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Future Games 2019: Day 1 Standouts

Shooter Hunt
National Crosschecker

Emerson, GA-- The PBR Future Games kicked off from Lakepoint with a full day of workouts. Over 600 players performed in front of more than 200 college coaches in the pristine setting just outside Atlanta. National Crosschecker, Shooter Hunt, highlights some of the standouts from Day 1, and some names to know the rest of the week.

Jared Jones, C, Walton HS, GA (2022)
Jones took, by far, the loudest and most impressive round of batting practice on the day, and sent multiple majestic shots sailing into the night under the lights at Lakepoint. Though his frame is currently plenty physical at 6-foot-4, 225-pounds, it still appears to be maturing, and stands to gain a bit more strength in coming years. The most astonishing thing about Jones’ power comes from how simple the setup is. He unassumingly starts with his bat on the back shoulder, working into a power-position with a minor toe-tap before whipping the barrel through the zone on an upward angle. The torque that Jones creates with his hips is impressive, and he certainly did not get cheated though always felt in control. His power alone would allow him to stick as a first baseman, but he also impressed behind the plate with pop-times as low as 1.94. Overall, Jones looks the part of an elite player in the country.

Anthony Silva, SS, Clark HS, TX (2022)
Silva’s square shoulders and long legs make him appear taller than his listed 6-foot-1, 170-pound frame, and he was one of the biggest takeaways from day one with a stellar all-around performance. The high-waisted, projectable athlete ran a 6.78 60-yard dash, and looked like a future elite shortstop at the next level defensively. He glided side to side, confident in his clean hands, and unleashed strong, accurate throws across the diamond that including multiple angles from a quick arm. Balls jumped off his barrel at the plate from the right side as he exhibited gap-to-gap power, and it appears likely that he will find much more as he continues filling out.

Harry Ford, C, North Cobb HS, GA (2021)
Ford was impressive in all aspects of the workout, and looked the part of a potential impact catcher at the next level. The 5-foot-10, 180-pounder features some lean strength throughout an athletic frame. He was consistently between 1.84-1.94 with his pop times with throws exhibiting carry. A right-handed hitter, Ford’s load features a slight wrap of the bat before quickly working to the ball to produce firm line drives from gap to gap. He got on a few balls that demonstrated some present pull side power, and there is the potential that he find more as his frame fills out. With some premium arms slated to pitch for Team Georgia on the weekend, it should be fun to watch Ford work with them.

JD Rogers, OF, Carmel HS, IN, (2021)
Rogers looked the part of a future top-of-the-order center fielder at the next level throughout the workout day. The 5-foot-9, 178-pound left-hander was excellent in all aspects of the game as he ran a 6.59 60-yard dash before producing accurate throws up to 90mph from the outfield, and lacing line drives to all fields from the left side at the plate. His balanced approach offensively stood out, as did his quick hands and ability to have cover the whole plate with lag in the zone. The high-waisted, twitchy-athlete is definitely a player that coaches will want to take notice of throughout the weekend.

Alex Stanwich, OF/RHP, Lincoln-Way East HS, IL (2022)
An impressive athlete who stands 6-foot-1, 185-pounds, Stanwich’s round of strong round of batting practice was elevated by the fact that he produced a 106mph exit velocity off the tee. The proportionally-strong right-handed hitter uses a flat path that works quickly through the zone thanks to twitchy hands. His ability to produce such firm contact with minimal effort is exciting, especially giving his age. Stanwich ran a 6.82 60-yard dash, and looked the part of a high-level recruit at the next level.

Owen Washburn, SS, Webster HS, WI (2021)
Washburn’s sweet left-handed stroke was on display all throughout batting practice as he demonstrated an ability to get the ball in the air with some power to the pull side. The 6-foot, 170-pound infielder will likely provide depth at multiple positions on the field, as his bat will force itself into the lineup at the next level, especially as he fills out an athletic frame. Rocking back with a leg kick and minor hand movement, he works noticeably uphill through the zone demonstrating a knack for getting the ball in the air and finding the barrel on a consistent basis. There is plenty to dream on with the bat for Washburn, and being that he will toss two innings on the mound Friday, the potential for him to be a two-way player at the next level is enticing.

Carlos Pena, OF, Salisbury HS, CT (2021)
Pena, a 6-foot-3, 195-pound outfielder, produced some of the easiest power seen at the event, and flicked multiple balls high over the right field wall. The big left-handed hitter remains balanced at the plate, quietly transferring his weight while getting stronger use of his lower-half. His flat path and strong wrists allow him to stay in the zone with the barrel, and produce towering fly balls that travel impressive distances. He posted a 7.1 60-yard dash time, and moves even more athletically than that in the field. Also a right-handed pitcher who has been up to 90mph in the past, his arm clearly showcased carry to the plate during the defensive workout in the outfield.

Chase Swain, SS, Woodstown HS, NJ (2021)
Swain’s twitchy hands and whippy barrel quieted the crowd of more than 200 college coaches during his round of batting practice. High-waisted at 5-foot-10, 160-pound the right-handed hitter was all over every pitch thrown his way, utilizing a toe-tap to work his hands down and back before striking through the ball on a flat path, and producing loud, gap-to-gap power. He played much faster on the infield than his 7.12 60-yard dash time would let on, and his glove-to-hand skills were advanced throughout. His arm is quick and strong, and produces throws with carry across the diamond. The athletic shortstop was one of the top overall players on workout day.

Payton Allen, SS, Bentonville HS, AR (2021)
Allen’s strong summer continued throughout the workout portion of the Future Games all across the board. The 6-foot, 170-pounder posted a 6.94 60-yard dash time before exhibiting the ability to stick at shortstop with a strong arm and quick release. His crisp actions on the diamond and ability to make throws from all angles look part and the confidence that he carries allows his defensive skills to play up. The right-handed hitter took a mature round of batting practice working gap-to-gap while utilizing minimal effort.

Billy Amick, 3B/C, P27 Academy, SC (2021)
Amick’s loud round of batting practice began the morning, and carried throughout the day as one of the top rounds. Possessing some natural strength throughout a 6-foot, 190-pound frame, he was able to drive the ball deep to the pull side gap with ease, and hammered multiple home runs over the left field fence. Utilizing a leg kick to rock his hands down and back into a power-position, Amick works uphill through the zone with more aggressive use of the hips, culminating in a loose, one-handed finish. At third base, he looked the part as a defender with clean hands, and showcased solid athleticism including a 7.11 60-yard dash time. Also listed as a catcher, the potential for Amick to shift behind the plate as well as play a strong third base could make him even more valuable as a prospect moving forward.

Damian Goulart, 3B, Home School, FL (2021)
Goulart’s broad-shouldered, 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame includes some noticeable strength in the lower-half, and he got into it well from the right side at the plate. Setting up crouched and slightly closed, his hands work in sync with a knee-knock leg kick that creates energy to go forward with quickness, and produces some power to the pull side. He was confident defensively at third base with clean hands, and delivered accurate throws across the diamond. His physicality and power-potential are tools to follow the rest of the weekend.

Peyton Stovall, SS, Houghton HS, LA (2021)
Stovall effortlessly worked gap-to-gap during his round of batting practice, letting the barrel lag through the zone on a flat plane while showcasing quick hands. His balance in the box continues to stand out, and he was off and running from the first swing of the round. Possessing a more mature frame at 6-foot, 170-pounds, Stovall has some room to continue filling out, so there is some potential for more gap-power on the way. He posted a 6.9 60-yard dash time before taking crisp routes to ground balls with solid hands. A gamer, Stovall likely fits at any position on the dirt, and his left-handed stroke will give him a strong chance to stick in the lineup.

Gavin Guidry, SS, Barbe HS, LA (2022)
Guidry is still maturing into a lean, athletic, 6-foot-1, 165-pound frame, but produced one of the top all-around days of any player at the event. Wiry with longer limbs, he posted 6.84 60-yard dash time before showcasing clean, confident hands on defense with a strong arm, and clearly looked the part of a shortstop at the next level. The right-handed hitter sprayed line drives to all fields, and showcases some sneaky pull side power that will only continue to increase as his frame gets stronger.

Jackson Merrill, SS, Severna Park HS, MD (2021)
Wiry-athletic at 6-foot, 150-pounds with a developing frame, Merrill impressed at the plate with a sweet left-handed stroke. His hands work smoothly in sync with a minor knee-knock stride, and he works uphill through the zone with the ability to drive the ball in the air thanks to some aggressive use of the hips. He projects for some more power as he fills out, and while his 7.27 60-yard dash time does not stand out, he moved well on the infield, and should be able to stick somewhere on the dirt.

Sam Petersen, SS/CF, Ballard HS, IA (2021)
Lean and wiry-athletic at 5-foot-11, 172-pounds with plenty of room to continue filling out, Petersen blazed a 6.67 60-yard dash time before stroking balls from gap-to-gap with some present power to the pull side. The twitchy right-hander sets up open, squaring off in sync with hands movement directly back before quickly driving the barrel to the ball on a direct path. His simple stroke combines with some natural strength to produce some force on the ball. He exhibits adequate arm strength on the infield with accurate throws, and he is able to use his speed to quickly get to ground balls. His athleticism continues to stand out each time I see him, and given his limited play on the national scene as an Iowa-prep, there is still plenty to dream on as he gains more at-bats and experience.

Christopher Maldonado, SS/RHP, Seton Hall Prep, NJ (2022)
Maldonado appears taller than his listed 6-foot, 180-pound frame, and made a loud statement with his play on the workout day. He posted a 6.81 60-yard dash time before hammering balls from the right side including a towering home run off the scoreboard in deep left-center field. A short stride rocks his hands down and back before his quick hands work the barrel slightly uphill through the zone with impressive force for his age. Defensively, the shortstop showcased a strong, accurate arm across the diamond that will likely carry over to the mound later on in the weekend, and make him a highly sought after two-way player.

Jackson Holiday, SS, Stillwater HS, OK (2022)
Holiday took one of the top rounds of the day, and his left-handed stroke is only going to become more impressive as he fills out an athletic, 6-foot, 160-pound frame. Working slightly uphill through the zone, he demonstrated the ability to get the ball in the air which should only help him as he gets stronger, and increases his gap to gap power. He moved confidently on the infield with an accurate arm, and will likely stick on the left side of the infield. Holiday is definitely a player to seek out throughout the week, and to follow moving forward.

Brody Green 3B, Owasso HS, OK (2021)
Green’s 6-foot-4, 170-pound frame is far from being done filling out as there is still plenty of room to add strength/weight to both the upper and lower-half. However, even without a fully matured frame, he possesses some pull side power with an emphasis on working gap to gap with a simple, direct path. He is impressively in control of his long limbs, and is able to find the barrel consistently at the plate while moving athletically in the field. Green is a strong defender at third base, making throws from all angles as well as on the run. Look for him to continue making quick advancements as he fills out.

David Calabrese, OF, St. Elizabeth CHS, AB (2021)
Calabrese posted a 6.56 60-yard dash time as a high-waisted, athletic, 5-foot-11, 160-pounder. The left-handed hitter peppered the back side gap with line drives throughout batting practice showcasing quick hands and a short stroke. Remaining balanced with minor hand movement and a short stride, Calabrese stays within himself, spraying line drives which should allow his speed to play up moving forward.

Bryan Arendt, C, Holly Springs HS, NC (2021)
Arendt, a 6-foot-1, 190-pounder, has some thickness to a proportionally strong frame, and utilized it well in producing effortless gap-to-gap power from the right side. The barrel showed easy lag in the zone as he worked to all fields, and there is a good chance that he will develop much more power in the future. Behind the plate, he produced throws with impressive carry to second base with multiple throws below 1.95. Overall, Arendt is clearly a catcher to follow the rest of the week.

Adonys Guzman, C, Brunswick School, NY (2022)
Guzman had the scouts buzzing after putting on a show defensively behind the plate where he put throws on the bag consistently below 1.95, and as low as 1.89. The 5-foot-10, 185-pound backstop possesses a sturdy frame, and utilizes a leg kick to trigger the hands down and back with a slight wrap and a minor uphill path through the zone. He sprayed line drives from gap to gap, and looks like he will develop pull side power in the near future.

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