Training Days : Q & A with Indiana recruit Blane Metz

Cooper Trinkle
PBR Indiana

Training Days is aimed to be more of an informative piece, showing how some of the top players in the state of Indiana prepare for their upcoming PBR Showcase, and the upcoming high school season. Today, we caught up with 2025 RHP Blane Metz from Floyd Central High School. We discussed Blane’s offseason training, goals for the Preseason All State and high school season, his commitment to Indiana University, expectations for Floyd Central in 2023, and more. 

PBR: What does a training day look like during the offseason?

Metz: To begin the offseason I took a 5 week break from throwing to rest my arm and focus solely on getting stronger and more explosive in the weight room. I have since slowly built up my throwing intensity each week while still trying to gain strength. An average day for me would be to go to school, get home and do some schoolwork, and then go lift. After that I would go somewhere, typically an indoor facility unless I needed to long toss, to hit and throw. I would then wind down for the day with some recovery and mobility work and head to bed.

PBR: How often are you training each week?

Metz: I have been lifting and hitting 4-5 times a week throughout the offseason and have made an effort to improve my pitching ability in some way every day. This could range from a focused recovery day to throwing a bullpen. 

PBR: What are your personal goals for the upcoming season? 

Metz: My goals for the PBR Preseason All State are to see improvements in every statistical category. Offensively, I’d like to improve my 60 yard dash and exit velocity. On the mound, I want to comfortably sit in the 90s with my fastball velocity. My goals for the upcoming season are to dominate on the mound and be a surprise factor at the plate. On the mound, I want to be in command and be able to throw anything I want at any time I want. At the plate, I want to be powerful and consistent throughout the season. 

PBR: What are you working on this offseason?

Metz: My biggest focus this offseason has been becoming stronger and more explosive. Along with that, I’ve made it a priority to stay consistent and healthy through the process. There is a lot more to improve in terms of strength, explosiveness, speed, and mechanics but I’ve made it my goal to slowly chip away at all those things.

PBR: What kinds of things are you doing in the weight room to improve your strength and explosiveness?

Metz: To work on my strength and explosiveness, I do contrast training. For example, I’ll do a heavy squat and partner that with something like a box jump or broad jump to help both my strength and explosiveness at the same time. 

PBR: Give us a quick preview of the 2023 Floyd Central Highlanders and your expectations for the season

Metz: I believe that our high school team has a lot of talent this year. We have an absolutely loaded pitching staff, with four high level college commits, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can do. I’m hoping that we can put up a really good run this year and I think we definitely have the pieces to make it happen.

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