Prep Baseball Report

"How to make the MOST out of this High School Season"

Alex Armand
Louisiana Scouting Director

We've all been told, "You never know when your last game will be, so play every one like it's your last."  Unfortunately, on April 9, 2020, the High School Class of 2020 got the news that their last game had been played.  I remember a flood of emotions coming over me, as I felt for every single senior in the state of Louisiana.  They wouldn't get another opportunity to put their high school uniform on.  They wouldn't get another opportunity to walk up to the plate in front of a packed home crowd.  These things and many more, led me to reach out to some of our high school seniors from the 2020 class, that are now playing in college.  Cade Hart (Calvary Baptist HS/LSU-Eunice), Michael Latulas (Loreauville HS/Southern Miss), Dylan Carmouche (University Lab HS/Mississippi State), Tre Morgan (Brother Martin/Louisiana State University), and Davis Meche (Barbe HS/Mississippi State) were kind enough to take time out of their holiday break to answer one, simple question...."Your last season of high school baseball was unfortunately cut short.  What advice would you give current high school players, now that you're in college?"  If this doesn't get you motivated for this high school baseball season, then I do not know what will.  



-Cade Hart (Calvary Baptist HS/LSU-Eunice)


"I would tell any current high school player to savor every moment you have playing baseball and being with your team, because it can be taken away at any time."


-Michael Latulas (Loreauville HS/Southern Miss)


"I'll never forget the feelings I felt when I found out that my senior season would be cut short.  I cried because I knew I took it for granted.  I had the mindset that I would do better next game or I'll play a little harder next game, but when they told me that there will be no next game; I was devastated.  When people say, "Don't take anything for granted", they mean it, and I'm telling you high school players to not take this season for granted.  Play every game like it's your last.  Enjoy playing with your brothers because you really never know when your last game of high school baseball will be.  Have fun and play with no regrets; every game and every practice.  Leave it all on the field."


-Dylan Carmouche (University Lab HS/Mississippi State)


"I would say to take advantage of the opportunities that you are given.  You do not know when your time is going to be up."


-Tre Morgan (Brother Martin HS/Louisiana State University)


"The one thing that I would tell players, is no matter what grade they're in; cherish each moment that they get to play this game.  No matter if it's a practice, a scrimmage, or the state championship; play every pitch hard, because the next one is never guaranteed."


-2020 Davis Meche (Barbe HS/Mississippi State University)


"If there is one piece of advice that I could give to high school players, it would be to work as hard as you can, so that you have no regrets when it's over.  Do not give yourself a reason to ask, "What if I would've done this different?"  Take advantage of all the time you have with your brothers on the field and off the field, because it can be taken away at any time."