Q&A with 2016 Indiana University Commit; Cal Krueger

By Phil Wade

Executive Director, PBR Indiana

Cal KruegerJasper High School's Cal Krueger is the third player from this year's Future Games Team Indiana to commit to Indiana University and Head Coach Chris Lemonis.    

Krueger is a multi-positional athlete with a strong arm.  At 6-foot, 175 pounds Krueger shows athletic defensive actions at 3B, with an accurate arm across the diamond at 85 mph.  At the Future Games workout he ran a 6.92 60 and registered an exit velo of 87 mph. On the mound, the righty possesses a fastball up to 87, with a good breaking ball at 75-76. 

PBR: Ultimately, why did you choose I.U.?   

Krueger: I chose IU because of their academics with the IU school of medicine and their baseball team is a hot program with a lot of recent success.  

PBR: When did I.U. first see you compete? 

Krueger: Coach Lemonis saw me compete during my first high school game this season.  

PBR: When did you take your first visit down to Bloomington? 

Krueger: It was Thursday, August 16th.

PBR: You have the ability to play multiple positions on the field, what position(s) do the coaches see you playing at I.U.? 

Krueger: Pitcher, catcher, third base, and second base. 

PBR: What other schools were you considering? 

Krueger: Evansville, Indiana State, and Wichita State.

PBR: What were your expectations in regards to the whole recruiting process? 

Krueger: My expectations were to play baseball at the division 1 level. I was very happy having a team like IU give me the chance to play for them.  

PBR: You played for Team Indiana at this year's Future Games, what was that experience like?

Krueger: That was an experience I will never forget and I suggest it to all players who can do it. It was an awesome experience and opened up a lot of opportunities for me.  

PBR: You are now the third player from Team Indiana to commit to the Hoosiers (Saalfrank, Szynski) did they have any influence on you picking I.U.? 

Krueger: Yes, because I love the fact that IU is recruiting Indiana kids. When I saw that they had committed my interest jumped dramatically. 

PBR: Who has had the biggest impact on you as a baseball player? 

Krueger: My high school coach, Coach Gobert, and my dad Blake Krueger.

PBR: Now that you've committed, what are you goals going forward as a high school baseball player? 

Krueger: I want to dog pile on Victory Field after winning a state championship.

PBR: Who is the toughest hitter and/or pitcher you've faced in Indiana? 

Krueger: Josh VanMeter.