Pre Season All State Showcase: Top 25 2014s

1. Chandler Sanburn is a 5-foot-11 2014 right handed pitcher from Avon HS. Sanburn emerged as one of the top pitching prospects in the class. He showed a good frame, a long arm circle, and clean arm action. Sanburn was an easy 84-87 with life. Sanburn featured a curve ball and a slider. The curve ball broke early with a 12-6 action. The slider was tighter and was more of an 11-5 pitch than maintained one plane. Sanburn’s change up was still a developing pitch but showed good arm side run.

2. Jay Prior is a 6-foot-3 2014 SS/RHP from Center Grove. The first thing you notice about Prior is a strong athletic looking body. In the field, he shows athleticism with good rhythm. He projects as a third baseman in college.  At the plate, Prior starts with an open setup, a slight bend, and shows good rhythm in his swing. Prior’s hands work well and creates good backspin. Prior has plus power and once he learns to keep his lower half under him expect his power numbers to go even higher. On the mound, Prior creates a lot of momentum with his delivery, has a high leg kick, and is at times inconsistent. His fastball sat 82-84, but was easy and projects to add velocity quickly this spring. His flashed a good 11-5 breaking ball that at times was out of the zone. His best pitch was his splitter. He demonstrated good arm speed with diving action into the righty’s foot.  Once Prior learns to repeat his delivery, he projects as a good two way guy.

3. Zach McKinstry is a 6-foot 155 pound 2014 SS. McKinstry ran 7.07, showed smooth actions, good feet, quick release and was the hardest infielder at the event topping out at 85. Making him the best 2014 MIF prospect at the event. At the plate, McKinstry hits from the left side with a good balanced setup. His swing was easy and with projectable gap-to-gap power.  Zach looks to premier middle infielder in the state.

4. Grant Malott is a 6-foot 160 pound OF/RHP from New Castle. Malott ran the third quickest 60 at 6.82, was 83 from the outfield, and moved well through the ball. He has an average build with good athleticism. At the plate, Malott’s setup was an athletic crouch with a smooth quiet load. His hands were quick and worked in an uphill plane. Malott maintained a balanced swing throughout with projectable power. On the mound, Malott possessed a quick clean arm and sat 80-83. He threw a 68-71 breaking ball and a 70-72 changeup that dove with arm side run. Malott is a high follow as both, but currently has more projection as an outfielder.

5. Alec Olund is a 6-foot-1 shortstop from Lake Central. Olund is a tall athletic middle infielder with good footwork and a strong arm (78mph). Olund showed advance actions left and right and possessed a good backhand. At the plate, Olund is right handed hitter with a slightly open balanced stance. He gets wide at times causing some balance issues. Hands work well and possesses above average power.

6. Jeff Scott is a 6-foot 160 pound catcher from Clinton Central. Jeff shows a good lean, strong body with athleticism running a 7.11 sixty. At the plate, Scott shows good rotation and balance with a vertical stance. He demonstrated good hands and the ability to hit the ball to all fields. Behind the plate, Scott showed a strong accurate arm (77 mph). Most throws were on the bag and his quickest pop time was 1.98.  Scott has emerged has one of the elite catcher prospects in the 2014 class.

7. Griffin Hulecki is a 6-foot-2 190 pound catcher from Fishers HS. Griffin showed good arm strength and carry on his throws. His footwork is still raw, but showed enough athleticism to make the changes going forward. He received the ball well during bullpens. At the plate, Griffin showed an open stance with fast hands and got to extension well. He showed some projectable power, but look for him to be more of a gap-to-gap hitter. Griffin cemented himself as one of the elite catcher’s prospects in the class.

8. Evan Warden, Evan is a 5-foot-10 155 pound shortstop/RHP from Western HS. Warden is an athletic high energy, high effort player. He ran a 7.01 60 and is 77 across the infield. At the plate, Warden swings that bat aggressively. He has quick hands and demonstrated that with 89 mph exit velo. On the mound, Warden is 80-83 with four pitches for a strike. All four pitches are plus high school pitches and down in the zone.

9. Tre Gantt, Gantt is a 5-foot 9 athletic junior outfielder from Hamilton Southeastern. Gantt is a recent move in from Missouri. Gantt started the day off with an impressive 6.81 sixty and then showed advanced actions in the outfield and showed some arm strength at 80. Gantt is a left-handed hitter with a good balance stance, smooth load, and quick hands demonstrating barrel whip.

10. Jordan Young, Young is a 6-foot 3 205 pound big bodied first baseman/RHP from McCutcheon. At the plate, Jordan demonstrates good barrel whip with good hands. He has pop now and even more projectable pop as he continues to add strength. He shows good movement at first and works well around the bag. On the mound, Jordan is 80-83 with good offspeed pitches. It is still too early to tell which will be his strongest position.

11. Matt Patton, is a 6-foot 165 pound shortstop from East Noble. Patton showed athletic actions in the infield with good rhythm. Patton played through the ball well with good hands. He also demonstrated good foot speed with a 6.91 sixty. At the plate, Patton was solid. He is a line drive hitter with a good approach. His swing path is a little long, but he barrels a lot of balls. He has average power, but should hit for a high average.

12. Nicholas McCormick, is a 6-foot-1 shortstop from Speedway HS, McCormick is a tall bodied middle infielder with athletic actions and good lateral quickness. His foot speed needs to improve, but with his athleticism it should drop considerably. At the plate, McCormick showed a good balanced setup with an explosive lower half and plus bat speed. He projects to hit with gap-to-gap power.

13. Harry Shipley, is a 5-foot-9 140 pound MIF from Cathedral. Shipley shows advanced actions for a sophomore in the middle. He showed aggressive feet and stays down through the ball. Shipley has quick feet with good hands and range. At the plate, Shipley projects as a two hole type hitter. He handles the bat well from an open stance. He will be a high contact guy with limited power potential.

14. Garrett Phelps, is a 6-foot 195 pound third baseman/RHP from Crawfordsville HS.  At the plate, Phelps showed loose hands with good extension and excellent balance throughout his swing. In the field Phelps showed average actions with a strong arm topping out at 80 mph from 3B. On the mound Phelps was long and loose. His fastball was consistently 80-83. Phelps demonstrated a good curve ball and change-up both projecting to be plus high school pitches. Phelps works from a high ¾ arm slot with a projectable body.

15. Logan Weins is a 6-foot-2 185 pound first baseman/LHP from Frankton HS. Logan has a big projectable body with some athleticism. At first base he showed soft hands and good lateral movement. At the plate, Weins hit from the left side with a good balanced setup and good barrel whip. He projects to hit more doubles than home runs, but should hit for a high average. On the mound, Weins was a solid follow. He had good feel for three pitches with some sink on his fastball. His breaking ball was a slow but covered the plate with good spin. Weins body type projects to add velo in the near future. His fastball was 77-79.

16. Nick DeFreese is a 6-foot-1 185 pound sophomore.  Across the diamond he’s 78 mph. He has strong legs and projects more as a college third baseman.  On the mound from a high three quarter arm slot he’s 79-81 with his fastball, topping out at 83 at a previous event.  He shows two off speed pitches; a 66-69 mph breaking ball and 70-72 mph changeup.  At the plate DeFreese hits from both sides of the plate.  From the right side he shows a balanced approach with a short, compact swing along with good bat speed and some pop.  From the left side he shows an upright approach with quick hands.  DeFreese posted a 7.02 sixty time

17. Keaton Conner is a 6-foot 160 pound outfielder from North Central HS. Keaton is an athletic strong bodied player with a quick strong arm; the ball jumps out of his hand (82 mph). He moves well through the baseball. Conner ran a 7.33 at the event. At the plate, Conner is still a raw hitter. At times, he flashed quick hands with a good swing plane. He consistently barrels the baseball. Conner needs to consistently get to this point to become a follow in the class.

18. Hunter Smith is a 5-foot-9 145 pound catcher from Plainfield HS. Smith posted an event best 1.91 pop time, showing a quick release with choppy footwork.  At the plate, Smith showcased a balanced setup with a smooth load and a short bat plane. Smith is a high contact guy.

19. Kordell Green is a 6-foot-4 210 pound first baseman/RHP. The first thing you notice is Green’s impressive size. At the plate, Green’s body projects he will hit for power. Green, starts open and drops his hands in his load. Green showed good balance with a decent approach. On the mound, Green was 77-79 with a good strong base. Green’s best pitch was his change-up that showed good arm side run at 70-71. His breaking ball was a gradual slurve at 60-63. He threw all three pitches for a strike. 

20. Nathanial Rhodes is a 6-foot 155 pound right handed pitcher from Fishers HS. Rhodes works uphill but it is able to get on top of the ball with his over the top arm action. Rhodes fastball sits 78-81 on a downward plane. Rhodes threw a 69 mph breaking ball with good spin just spiked on occasion. He also flashed a solid 72-73 mph change up. Rhodes has long limbs and his body type projects he is not done growing. Rhodes is a follow in the 2014 class.

21. Tristan DeHaven is a 6-foot 160 shortstop from Pendleton Heights HS. DeHaven’s best asset is his glove he displayed plus actions with excellent hands up the middle. DeHaven showcased good rhythm and a plus backhand. At the plate, DeHaven starts with an open- balanced stance with good balance and average bat speed.

22. Andrew Herrman is a 6-foot-1 171 pound corner infielder/RHP from Lawrence North HS. Herrman has a good frame with okay actions at third. He showed an average accurate arm at 75 mph. Hermann also demonstrated an advanced backhand. At the plate, Herrman hit from a slight crouch and showcased above average bat speed.  Hermann made hard contact and projects to hit for decent power. On the bump, Hermann was 76-77. Hermann projects more as a positional player.

23. Christian Wichman is a 5-foot-7 165 pound catcher from Columbus East HS. Wichman is an athletic quick catcher that with a growth spurt could become a high follow in the class. Wichman ran a 6.81 sixty and showed a quick pop time of 2.06. At the plate, Wichman has some stiffness in his swing, but does display a short balanced compact swing.

24. Logan Beaman is a 5-foot-8 180 pound left handed pitcher from Ritter HS. Beaman showed an advance approach to pitching with good feel. Beeman’s fastball was 76-78 with run. Beaman also showcased an average curve ball at 68-70 and a developing change up at 62-65. All three pitches were thrown for a strike. Beaman will continue to develop more velocity with added strength.

25. Roman Basia is a 5-foot-8 135 pound outfielder from North Central HS. Roman featured plus actions in the outfield and a strong arm. Roman was 82 mph and on the bag. He did a nice job of getting down-hill on his throws. Basia ran a 7.2 and hit from both sides of the plate. From the left side, Basia showed an open stance with good contact. On the right side, Basia projected better with good barrel whip and a better setup. With added strength, Basia will improve quickly.