Prep Baseball Report

Uncommitted 2023 Infielders

Indiana Staff

David Ayers, SS, Cathedral HS, 2023
7/3/2022 - Long, lanky 6-foot-4, 180 pound frame. Hits from a wide stance with a high handset, loads his hands down and back to a strong hitting position, and uses a short stride. Quick hands, good bat speed, and a lot of length in the swing/frame. Ayers is a very good runner, with a 6.65 60 at Preseason All State. In game, he was a 4.2 H-1st. The mix of bat speed, size, and athleticism that Ayers possesses projects him out to have a chance to be very offensive at the next level.


Cole Ballard, 3B, Westfield HS, 2023
6/22/2021 -  Athletic 6-foot-2, 205-pound solid frame. Begins in an athletic tall stance with a smooth load, then uses a leg kick stride. Explosive bat speed with a max exit velocity of 94 mph. Soft hands and smooth footwork defensively. Long arm action from a high 3/4 slot. 


Grant Borden, SS, Providence HS, 2023
6/21/2022 - 6-foot-3, 175 pound athletic frame. Borden uses a toe tap stride and is able to create good separation in the swing. Defensively, Borden has next level hands and rhythmic footwork. Borden has shown the ability to play all four infield spots, as well. Borden is a very good runner at a 6.76 60. 


Jace Burton, SS, Silver Creek HS, 2023
7/11/2022 - Burton was extremely productive on the weekend, going 6 for 16 with multiple XBHs and also reached base at a .545 clip. The 6-foot-1, 175 pounder has a quick, simple swing that produces a lot of line drives to the middle of the field. In the infield, Burton shows advanced footwork and soft hands with enough arm strength to keep him on the left side at the next level.


Cam Carmichael, SS, Carmel HS, 2023
6/21/2022 - Physical 6-foot-2, 200 pound frame.  Began in a wide athletic stance with a smooth load, then used a short stride. Uphill swing with quick explosive bat speed. 96 mph exit velocity with an average of 85 mph off the bat. Loose arm action in the field with good lateral movements. 


Jacob Crowe, MIF, Centerville HS, 2023
6/5/2022 - 6-foot-1, 195 pound proportional frame. Quick bat speed with an aggressive pull side approach. 95 mph exit velocity with an average of 88 mph at an event in the spring. Sure hands in the MIF with very quick lateral movements. 84 mph infield velocity with short arm action in the spring. 


John Curl, 1B, Kokomo HS, 2023
6/22/2022 - The uncommitted 2023 1B had a big week at the plate, where he went 7 for 15 with multiple XBHs. Curl has a strong, 6-foot-3, 220 pound frame with present barrel strength. What impressed me the most from Curl this week was his ability to hit quality arms and velocity, with multiple hits against arms that were 90+. 


Cole Earlewine, 3B, Hamilton Southeastern HS, 2023
4/1/2022 - 6-foot, 190 pound solid frame. Lots of upside in the frame & tools, translating them to in game results. Present barrel strength with no false loading patterns, has recorded EV up to 98.5 mph in BP. Strong lower half. Sub 7.00 (60-yard). 

Brendan Gothrup, 3B, William Henry Harrison HS, 2023
6/21/20226-foot-3, 180 pound long projectable frame. Solid RHH with a gap to gap approach. Efficient bad speed with good extension on his finish. 6.83 (60-yard) and a max exit velocity of 98 mph. Raw defender with sure hands and quick lateral movements. 


Garrett Grim, 3B, Blue River Valley HS, 2023
6/7/2022 - 5-foot-11, 160 pound lean build. Loose swing with a gap to gap approach. Quick footwork in the IF with sure hands. Quick consistent arm action in the infield. 85 mph across the diamond. 


Coulter Hamilton, SS, Brownsburg HS, 2023
4/22/2022 - 6-foot-3, 195 pound projectible frame. Pull side approach with very present bat speed. Wide stance with a controlled load. Fluid footwork in the field with a clean exchange. Quick arm action and consistently accurate. 


Gavin Johnston, SS, Mt Vernon HS, 2023
3/5/20225-foot-11, 170 pound athletic frame. Solid batwith a controlled stride. Quick bat speed & good extension on his high finish. Gap to gap approach. 91 mph exit velocity. Confident in the infield with soft hands. 


Gavin McBeath, 3B, Perry Meridian HS, 2023
6/9/2022 - XL 6-foot-3, 230 pound frame. McBeath hits from a wide, grounded stance with a small load of the hands. He produces plenty of bat speed. McBeath is a middle of the order type with good power potential.  

Easton Moore, 2B, Zionsville HS, 2023
3/5/20226-foot-2, 185 pound long projectable frame. Efficient bat speed with a gap to gap approach. Solid line drive hitter. Ability to play mutiple positions in the IF. 


Ben Orrill, 3B, Madison HS, 2023
6/10/2022 - Orrill is a physical, 6-foot-2, 205 pound uncommitted two-way prospect that had a massive weekend at Indiana Open. Orrill threw a CG shutout on Day 3, allowing just 2 Hs and striking out 12. He showed a crossfire type delivery with compact, quick arm action and tons of feel for his slurvey breaking ball at 69-72 mph. Orrill sat 83-85 mph on his FB w/ solid command. Orrill’s offensive numbers were just as impressive, going 9 for 15 on the weekend with 3 2B’s and a 3B. He uses a leg kick and has efficient movements in the lower half. He has loose hands and rests the bat just above the back shoulder at launch. Uphill path with strength in the swing. 

Evan Rainey, 1B, Lafayette Jefferson HS, 2023
3/5/20225-foot-11, 225-pound solid build. Left handed hitter with present bat speed. Short, upward swing with a gap to gap approach. 95 mph exit velocity. Soft hands defensively and controlled footwork. 


Rejesus Rosario, 3B, Hamilton Southeastern HS, 2023
6/22/2022 - 6-foot-2, 215 pound solid frame. Relaxed at the plate. Hands work back aggressively, lands with big separation. Back hip drives hands through zone. Great barrel tilt. Broke open a 0-0 ball game by blasting a 90+ exit velocity double down the line to drive and later scoring himself. Impressive bat speed and big power potential from the uncommitted 1B.  

Tyler Stewart, SS, Highland HS, 2023
3/5/2022 - 6-foot-2, 190 pound long projectable build. Began in a tall stance with a rhythmic load. Projectible bat with raw bat speed. 98 mph exit velocity. Solid MIF with sure hands and fluid footwork. 



Brady Yeryar, 3B, Shakamak HS, 2023
7/2/2022 Solid 6-foot, 195 pound frame. Smooth left handed swing, really stays through the baseball. Gets good coil and generates some big bat speed. Middle of the field approach with barrell control. 


Zach Zychowski, SS, Hanover Central HS, 2023
6/30/2022 - 5-foot-11, 185 pounder athletic frame. He hits from a tall, relaxed setup and has a loose, clean swing path. In the infield, Zychowski has active feet, soft hands, and was comfortable making the routine play. Plays the game hard with a high motor.