Preseason All State: 2015 Catcher Analysis

By Blake Hibler
Scouting Director, PBR Indiana

Below are the top 2015 catchers from the 2013 Preseason All State Showcase.

Top 6 2015 Catchers

1. Sean Casey, C, Bishop Chatard HS, 2015

6-foot-1, 170 pound sophomore was very impressive defensively. Casey showed advanced footwork for his age combined with above average arm strength to show pop times consistently in the 2.0-2.1 range. Casey’s throws were straight and consistently around the bag. At the plate, he gets his front foot down early and creates a small hitch prior to swing.  Maintains good balance with a good lower half. Swing plane is slightly uphill creating good lift.

2. Bailey Partlow, C, Westfield HS, 2015

5-foot-10, 180 pound sophomore catches in a wide base with average feet. Arm is quick but gets long on the backside. As Partlow cleans up the lower half his pop times should decrease dramatically. He showed advanced receiving skills for a 2015. At the plate, flashed barrel whip combined with a good athletic stance. Possesses good strength throughout his swing and projects to hit for above average power as a sophomore.

3. Evan Hickman, C, New Palenstine HS, 2015

6-foot, 165 pounds. Hickman is tall and lanky with plenty of room to fill out. He is an offensive minded catcher. At the plate, Hickman hits from the left side with a narrow setup and a smooth downward load. He possesses a smooth balanced swing with above average hand speed. His flat bat allows him to square up the baseball consistently. Behind the plate, Hickman showed a 2.2-2.3 pop time and was 70 from the crouch.  

4. Casey Gibson, C, Jeffersonville, 2015

5-foot-10, 174 pound sophomore displays quiet feet with average foot speed. Gibson has a long arm action, that if quickened will drop his pop time. Gibson was 70mph from the crouch and popped a 2.25. At the plate, shows an open stance with a strong lower half, good bat speed and gets to extension well.  Interesting, offensive catcher.

5. Nathaniel Coy, C, Center Grove, 2015

Coy is a strong bodied catcher at 5-foot-9, 180 pounds. He shows a quick release with average feet. Throws were around the bag. At the plate, Coy shows a narrow setup with no stride and spins on the backside causing the swing plane to be uphill. Shows power potential.

6. Jake Vernon, C, Concord HS, 2015

6- foot-1, 155 pound catcher has a body for a catcher.Shows a good receiving base. Vernon throws with good downward projection. Raw footwork and exchange however. Earlier this winter had him at 2.02. Hitsfrom a wide base with power potential. Hands load circular with good rhythm.