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Louisiana Class of 2020 Rankings Updated

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The 2020 season was shortened but there was some quality action and minor shakeup since the last update to the Class of 2020 rankings. As we worked our way through the winter and early spring, both on the state and national levels, more light has been shed on this talented and deep class. After the preseason update saw some minor changes towards the top of the rankings, the early season action has provided some shakeup in the middle and later portions of the list, which has now been expanded to 170 players. Here are some highlights in the update...

+ Baylor recruit, SS Blake Shapen (Evangel Christian Academy) holds firm atop the rankings  as he’s continued to display his elite level athleticism. Shapen has separated himself by showing potential premium ability at shortstop with soft hands, fluid actions, and arm strength across. Offensively, the right-handed hitter shows advanced strength with a simple, direct path, generating high-end bat speed.  

+ Louisiana State recruit, OF/LHP Brody Drost (Barbe HS, LA) got off to a bit of a slower start with the bat but began to really turn it on in the last week of February. While he did have to work out some kinks offensively, he held strong with consistent performances in centerfield and on the mound. A highly athletic outfielder and left-handed pitcher, Drost has already shown potential ability to be a two-way player at the next level. The athletic, projectable 6-foot-2, 175-pounder has continued to show scouts why he’s a highly touted position player but most recently has created a bit of a splash on the mound. 

+ The biggest riser from the preseason update was New Orleans recruit, OF Issac Williams (Tioga HS, LA) has settled in at No. 3 after a standout performance at the Super 60. Williams is a 5-foot-10, 190-pound right-handed hitting outfielder that showed off big tools on the big stage in Chicago running a 6.62, throwing a 92 from the outfield and turning in an exit velocity of 102 during BP. He followed it up with a nice start to the 2020 spring where he flashed his big tools in game. 

+ Mississippi State recruit, SS Davis Meche (Barbe HS, LA) comes in at No. 4 in the updated class of 2020 rankings, as the left-handed hitting middle infielder had a strong start to the 2020 spring season showing advanced polish and feel for the game. This comes as no surprise as Meche has proven to be a consistent, reliable performer throughout his high school career.

+ Mississippi State recruit, LHP/1B Dylan Carmouche (University Lab HS, LA) rounds out the top 5, as the 6-foot-5 left-hander has continued to turn in strong performances throughout the course of the year. Carmouche was a standout during November’s All-State Games, running his fastball up to 86 mph, and continues to show advanced feel to pitch. With the shortened season, the meter looks to be tilting toward Carmouche showing up on campus in Starkville this fall.

+ The biggest riser comes from OF/RHP Tyler James (Mandeville HS) who moved from No. 148 all the way up to No. 82. The physical right-handed hitter was absolutely raking when the season came to a halt, flashing big pull-side power potential and showing strong defensive instincts in the outfield. James also spent time on the mound for the Skippers flashing solid fastball command and developing feel for his secondary offerings. 

+ Two of the top uncommitted players in the state are RHP Marcus Mott (Sam Houston HS) at  No. 13 and OF/RHP Peyton Lewis (Parkway HS) at No. 49. Both were on a loaded Future Games roster in 2018. Mott has had several standout performances over the years where he has shown big arm strength, running his fastball up to 90 mph. The  long, athletic Lewis has flashed big tools as a position player and has most recently made a jump on the mound. 

Below is a look at the top 10

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Louisiana's 2020 Class Top 10

Blake Shapen SS / 3B / Evangel Christian Academy, LA / 2020

Baylor recruit. Currently ranked No. 1 in Louisiana’s 2020 class, No. 24 Overall. Athletic 6-foot-1, 195-pound frame with strength in wrists, and developed, powerful build. One of the premier right-handed hitting infield prospects in the country; only solidified his status with an all-around stellar performance. Finished the double-header 4-for-7 with three RBI, two runs scored, and blasted a pull-side home run to left field in game one. Hits from an athletic, slightly open setup with hands held above the shoulder; quiet and simple approach to the ball, leg lift stride, lands softly, fluid load, gets off backside well, maintains balance throughout; generates easy bat speed, stays strong thru the ball, high finish. Athletic defender, quick first step, feet and hands work together, quality actions, soft hands, quick and clean transfers; takes good angles, plays through the ball, stays under control, smooth and instinctive, plays with presence. Short arm action into high-3/4 release; quick release, plus arm strength, easy carry, follows throws, accurate. Average runner, better underway, instinctive on the bases; athleticism is evident, can stick at SS, but profiles to 3rd as he matures. Highly competitive, comes to play, confident, aggressive; will also play football - dual-sport athlete at Baylor.

Brody Drost OF / LHP / Barbe, LA / 2020

Louisiana State recruit. Currently ranked No. 2 in Louisiana’s 2020 class, No. 72 overall. Athletic 6-foot-2, 195-pound frame with strong build. Polished defender with easy, fluid footwork, soft hands, and quick, clean exchanges. Showed above average arm strength from the outfield with accuracy and easy carry on throws, posting a positional velocity of 89 mph. Showed advanced hit tool from the left side, with bat speed and strength at contact, using a simple, direct path. Hits to all fields with fluid, athletic rhythm posted an 88 mph exit velocity. High-level athlete that posted a 6.79 laser-timed 60-yard dash.

Issac Williams Jr. OF / Tioga, LA / 2020

New Orleans recruit. Currently ranked No. 3 in Louisiana's 2020 class, No. 126 overall. Strong 5-foot-11, 190-pound frame, athletic build with developed strength in wrists and forearms. Super 60 participant who set personal bests across the board on the big stage. High level athlete, posted a 6.62 laser-timed 60-yard dash. Advanced, athletic defender that showed fluid footwork, soft hands and quick, clean exchanges. Showed above average arm strength with long, clean arm action into high-3/4 release, posting a positional velocity of 92 mph with easy carry and accuracy on throws during defensive evaluations. Right-handed hitter that hits from balanced, athletic setup, smooth load and short stride. Gap-to-gap type approach with simple, direct path. Showed electric bat speed during live batting practice with clear strength at contact and present power to his pull side, posted a 102 mph exit velocity.

Davis Meche SS / OF / Barbe , LA / 2020

Mississippi State recruit. Currently ranked No. 4 in Louisiana’s 2020 class, and No. 169 Overall. Athletic 5-foot-10, 165-pound frame with room to add strength. Quality defender with soft hands, fluid footwork, clean exchanges, plays through balls athletically, and shows advanced understanding of infield play. Short arm action into high-3/4 release with accuracy and carry on throws that produced an infield positional velocity of 87 mph. Left-handed hitter that hits from balanced, athletic setup, smooth load, short stride and strong balance. Line-drive type approach with fluid rhythm, short, level path, advanced feel to hit and bat speed that produced an exit velocity of 89 mph. Also posted a 6.82 60-yard dash.

Dylan Carmouche LHP / OF / University Lab, LA / 2020

Mississippi State recruit, currently ranked No. 5 in Louisiana's 2020 class, No. 192 Overall. Long-limb athletic 6-foot-5, 210-pound frame with room for added strength. Switch hitter that hits from athletic, balanced setup, with short stride and solid balance. Gap-to-gap type approach with slightly uphill path and strength to pull side that produced an exit velocity of 94 mph. Solid defender with average hands, fluid footwork, clean exchanges while playing through balls athletically. Loose arm action into 3/4 release with inconsistent accuracy and quality arm strength, posting a positional velocity of 90 mph from outfield and 88 mph from infield. Also posted a 7.11 60-yard dash time. Future will likely be on the mound. Left-handed pitcher with long, loose arm action into high-3/4 release with quick arm speed, solid balance and regular effort. Created deception in delivery by mixing arm slots, mainly using a ¾-release. Drop and drive type delivery, level shoulders, in-line direction, lands square and slight recoil in finish. Fastball sat 85-89 mph with arm side run and solid control. Breaking ball showed 2/7 shape with gradual break and occasional tight spin at 71-73 mph. Slider had tighter spin with lateral action at 72-74 mph. Change was a solid pitch with quality fade at 74-75 mph. 

Tre Morgan 1B / OF / Brother Martin , LA / 2020

Louisiana State recruit, currently ranked No. 6 in Louisiana's 2020 class and No. 210 overall. Athletic 6-foot-1, 190-pound frame, athletic build, long limbs, room to project out. Super 60 participant who had a solid showing posting a personal best in 3 metrics. Fluid athletic runner that posted a 6 .84 60-yard dash. Left-handed hitter that hits from athletic setup, smooth load, short stride, solid lower half and balance. Line drive, pull type hitter with fluid rhythm, flat path that flashed ability to create natural life showing strength at contact and bat speed that produced an exit velocity of 99 mph. Quality defender with soft hands, developing footwork and above average athleticism for his position. Long arm action into high-3/4 release with arm strength and carry on throws that produced a positional velocity of 81 mph on the infield and 84 mph from the outfield.

Garrett Edwards RHP / SS / Pitkin, LA / 2020

Louisiana State recruit. Currently ranked No. 7 in Louisiana's 2020 class, No. 212 Overall. Long 6-foot-5, 185-pound frame with long levers and room to add strength. Right-handed pitcher with deliberate, segmented rhythm, long arm action into high-3/4 release and regular effort. Level shoulders, lands square, and finishes slightly off to the first base side. Fastball sat 87-89 mph with downhill angle and command in the zone. Curveball showed 11/5-shape with gradual break, solid spin, and depth at 66-68 mph. Flashed a slider with quality depth at 79-81 mph and a cutter with late action at 84-85 mphAlso showed a changeup with fading action and near fastball arm speed at 67-70 mph.

Hayden Durke RHP / 1B / North Vermilion, LA / 2020

Louisiana-Lafayette recruit. Currently ranked No. 8 in Louisiana’s 2020 class, No. 267 overall. Strong, developed 6-foot-2, 210-pound frame with athletic build. Right-handed pitcher with long, clean arm action into high-3/4 release, showing quick arm speed, and some effort. Athletic delivery with fluid rhythm, in-line direction, and lands square. Fastball is explosive through the zone at times, showing quality life to the arm side at 87-91 mph. Has shown low to mid 90s velo at times. Shows feel to spin a quality breaking ball at times, with 11/5 shape, quality spin, rotation, and depth.

Michael Latulas OF / 1B / Loreauville, LA / 2020

Southern Miss recruit. Currently ranked No. 9 in Louisiana's 2020 class, No. 336 overall. Long, athletic 6-foot-3, 200-pound frame with some projections left. At the plate, the left-handed hitter flashed big power potential, posting an exit velocity of 95 mph. Hits from a balanced, athletic stance, uses a short stride with a quick has a quick load to generate electric bat speed with slightly uphill plane into a high finish. Uses a pull-side approach with feel for the barrel. Defensively, showed athletic footwork, soft hands and clean exchanges into an over-the-top release, posting a 74 mph positional velocity. 

Will Safford SS / 2B / University Lab, LA / 2020

Louisiana State recruit. Currently ranked No. 10 in Louisiana’s 2020 class, No. 339 Overall. Plays with an extremely high-motor, and loads of energy. Athletic defender with quick, fluid footwork, consistently taking quality angles and attacking the baseball with his feet. Shows soft hands, quality actions, and clean, quick transfers. Short arm action into high-3/4 release, showing solid arm strength with carry and accuracy on throws across the diamond. Left-handed hitter that hits from athletic, balanced setup with simple load, and short stride. Top-of-the-order type bat with line-drive type approach, showing quality bat speed, and a level, on-plane path. Top-of-the-order type that consistently works counts, and shows a mature understanding of the strike zone. High-level baserunner despite the lack of pure run tool, shows exceptional feel for base-stealing, with quick first step, and a high baseball-IQ.