Prep Baseball Report

Uncommitted Fall Follows - 2024s

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout


This fall will be a make-or-break period of time for many uncommitted seniors as recruiters will have their last chance to get eyes on these prospects before we head into the offseason. We have been well documented in saying that the 2024 class in Indiana is very deep with talent, so obviously there are still some talented prospects who have yet to find a home at the next level. Today, I take a look at five prospects that I am excited to get eyes on this fall, all of which will be playing at the PBR Tournaments - Grand Park Fall Championships.


JT Stiner C / Cathedral , IN / 2024

Fall Team - Chicago Cubs Scout Team

Stiner recently re-opened his recruiting process and now ranks as the top uncommitted senior in the state of Indiana. The strong, 5-foot-11, 190 pound backstop has one of the top right-handed hit-tools in the class - turning a tight barrel off the back shoulder that enters the hitting zone early and works to the inner-half of the baseball. His path allows him to drive balls with authority to the opposite field and he also shows strength from gap-to-gap. Stiner has a very simple operation in the right-handed batter's box, setting up in a balanced stance & using a short stride with a quiet hand load to create consistent timing. JT is a sure-handed receiver behind the dish and was up to 79 mph from the crouch at our Preseason All-State event in March.



Jack Grunkemeyer RHP / Batesville, IN / 2024

Fall Team - Team Indiana

A physical right-hander - Grunkemeyer had a breakout junior season and is one of the top uncommitted arms left in the class. The 6-foot-2, 205 pounder provides a tough-look on right-handed hitters as he pitches from a low 3/4 arm slot that allows him to have unique properties on a fastball that is up to 90 mph. His fastball grades highly in two very different advanced fastball metrics, Hop+ and Sink+. His low release height + high spin metrics allow him to create a flat approach angle at the top of the zone, creating swing-and-miss and fly ball contact on top of the zone fastballs - but he is also able to create horizontal run on fastballs placed down in the zone, where he is able to get ground ball contact. These properties help Jack to get outs with his fastball, a trait that should carry over to the college level. Grunkemeyer tunnels a fading, 78-80 mph changeup off of his fastball and is able to create sweeping action on a 70-73 mph slider. 





Alex Schuler SS / Borden high school, IN / 2024

Fall Team - Indiana Fall Stars

A long-limbed infielder with some physicality standing at 6-foot-2, 185 pounds - Schuler had a big summer in 2023 that catapulted him inside of our top 50. Schuler has a couple standout tools that make him an interesting overall prospect & those tools project to continue to improve due to his frame and mix of strength and athleticism. The Borden product creates stretch within a rhythmic load that allows him to produce very good bat speed and his long-levered frame combined with 95+ exit velocities suggest his power output will continue to improve as he matures into more strength. Schuler has advanced arm strength (89 INF Velo) and his quality glove actions on the dirt allow him to play multiple infield positions with prowess. 





Mason Weaver RHP / Homestead , IN / 2024

Fall Team - Chicago Cubs Scout Team

After a huge spring season for Homestead, Weaver was a hot name on the summer circuit - praised for his durable build and strike-throwing capabilities. The 6-foot-2, 190 pound right-hander offers a repeatable delivery and clean, compact arm action from a H ¾ arm slot. Weaver can really command his fastball, up to 88 mph (84-87), and also offers a sharp, 72-75 mph slider that shows swing-and-miss potential at times. A true three-pitch mix, Weaver can also command a 78-82 mph changeup and showed the ability to induce soft contact on the CH to both RH & LH hitters alike.





Micah Vessely RHP / Greenwood Community, IN / 2024

Fall Team - Indiana Fall Stars

An athletic right-hander with a fast arm - I have been very impressed with Vessely in recent looks and he is most certainly an arm that is worth a look this fall. The 6-foot-1, 175 pounder has a breaking ball that shows present swing-and-miss traits & could get outs at the college level right now. He can spin the low-to-mid 70s breaking ball north of 3,000 RPMs with outstanding movements metrics (AVG - -12.3 IVB | -18.9 HM). Vessely will sit in the mid-80s on his fastball (T 87.5 mph), but expect that number to continue to trend upwards due to his athleticsm + arm speed. To round out his three-pitch mix, Vessely flashes a low-80s, straight change for strikes. The Greenwood product works fast and attacks the zone with loads of pitchability.