Prep Baseball Report

Indiana Scout Blog : Mid-May Update

Indiana Staff

This edition of the Scout Blog comes near tournament time, with only a week and a half left in the IHSAA spring season. Read along to find notes on a handful of uncommitted juniors, talented sophomores, and some future prospects within our 2027 class.

By: Cooper Trinkle

Jaxon Lueken, RHP, Forest Park, 2026

Lueken is an upside follow within Indiana's sophomore class and provided a quality look in his start versus Heritage Hills. There is plenty to dream on with the 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame. He is a multi-sport athlete with wiry strength and tons of room to add more mass to an already-athletic frame. It is very much a 'step-and-throw' delivery at this point, which makes further velocity projections an easy bet when you add the projectable frame to the equation. Lueken uses his front-side as a lever to create arm speed, and his fastball worked in the mid-to-upper 80s, touching 90 mph on his best bullet of the night. The fastball came out of the hand with life and he was able to carry it above barrels. The uncommitted sophomore mixed with a slurvey, low-to-mid 70s (T 77) breaking ball, a pitch that flashed sharp bite at times and holds out-pitch upside. Development of another offspeed offering will sure up future starter question marks. 

Peyton Gray, SS/RHP, Heritage Hills, 2026

I was extremely impressed with Gray in my look this spring as he is beginning to blossom into real physicality. Standing at 6-foot-3, 195 pounds, the Western Kentucky recruit already looks the part of a next-level, left-side infielder with still two-plus years of growth to be had before he reaches the college level. Gray's ability to defend really stuck out in this look - he showed the ability to play left & right, along with downhill, with extremely confident hands. Peyton can really catch & throw, one of the best infield arms in the class, as he was up to 92 mph across the diamond at the Preseason All-State in March. Gray came up hitless in my look, but the right-handed hitter showed improvements in his bat strength compared to in-game looks previously. 

Wyatt Pennington, RHP, Avon, 2025

Pennington is one of the hottest uncommitted names in the junior class right now and I was able to get eyes on him in a start versus Noblesville. A body control athlete, standing at 6-foot-1, 175 pounds, he is an excellent mover within a well-sequenced delivery. The arm works quickly, to multiple slots, and he shows a varied arsenal of pitches. Pennington worked his best four seam fastball up to 90 mph (twice) in my look, settling at 85-88. He shows present feel for a low-80s change, his go-to off speed at the moment, and he threw it with confidence to both right-handed and left-handed hitters alike. Pennington also showed a low-70s curveball from his higher slot, a pitch that flashes bite with bigger shape. The uncommitted right-hander mixed with a sidearm slot, pitching with a low-to-mid 80s, sinking fastball, and a low-70s sweeper from there. The mix of present stuff, to go along with an uber-athletic operation, creates an exciting prospect. He shows more control than command at this point, profiling best in the bullpen, and he has the competitive nature to take the ball in big spots. 

Gavin Markus, RHP/SS, Greenfield-Central, 2027

I saw Markus in a relief stint last week and he showed the makings of a future-premier arm. A wiry, athletic, 6-foot-2, 160 pounder with ample room to grow into the frame, Markus pitched with a balanced, athletic, low-effort delivery that produced a fastball that touched 86 mph multiple times, working mostly in the 83-85 range with sink. He showed the best slider I have seen of an Indiana '27 at this point - a future out-pitch that flashed real bite at 74-76 mph. Markus also flashed an upper-70s change to LHH. Gavin shows a present ability to command the baseball, and he is one of the few freshman arms within the state that I am confident in putting a starter profile on. The arm speed behind a firm breaking ball, paired with a low-effort, athletic operation, and the physical development that can still be had, makes it easy to project this talented freshman to reach into the 90s with his fastball sooner-rather-than-later. 

Mason Meyer, UTL, Mt. Vernon, 2027

Meyer stood out in a big way when I saw him against Greenfield-Central, collecting a pair of hits against a high-end junior arm that pitched in the low-90s. Meyer has built a reputation with our staff as one of the best in-game hitters in the class, a multi-year Junior Future Games standout, however he has shown no issue adjusting to the speed of the varsity level and his hit tool has translated against real velocity. There is some compact strength already in the athletic, 5-foot-10, 165 pound frame and Meyer also got time as a varsity QB in his freshman season on the gridiron, speaking volumes to the athleticism in which he possesses. The swing works with a fluid pace, with a simple hand load and controlled forward move, and he turns the barrel on an ideal path to match plane. Meyer shows shades of a younger Mason Barth, a current junior committed to Notre Dame, and has established himself amongst the top prospects in Indiana's freshman class.

Luke MacDonald, INF, Leo, 2025

MacDonald is an interesting uncommitted junior bat from the Fort Wayne-area. A proportional, athletic, 6-foot, 190 pounder with compact strength, his calling card is his left-handed bat, and he's been dominating 3A competition this spring for Leo. Through 18 GP - MacDonald is 25 for 50 (.500) with (7) 2B, (1) 3B, (1) HR, to go along with a K:BB of 6:17. The uncommitted infielder hits out of a balanced, slightly-crouched stance and uses a leg kick stride in a moderately-aggressive forward move. The swing works in a linear fashion and his hands work on a short path. MacDonald is an above-average runner that profiles best as an offensive 2B at the next level. 

Grayson Bradberry, RHP, Columbia City, 2025

Bradberry is one of the better uncommitted junior arms that I have seen this spring and will continue to rise within our 2025 rankings list. There is athleticism within a well-sequenced, cross-strided delivery, and he gets down the mound with intent. Bradberry shows quick, natural arm action that he is able to repeat at an above-average rate. The 5-foot-11, 170 pounder came out at 87-90 mph in the first, before settling at 85-87 for his six innings of work. The fastball flashed ride/run and paired well with a short, tight, 76-78 mph slider. Bradberry also showed a 72-74 mph slurve, a softer, bigger version of his slider and he also showed a handful of upper-70s changeups. The uncommitted junior was in the zone at 71% clip in my look and holds starter upside. 

Asher Wagoner, OF, FW Carroll, 2027

I have gotten eyes on Wagoner multiple times this season and the physical freshman right-handed hitter has looked more comortable each time I've seen him. There is present strength within the 5-foot-11, 205 pound frame that is well-beyond the age. Wagoner hits out of a wide, grounded stance and turns the barrel on an upward path. Asher collected two doubles in my look, including the eventual game-winning RBI, and continues to be an interesting '27 follow with a bat-first profile. 

Jaylen Wells-Henderson, RHP, New Albany, 2027

One of the top-ranked freshman in the state, I caught Wells-Henderson's start versus Columbus East, where he punched out three in three scoreless innings of work. There is a lot to like within the profile - a wiry, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame with room for growth, a low-effort, controlled operation, outstanding natural athleticism (All-Conference in the long jump as a frosh, during baseball season), and he is also very young for the class (just turned 15). The delivery is natural and the arm works freely to a 3/4 slot, producing a fastball that reached 85 mph, and settled in the low-80s, with sink. Jaylen flashed a low-to-mid 70s slurve and a low-70s change, and he shows present above average command that allows for starter upside. The athleticism, plus the ease of operation, creates an exciting profile and Wells-Henderson has the capacity to develop into a real power arm. 

By : Conner Madding

Garrett Groce, RHP, 2025, Danville

Groce provided an upside look this past week in a mid-season start for the Danville Warriors. The projectable, 6-foot-3 170 pounder was a breakout performer at the Preseason Preview during the winter showcase circuit and I was eager to see him compete in a game-setting. Groce touched 88 mph twice early on in the outing, settling at 84-87 mph - he attacked with the fastball and competed in the zone with it. The junior showed two breaking balls, including a tight, 74-76 slider that flashed sharp bite. The arm works clean to a H ¾ slot - the delivery is simple, low balance point with a short stride down the slope. The effort level is low which suggests there is a significant amount of velocity left in tank. Groce punched out 11 in my look, walking 3 and allowed 0 earned runs in 7 innings pitched. The Danville product is junior arm trending up in Indiana’s 2025 class and will be a must-follow for our staff as we head into the summer. 

Tanner Reinartz, RHP, 2025, Rochester

Reinartz is an arm that continues to trend in the right direction after looks in the fall and a big performance at the Preseason All-State in March. The uncommitted junior works to a taller balance point with an aggressive move down the slope - the arm action is longer and fast to release. Reinartz sat 84-87 mph with his fastball that showed occasional cut, he touched 88 mph twice early on in the outing. I was most impressed with the junior’s 78-81 mph slider, showing tons of confidence in the pitch, Reinartz induced swing-and-misses. He also featured a 82-83 mph cutter that generated some whiffs. A physical, 6-foot-3, 205 pounder, Reinartz showed some athleticism as he moved to the middle infield after his 5 innings of work on the bump, and he also went deep to LCF field in his first at bat for the Zebras.

Blake Cope, 1B/OF, 2026, Covenant Christian

Cope is an ultra-physical sophomore that I was able to get eyes on last week. The uncommitted left-handed hitter stands at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Cope went 2 for 4 on the day with a backside double that one hopped the wall in left-field and a pull-side single in his last at-bat. The sophomore starts in a wider, upright stance before a small hand load and a short, controlled stride. The barrel works on an uphill plane with obvious bat speed - there is strength to all fields. Cope played 1B in this look, showing athletic movements and sure hands. A 6.83 runner, Cope offers some upside in the outfield. Currently a top 25 player in the class, Cope will be an interesting follow for college recruiters come August 1st. 

Ty Frakes, SS, 2025, Pendleton Heights

Frakes is an uncommitted middle-infielder who gave a solid look. An athletic prospect with body control, standing at 5-foot-10, 155 pounds. Frakes had a big extra-base-hit in my look, turning around a 90 mph fastball to deep left center field. The junior hits out of a tall, relaxed stance with a barrel tip to trigger and a hover type stride forward - the path is direct and short. Frakes shows bat-to-ball feel and seems to always be on base in looks. A 6.78 runner at this time, Frakes profiles as a high contact top of the order bat. Defensively, the actions were fundamental  - showing quick feet and sure hands with a quick release. The Pendleton Heights product is an undersized gamer with quality actions all around. 

Ethan Mansfield, OF, 2025, North Posey

Mansfield offered a loud look from the start - the uncommitted junior went deep to right-center field at Braun Stadium, home of the Evansville Purple Aces, in his first at-bat. Mansfield possesses a strong frame at 6-foot-1 190 pounds - he sets up in a balanced stance with a simple barrel tip and a shorter hover type stride. The swing works level and rotational with bat speed and gap-to-gap strength. Mansfield played CF for the North Posey Vikings in this look, showing some athleticism and a strong arm. Mansfield profiles as a corner outfielder at the next-level with a well-balanced toolset. 

Kade Buecher, OF, 2025, North Posey

Buecher is an interesting left-handed hitting outfielder from the southern part of the state, standing at 5-foot-10, 180 pounds with some strength and athleticism. Buecher had a productive day at the dish in my look, going 2 for 3 with a sharp single through the middle of the field and a line-drive pull-side knock. The uncommitted junior starts with a loose hand waggle into a leg kick stride with a compact upper load. Buecher turns the barrel with bat speed on a level plane. The North Posey clean-up hitter got the start in RF and showed a solid arm in pre-game IO with athletic actions throughout. Buecher has above average straight line speed at this time (7.04 60). Buecher showed well in this look after a solid performance at the Preseason All-State Upperclass event in March. 

Charlie Hoffman, INF, 2025, Mater Dei

Hoffman is having a productive junior year in the Mater Dei 3-hole, standing at 5-foot-11, 170 pounds - Hoffman has tons of room for added strength to his lanky frame. The junior had a knock in my look, a firm line-drive through the middle of the field which scored a run. He sets up in a balanced stance, with a short upper body load and a short, repeatable stride - a very simple operation. The barrel works in the zone early and is level through the hitting zone, allowing for line drive contact. Hoffman got the start on the bump for the Wildcats and he eventually moved over to 3B for a brief stint where he showed solid overall actions.