Prep Baseball Report

Preseason All State: 2015-2016 Best of the Rest Pitchers

By Blake Hiber

Director of Scouting, PBR Indiana

2015 Best of the Rest Pitchers 

Aaron McGee, LHP, Hamilton Southeastern, 2015

6-foot, 205 pound sophomore works over the top from a pump delivery. Slow delivery, pretty clean. Fastball sat 74-75 and was fairly straight. Breaking ball was a 1/7 gradual break. While McGee’s changeup showed inconsistent sink. McGee projects more as a hitter. 

Austin Thomas, RHP, Crown Point, 2015

Small bodied right handed pitcher. Changes eye levels throughout delivery and also possesses an over the head pump. Throws from a high ¾, short arm, hides ball well. Fastball was 77-78 and straight. Needs to maintain arm speed on off speed offerings.

Brandon Yoho, RHP, Fishers HS, 2015

6-foot-1, 170 pound righty. Throws from a ¾ arm action. Arm works well; loose arm action with average arm speed. Fastball was 80-81 with late run. Breaking ball broke early in a 10/4 shape at 64. Change up showed good arm side run. All three pitches were in the zone. Yoho is a follow in the 2015 class more as a positional guy, but has a chance on the mound as well.

Caleb Cross, RHP, Cathedral, 2015

Has a good projectable frame with long limbs at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds. Cross works over the top creating good downward plane on his fastball at 78-79. Cross’s delivery is a little stiff throughout. Cross’s breaking ball was his best pitch on the day. Showed a good 12/6 bite with an early break at 72. Caleb’s changeup showed some arm side run at 71-74. 

Colin Phelps, LHP, Shelbyville HS, 2015

 Small statured 5-foot-10,170 pound lefty. The sophomore works with a side step into an inward turn and opens up at landing. The left creates deception with the activity in his delivery. Phelps was 79-81 and threw his slider at 69-70. 

David Herrmann, LHP, Hamilton Southeastern, 2015

Small framed lefty. Repeats delivery. Works from a ¾ arm action with a quick arm. Falls towards first base side. Has room to grow into body and add velocity. Currently 78-79. Breaking ball is a sharp 1/7 breaking ball. Change up shows cut action at 70. Herrmann is a follow for the 2015 class.

Jade Doyle, LHP, Center Grove HS, 2015

6-foot-1, 170 pound lefty, who works from a high ¾ with good balance.  Delivery is simple and clean. Fastball was 73-74. Breaking ball was 65-67 while Jade’s change up was 60-62. Doyle will improve with added strength and arm speed.

Josh Hart, RHP, Center Grove, 2015

6-foot, 175 pound sophomore works from a high ¾ with a clean quick arm. Fastball sat 79-81. Project Hart to be an 81-85 guy in the near future. Off speed needs work. Breaking ball gradual 11/5 while change up has arm side run. Hart is an interesting follow in the 2015 class.

Josh Sampoll, LHP, Lawrence North, 2015

Hands work high with little movement in delivery. Delivery is repeatable.  Shows a wide base works from a ¾ arm slot which creates slight run on his fastball. Arm action is short and loose with little effort. Needs to add quickness to his arm. Breaking ball lacks identity. Change up needs to maintain arm speed but shows sink.

Michael Arnett,  RHP, Lawrence North HS, 2015

5-foot-11, 150 pound sophomore works in a clean good rhythmic delivery. Works from a ¾ arm action that creates run at 76-77. Arnett’s breaking ball breaks early and works down. Arm speed is good in both off speed pitches. The ¾ arm angle again allows Arnett to get run on his changeup at 68-69.

Sam Orem, RHP, Greenwood, 2015

Delivery has a lot of activity and is choppy. Buries head on finish and works across his body. Throws from a high ¾ and gets run on his fastball. Breaking ball he slows his arm speed down causing breaking ball to break early and lack proper speed. Change up shows arm side run.

Trevor Snyder, RHP, Carroll, 2015

6-foot-3, 175 pound sophomore, works at an up-tempo pace throughout his delivery. Fastball showed late cut action at 75-78. Works around his breaking ball at 60-63. Snyder throws from a high ¾ with average arm speed. 

2016 Best of the Rest Pitchers 

Chandler Jacks, RHP, Jay County HS, 2016

Good frame for a 2016. Long legs. Works uptempo with good rhythm. Low leg kick combined with a high ¾ arm and works across his body. Jacks shows average arm quickness for his age. Strength will add velocity quickly. Currently, Jacks is 70-73. Breaking ball is still inconsistent but at times was sharp. 

Jonathan McGee, LHP, Hamilton Southeastern, 2016

Throws with a short high arm circle. Delivery is slow deliberate and maintains posture and line. Possesses average arm speed . Breaking ball shows an occasional 1/7 shape with an early break. Change up has arm side run. McGee projects more as hitter. 

Nick Casey, RHP, Chatard, 2016

6-foot, 165 pound freshman shows a lot of projectability. Casey works from a ¾ arm action creating run on his 74-75 MPH fastball. Casey works around his breaking ball at 61-63. The arm slot allows Casey to get run on his 64-66 mph change up as well. Casey is a follow for the 2016 class. 

Ryan Ruthrauff, RHP, Lake Central HS, 2016

Has long limbs and has yet to fill out as a freshman. Body suggests he will fill out soon and may not be done growing. Ryan works at a slow tempo with a slight pause at the top of his delivery and a slight head snap. Fastball was 72-74 from a high ¾ slot. Breaking ball broke early at 64 and lacked arm speed. Changeup showed good depth at 68-69. Ruthrauff is a follow in the 2016 class.