Prep Baseball Report

Indiana Uncommitted Sophomores - Pitcher Superlatives

Cooper Trinkle
Lead Scout

Our 2026 class rankings were updated this week and now we turn our focus to the top tools that are still available in Indiana's sophomore class. These tools are derived from both showcase performances, along with in-game evaluations done by our staff throughout the 2023 spring, summer, and fall. While recruiters cannot officially contact these prospects until August 1st of 2024 - these are the players that our staff believes recruiters should prioritize looks at during the spring and summer seasons of next year. Read along to find out which sophomore arms made the list with standout traits, and be on the lookout for the top position player tools to be released at the end of the week.


Name Rank School Class Pos.
Kobe Cherry 1 Center Grove 2026 RHP
Aiden Smith 2 Shelbyville 2026 RHP
Gannon Grant 3 Center Grove 2026 RHP
Jaxon Lueken 4 Forest Park 2026 RHP

Cherry, a riser in our recent class rankings update, boasts the loudest fastball of any uncommitted prospect in the class. The physically imposing, 6-foot-4, 230 pounder has reached 90 mph on his heater on a couple different occasions, consistently working in the upper-80s. Cherry (video) throws a heavy fastball, creating above average carry on the pitch to get swing-and-miss over the plate.

Smith is the top ranked uncommitted arm in the class, holding significant upside with his athletic delivery and projectable frame. The 6-foot-3, 170 pounder flashes ride/run properties on a fastball that works up to 88 mph. An elite mover with natural athleticism - it is easy to dream on Smith ticking into the low-90s at some point in his high school career. 

An athletic two-way prospect appears next in RHP/SS Gannon Grant. Grant shows the ability to create late arm side run on a fastball that has reached 89 mph. The athleticism that Grant possesses makes it easy to project the fastball velocity to continue to climb.  

Lueken, a raw athlete with a 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame that holds plenty of room to add strength, has a fastball that has reached 88 mph with riding properties. The fastball works with 20" of Induced Vertical Break (IVB) and his crossfired stride creates some deception within the delivery. 

Breaking Ball

Name Rank School Class Pos.
Aiden Smith 1 Shelbyville 2026 RHP
Keegan Fritts 2 New Palestine 2026 RHP
Kobe Cherry 3 Center Grove 2026 RHP
Kellen Thomson 4 Center Grove 2026 RHP
Beckett Suh 5 University 2026 RHP
Smith appears again and he has the best breaking ball grades of any uncommitted '26 in Indiana. The athletic righty can manipulate his breaking ball to attack hitters with two distinct breaking ball shapes, offering a true sweeper that spins at 2500+ with minimal depth and over a foot of horizontal break, and a curveball that works with more of a two-plane shape. Smith is confident using both pitches in-game, showing the curveball earlier in counts while inducing chase with the slider. 

Fritts (video) appears next, boasting some of the loudest breaking ball metrics in the class. Fritts' curveball offers a unique look - a 12/6 shaped offering that works in the low-70s, spinning at over 2600 RPMs, tunneling perfectly off of his high ride fastball. Fritts consistently gets uncomfortable swing-and-miss on his breaking ball each time we see him.

Cherry owns the top fastball of any uncommitted prospect, however his power curveball is also a standout offering. The curveball works in the low-70s, spinning at over 2500 RPM with above average horizontal break and depth. Kobe's breaking ball generated all-kinds of swing-and-miss at this year's PBR Future Games. 

Thomson owns one of the highest ceilings in the 2026 class and his breaking ball traits are indicative of that. Thomson's fastball works in the low-to-mid 80s (T85 mph), yet his breaking ball consistently works at 74-77 mph with true shape, suggesting that he has the arm speed to add velocity in a hurry. This will only help his slider, a pitch that already grades highly compared to uncommitted arms in the class. The slider comes out of the hand with a similar look to his fastball, allowing him to get chase at a high rate. 

Rounding out this group, we have a two-way performer in SS/RHP Beckett Suh. Suh boasts two distinct breaking balls that both grade very well. His slider is a bit ahead of his curveball, showing true sweep (-14.5" horizontal ; 0.4" vertical) & spinning at nearly 2600 RPMs. The curveball shows more slurvey action with two-plane break. Suh shows the body control to consistently compete in the zone with both pitches.


Name Rank School Class Pos.
Beckett Doane 1 Noblesville 2026 LHP
Colt Dehart 2 Indiana Creek 2026 RHP
Aiden Smith 3 Shelbyville 2026 RHP
Kellen Thomson 4 Center Grove 2026 RHP

Doane, the highest ranked southpaw in the class, uses a splitter grip in place of a traditional changeup. Regardless, it is used in a similar fashion to a traditional change and grades as the best amongst his uncommitted peers. Beckett (video) is able to kill spin to create serious arm-side fade on the split that works at 75-77 mph, generating 18.5" of horizontal break, while also getting some sinking action out of it. This is a nightmare offering when paired with his running fastball, especially for right-handed hitters. 

Dehart appears next, a riser in our recent update that climbed into the Top 10. A true two-way talent - Dehart is able to tunnel his mid-70s changeup off of his running, mid-80s fastball. The changeup comes out of the hand with fastball arm speed and he shows confidence throwing it to right-handed & left-handed hitters alike. 

Again, Aiden Smith has another pitch that grades near the top of the class compared to his uncommitted peers. Smith is able to create tilt on his low-80s changeup, a pitch with running action to the arm-side of the plate, and he throws it with confidence. 

Thomson boasts a quality changeup that rounds out a very solid three-pitch mix. The Center Grove product is able to kill spin on his change, causing both sinking and running action. 

Starter Profile

Name Rank School Class Pos.
Aiden Smith 1 Shelbyville 2026 RHP
Beckett Doane 2 Noblesville 2026 LHP
Kellen Thomson 3 Center Grove 2026 RHP
Kobe Cherry 4 Center Grove 2026 RHP
Colt Dehart 5 Indian Creek 2026 RHP

To no surprise, Smith (video) grades at the top of this list after being in the top 3 in all categories listed above. To project a starter profile, we need to see an arm show the ability to control the strike zone on a consistent basis, preferably with three pitches, and possess put-away stuff to keep pitch counts low. Smith checks all of these boxes - and then some. Toeing the rubber with a bulldog mentality, it is easy to see why Smith is ranked amongst the top uncommitted arms in the 2026 class on a national scale. 

Doane appears at #2 in this category with obvious starter traits. The projectable, 6-foot-5, 185 pounder pitches from a low 3/4 arm slot with a loose, uninterrupted arm swing. The Noblesville product shows quality control of four pitches : a running, low-to-mid 80s (T85 mph) fastball, two distinct breaking balls that both show sweeping action, along with the best changeup (splitter) in the class. Doane can land any pitch in any count & should remain a starter in the long-term. 

As mentioned above, Thomson holds some of the highest upside in the class and that, combined with some of the best pitchability in the class, allows us to project the Center Grove product as a long-term starter. The projectable, athletic, 6-foot-4 right-hander can locate the fastball to both sides of the dish, generate chase on a firm slider, along with keeping hitters off balance with a quality change. We expect Thomson to be a hot-name on the recruiting trail next summer. 

Cherry holds one of the top fastball/breaking ball combinations in the class and his 6-foot-4, 230 pound frame looks the part of a workhorse-type starter. An above average strike-thrower, Cherry competes in the zone with his fastball and is able to use his power curveball as an out-pitch, along with showing the ability to flip it over for strikes. Development of his changeup will sure up any question marks about his ability to be a starter long-term, but his arm talent and massive frame both speak for themselves.

Dehart rounds out this list with one of the easiest deliveries in the class. The athletic, 6-foot-2 two-way standout shows very little perceived effort in the delivery and follows with a clean, compact arm action. Dehart works his running fastball at 83-86 mph and tunnels the top ranked right-handed change in the class off of the fastball. Dehart rounds out his three-pitch mix with a sweeping, low-to-mid 70s breaking ball and offers consistent strike-throwing abilities. 


*Players mentioned above were not considered for this category

*Players are listed in alphabetical order

Name State School Class Pos.
Cooper Cammack IN University 2026 RHP
Harrison Haq IN Penn 2026 RHP
Gavin Lykins IN Plainfield 2026 RHP
Jackson Mitchell IN Avon 2026 RHP
Jackson Trueblood IN Trinity Lutheran 2026 RHP

Cammack looks the part of a next-level arm with a lean, projectable, 6-foot-5, 185 pound frame. The arm path is longer and the arm swing remains uninterrupted, a trait that should allow him to add significant velocity during his career as he adds strength to his lean frame. The fastball currently works in the low-80s, a number that I project to climb very soon. 

Haq (video) was a big riser throughout the summer of 2023 and is currently ranked inside a very talented Top 25. The 6-foot-3, 195 pounder fits the prototypical mold for a next-level arm and pitches with a clean, compact arm action that comes from a H 3/4 - 3/4 arm slot. An above average strike-thrower, Haq works 83-86 (T 87 mph) on his fastball and pairs it with a low-to-mid 70s, slurvey breaking ball that he shows feel for. Haq has a chance to make an impact for the 4A defending State Champs (Penn) in 2024 and is an arm that our staff will keep close tabs on. 

A fall standout with a very high ceiling - Lykins is a '26 arm with the potential to continue to climb the 2026 rankings during the 2024 season. An uber-projectable, 6-foot-4, 188 pounder, Lykins showed flashes of his immense ceiling throughout multiple looks in the fall of 2023. The long-levered right-hander works from a high, over-the-top slot (6.8' release height) to create carry (20"+ IVB) on a fastball that has reached 85 mph. The fastball is able to work above barrels and is complimented by a slurvey, low 70s breaking ball. 

In terms of raw, untapped potential - you won't find many '26 arms with more upside than Mitchell. A massive individual standing at 6-foot-8, 250 pounds, Mitchell works in the low-to-mid 80s on his fastball, reaching 86 mph on his best bullet. The Avon product will also flash a 12/6 shaped breaking ball at 68-72 mph, a pitch that is still developing at this point. As he learns to sync up his long-levered frame, Mitchell clearly has the potential to develop into a must-know name in the 2026 class. 

Trueblood rounds out this list, another '26 arm with serious raw potential. There is obvious arm talent in the operation as Trueblood is able to create natural arm speed as he turns the arm over, producing a fastball that reaches 87 mph with occasional carry. Trueblood flashes a 69-73 mph breaking ball with slurvey shape, a pitch that is still developing at this point. There is significant room in Trueblood's wiry, 6-foot-3, 175 pound frame to add strength. As he matures into more strength, the athleticism and arm talent will only become more magnified.