaps.  High follow in the 2016 class. 

Ross Elkins, LHP, Columbia City HS, 2015: 5-foot-11, 175 pound junior pitches from a low ¾ slot with average arm speed.  Arm action is long with a wrap on the back side.  Displays good rhythm and direction throughout his delivery.  Fastball was 73-75 mph with run and sink action; thrown for a strike.  Breaking ball shows a sweeping action at 60-63 mph but inconsistent in the zone.  His changeup sat 65-67 with slight sink action and thrown for a strike at fastball arm speed. 

Jake Gholston, OF, Boone Grove HS, 2014: 5-foot-11, 170 pound unsigned senior was 72 mph from the OF. Ran a 7.25 60 at a PBR event this fall.  Projects more as a LF.  Offensively hits from the left side of the plate.  Starts with a high back elbow in a wide stance.  Stride is short and showcased good use of the lower half. Bat speed is above average.  Exit velo has been up to 81 mph.  Swing plane is uphill with projectable power.  Overall good approach to the baseball.  

Nate Hembree, RHP/MIF, Northfield HS, 2015: 5-foot-8, 165 pound junior pitches from a ¾ arm slot with average arm speed.  Shows good direction and lands open.  Fastball was 72-74 mph with some run and thrown for a strike.  Breaking ball shows a sweeping shape with sharp action at 61-63 mph.  Changeup sat 66-68 mph but was erratic in the zone.  Defensively was 67 mph across the diamond.  Hands are hard, but shows a clean exchange.  Feet are flat and tends to play on his heels.  At the plate starts with a balanced setup and no load.  Stride is short and dives towards the baseball.  Bat speed is average with a long, level path.  Average balance throughout his swing. 

Mitch Howie, C/1B, Hamilton Heights HS, 2016: 6-foot, 175 pound sophomore was 72 mph across the diamond.  Plays through the baseball and works well around the bag.  Behind the plate showcased the ability to frame well for his age.  Above average blocking ability with average footwork.  Good body, and frame for a catcher.  Was 2.17-2.25 with his pop times.  Still a little raw with his receiving skills.  Offensively hits from a crouch setup.  Drops down during his load and uses a toe tap with a short stride.  Bat speed is average.  

Bryce Kendall, C, Northfield HS, 2015: 6-foot-1, 175 pound junior shows good arm strength behind the plate (75 mph).  Has a good foundation and moves well laterally.  Exchange is slow.   Pop times were 2.16-2.29.  At the plate starts from a slightly open, balanced setup. Stride is short and displayed good balance throughout his swing.  Possesses above average bat speed (86 mph exit velo). Gets to extension well with gap to gap power.  Athletic frame.   

Kyle Matter, MIF/RHP, Cardinal Ritter HS, 2015: 5-foot-11, 150 pound junior ran a 7.77 60.  Defensively he was 77 across the diamond from a loose, ¾ arm slot.  His throws are accurate and showed good carry.  Fields the ball clean with above average hands.  Footwork suggests he’s more a 2B.  At the plate starts wide with a smooth load and inward turn with the front leg.  Stride is short.  Swing path is level with average bat speed (75 mph exit velo).  Shows fluid rhythm throughout.  Line drive type hitter.  On the mound is athletic with a quick arm.  Fastball is a hard 76-78 mph with late run consistently in the zone.   Throws a 66-68 mph curveball with a sharp, sweeping action consistently in the zone.  His changeup is near fastball arm speed with arm side run and late life, good out pitch.  Matter is a good follow in the 2015 class.  

Alex Mis, C/3B, Munster HS, 2016: 5-foot-7, 170 pound sophomore ran a 7.19 60.  Behind the plate is an average receiver with raw actions.  From the crouch was 70 mph and was 2.20-2.25 with his pop times.  Offensively, hits from a slightly open, crouch position.  Starts with high elbows.  Stride is short.  Bat path is short with a level swing plane.  Overall simple approach to the ball.  Posted an exit velo of 81 mph.  

Lucas Newsome, RHP/3B, Huntington North HS, 2017: 5-foot-9, 185 pound freshman has a slow delivery and inconsistent with his direction.  His fastball was a heavy 73-74 mph with run.  Breaking ball showed an 11/5 shape with sharp action, but erratic in the zone.  He does keep the breaking ball down with near fastball arm speed.  Changeup was 60-62 mph with some arm side run, but erratic in the zone.  Tends to slow his arm speed down when throwing the changeup.  Defensively was 74 across the diamond with raw actions.  At the plate starts from a tall setup and loads back.  Uses a small toe tap.  Use of lower half needs refined as he tends to collapse on the backside. Pull side hitter and finishes swing one handed.  

Jake Reid, OF/3B, Indianapolis Lutheran HS, 2016: 6-foot-3, 180 pound sophomore was 75 mph from the OF.  Looks the part and displayed average footwork.  Across the diamond was 73 mph.  Tends to field the ball flat footed.  Needs to speed up his release and finish his throws.  At the plate starts with high hands and uses a leg kick.  Good use of lower half and overall good balance throughout.  Bat speed is above average (81 mph exit velo).  Good approach with an uphill swing plane.  Pull hitter with some projectable power.  Finishes one handed.  

Garrison Smith, RHP/3B, Mississinewa HS, 2017: 6-foot-1, 235 pound freshman pitches from an over the top arm slot.  Currently lacks premium arm speed.  Fastball is straight at 71-73 mph.  Breaking ball currently lacks identification at 65-66 mph.  Changeup is straight and thrown for a strike at 64-65 mph. Defensively throws from a high ¾ slot with some accuracy at 72 mph.  Feet are slow and fields it flat footed.  Hands are firm.  At the plate starts tall with a short stride.  Partial use of lower half.  Displays good balance.  Bat speed is average with a short path to the baseball and gets to extension.  Showcased projectable power. 

Trevor Snyder, 3B/RHP, Ft. Wayne Carroll HS, 2015: 6-foot-3, 175 pound junior was 77 mph across the diamond from a long arm action with an over the top arm slot.  Showcased above average hands with fluid footwork.  Offensively starts tall and open.  Possesses quick bat speed with good use of lower half.  Swing plane is uphill and gets to extension.  Has gap to gap power with power potential.  On the mound possesses a quick arm with a long, loose action.  Good direction within his delivery and easy effort.  Fastball was 77-79 mph with run.  Breaking ball shows an 11/5 shape with a sharp break at 65-67 mph.  Throws a 63-65 mph splitter that occasionally flashed good depth. 

Hunter Thorn, C/OF, Portage HS, 2016: 5-foot-10, 160 pound sophomore displayed a wide base with a solid foundation behind the plate.  From the crouch was 72 mph.  Showcased pop times between 2.20-2.26.  Offensively starts slightly open with high hands.  Stride is short with a smooth load.  Shows good use of lower half.  Bat speed is above average and posted an exit velo of 81 mph.  Overall advanced approach at the plate with a short path to the baseball consistently producing line drives.  Should increase power as he adds strength.  

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