Preseason All State: 2014 Catcher's Analysis

By Blake Hibler
Scouting Director, PBR Indiana

Top 10 Catchers from 2013 Preseason All State Showcase:

1. Bryce Aldridge, C, Bloomington North HS, 2014

Aldridge continues to improve. The 6-foot-3, 210 pound catcher showcased really well. Stays low with plus feet and above average arm strength.  Top pop time was a 1 .97. Athletic receiver gets wide on occasion. At the plate he is very aggressive and has a tendency to over rotate. He works with a big load and makes hard contact. He possesses quick hands and good strength.

2. Joe Crider, C, Bloomington South HS, 2014

Crider has a great frame at 6-foot-4, 215 pounds. Possesses a strong body with a wide base. Displayed good feet for his size and maintained his line through his throws. He popped a 2.03 for his best of the day. Crider shows good athleticism for his size behind the plate receiving the ball. At the plate, he possesses a fast bat with plus power with the ability to lift the ball. Crider needs to repeat his swing more and work to prevent the over swing.

3. Tyler Zimske, C/OF, Homestead HS, 2014:

6-foot-1, 197 pound junior runs a 6.97 60.  Possesses an athletic frame with wide shoulders. Behind the plate is 1.95-2.06 with his pop times and displays some arm strength.  At the plate hits from a crouch with quick bat speed and projectable power.  Good balance throughout his swing and uses his lower half well.

4. Tony Giannini, 3B/C, Carmel HS, 2014

5-foot-10, 199 pound catcher showcased very well behind the plate with an overall above average approach. Good receiver, throws well with a few minor clean ups could be even better. Pop times were consistently under 2.1 and on the bag. At the plate, hits from a balanced setup and slightly open stance. Showed above average hand speed and good strength throughout his swing (83 exit velocity).  Barrels up the baseball consistently making hard contact.  

5. Alec Hassfurther, C, Forest Park HS, 2014

Good frame, strong bodied, 6-foot-4, 235 pound junior showcased 2.07-2.25 pop times. Works with a short arm action, solid feet and a slow exchange. If the exchange quickens the pop time will decrease. Hassfurther was 75 from the crouch. At the plate, shows power potential, evidenced by his 88 exit velocity. Works from a wide base and a quiet load. Displays average hand speed with plus strength.

6. Christopher Klenk, C/OF, Portage HS, 2014:

5-foot-11, 170 pound junior runs a 6.82 60. Showcased pop times between 2.06-2.15 with above average footwork at the high school level.  Klenk receives the ball and shows some athletic movement receiving. At the plate, hits from the left side with a quiet approach. He maintains balance throughout his swing and shows a good level approach. Shows an advanced feel at the plate and looks to possess good barrel control.

7. Zeke Howie, C. Center Grove HS, 2014

6-foot-2, 190 pound junior was 2.01-2.22 with pop times. Average receiver with solid feet and above average arm strength at 80mph.  Possesses a quick arm, and if he can clean up the exchange his pop times could see a considerable drop. At the plate, uses a high leg kick and dives in his stride. Produces power out of the swing. With the high activity in the load it makes it tough to repeat the swing.  Hands work well.

8. Angel Figueroa, MIF/C, Bishop Knoll HS, 2014

5-8, 165 pound junior shows his hands play anywhere. Showcases a plus exchange with average arm strength. Pop times consistently around a 2.1 with all of his throws being accurate and on the right side of the bag. While his future is up the middle, he proved he is more than capable of playing behind the plate. At the plate starts with an open stance with a smooth load. Projects to be a 2-hole type hitter with good barrel control. Displays above average bat speed, producing line drives.

9. Austin Westerfeld, C/OF, Batesville HS, 2014:

6-foot-2, 185 pound junior was 2.16-2.19 with his pop times.  Uses a wide base with average footwork.  He doesn’t cheat on his throws down to 2nd, staying low.  At the plate uses a balanced setup and loads back.  His stride is short with some use of the lower half.  Swing path is long, and showcased above average bat speed.  Produced an exit velo of 86 mph. 

10. Hunter Abrams, C/RHP, Martinsville HS, 2014

6-foot, 150 pound small framed junior showcased pop times 2.20-2.31 with a 75mph velocity out of the crouch. Abrams has a long arm action with run on the ball to second. At the plate hits from a tall, narrow, open stance. Abrams possesses average bat speed and has a good, short bat path with bat control.