Prep Baseball Report

Top 5 Pitchers in Louisiana's 2015 Class

By Trey Sofio
Louisiana Scouting Director

A look at the top 2015 pitchers in the state of Louisiana:

1. Nick Lee, RHP, South Beauregard HS - Committed to Louisiana Lafayette, the 6-foot-4 190-pound Lee came on the scene as a big-time prospect over the summer pitching with the Louisiana Knights.  Pitched the majority of the summer 89-92 and was up to 95. He has a long and lean frame with a lot of room to get stronger.  He has an excellent feel for the baseball and displayed command of two pitches throughout the summer.  He throws both a curveball and slider, with the latter being the pitch expected to stick.  The slider is 80-82 and flashed at well above-average at times, with hard tight spin and some depth, but it is still a developing pitch.  Occasionally will have a nice change working, which makes him devastating on opposing hitters.

2. Hogan Harris, LHP, St. Thomas Moore HS- Committed to Louisiana Lafayette, the 6-foot-2 195-pound Harris features an extremely heavy fastball that sits 88-92 and will touch 94. Extremely fast arm out of mid ¾ release with angle to the plate. Drops and drives to the plate, causing some spinning off to occur at times and makes the landing look violent. The breaking ball spins well, with 11/5 shape, and adequate depth at 73-75. The delivery creates a lot of deception and when added with the present power stuff it makes Harris extremely tough on left-handed hitters.

3. Kale Breaux, LHP, Sulphur HS - Committed to Mississippi State, the 5-foot-11 170-pound left-hander has a three-pitch mix of a fastball, curveball and changeup.  A long and loose arm action, with a quick arm out of a high-3/4 release with little effort.  He shows good rhythm in the delivery, with a good balance point, good direction, landing in line and finishing a little upright.  Breaux pitches 84-88 with late arm side run on the fastball and commands both sides of the plate extremely well.  The curveball is a good pitch at 73-75 with decent spin. The curveball is thrown for strikes, but will need to develop some sharpness as he advances in the game. He has a straight changeup that is a quality pitch at times. Breaux has been very successful in his high school career because he has an advanced feel for pitching, and has a good mix of quality pitches that are thrown for strikes.

4. Brennan Breaux, LHP, St. Thomas Moore HS - Committed to Louisiana State, the 6-foot, 180-pound Breaux pitches out a simple delivery, high ¾ arm slot, good tempo, and the arm works well.  He will pitch 85-87 and will touch 89 occasionally.  He has a good feel for a curveball with 11/5 shape with tight spin.  He also has a good feel for a change with some late life.  He throws all three pitches for strikes and is extremely tough on left-handed hitters.  Also an outfielder, Breaux is a legitimate two-way prospect, and expect him to be a nice reliever at the next level.

5. Carlo Graffeo, RHP, St. Paul’s HS – Committed to Southeastern Louisiana, the 6-foot, 175-pound right-hander will pitch at 86-89 and has touched 91. Graffeo pitches out of high ¾ arm slot, with an extremely quick arm.  There is some effort in the delivery but he has good rhythm and tempo, with a short and clean arm action.  Direction is in line, landing square and in an athletic position. The curveball has a 11/5 shape with hard late break, and tight spin at 74-76.  He will flash a changeup at times that has fade action with arm speed staying the same as the fastball.  Graffeo is the typical pitch-ability guy when he has command of his three pitches.  The curveballl will be his go-to pitch as he advances in the game.