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East Coast Royals / Mid-Atlantic Shockers Scout Day: Scout Notes

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Over 35 players from the East Coast Royals and Mid-Atlantic Shockers participated in a Scout Day at their facility in Berlin on February 28th, 2021. Players ranging from the 2021-2025 grad classes were put through a pro-style workout and threw bullpens in front of our PBR Maryland staff. Below are scout notes on 15 players form the event. Players are listed in alphabetical order.




Top Performers


Dalton Blades RHP / 3B / Stephen Decatur, MD / 2024

A guy that should be on everyone’s radar is 2024 RHP/3B Dalton Blades of Stephen Decatur. Blades has an impressive two-way ability that projects to last throughout his high school career and at the next level. Blades possesses a tall, strong, uber-projectable 6’5”, 220 pound frame. He started his day on the bump where he did not disappoint with his three pitch arsenal. Throws with longer, loose arm action from an over the top slot with some quickness through release and gets downhill with really nice extension. The fastball comes out of the hand well with easy effort and command to both sides of the plate at 80-82 mph. The curveball showed sharp downward tilt with big 11/5 shape with feel and control to the bottom of the zone at 64-66 mph. The change-up was thrown consistently down in the zone at 72-74 mph. At the plate, Blades showed some rhythm in the hands with natural lift and a really nice gap-to-gap approach. Creates solid extension through and past contact, staying behind the ball well with strong lower half involvement. Quick hands through the zone and the power looks to develop as he continues to fill out the big 6’5” frame.

Kannon Cropper SS / RHP / Worcester Preparatory , MD / 2024

Athletic 5’9’’, 135 pound frame. Pitched exclusively from the stretch with a quick leg kick to balance and works controlled down the mound landing in-line with the plate. Throws with a full arm circle from a low-to-mid three-quarter slot with some intent. Arm speed is quick and whippy through release. Gets over front side with good extension and finishes with a complete follow through in an athletic fielding position. Fastball sat 76-78 mph with some arm-side run and featured three off-speed offerings. Breaking ball showed shorter 11/5 and 12/6 shape at 59-62 mph while the slider definitely showed a more sweeping 10/4 shape at 62-64 mph. Change-up ranged 59-62 mph. One of the arms on the day that showed more control and feel for the zone on a consistent basis. Middle of the field line drive type hitter with some pull-side tendencies. Starts square with a quicker load and stays behind and on the ball well through contact with some extension. Recorded a 79 mph exit velo and also ran a 4.26 home-to-first base time. Sound fundamentally in the infield working through the ball and fielding it out in front.

Greg Cunha C / 3B / Chambersburg, PA / 2022

Cunha is a guy who looks to do damage each and every time he steps in the box. The frame is big and physical with plenty of strength at 6’0”, 235 pounds. At the plate, Cunha attacks the ball with intent and consistently catches it out in front with quick, loose hands and fast bat speed. He showed really nice feel for the barrel with consistent loud contact into the pull side gap. Stays behind the ball with strong lower half involvement, registering a 90 mph exit velocity off the tee. Really liked Cunha behind the dish as well. Sticks pitches really well with strong block and recover ability. The feet are quick on throws to second that showed some carry and accuracy to the bag.

Christopher Curler II RHP / 3B / North Caroline, MD / 2021

Curler is a guy that we have seen continue to improve his game each and every time we get a chance to see him. He possesses a big, strong 6’3”, 215 pound frame with strong two-way ability. Curler started his day on the mound where he showcased a really nice three pitch mix. He starts with a controlled side-step delivery into a big leg kick and strong back leg drive off the rubber. The arm is long and loose with some quick arm speed through release. Throws from an over the top slot, finishing in line to home plate in an athletic position. The fastball showed ride through the zone to both sides of the plate with command at 84-85 mph and touching 87 mph. The curveball is the out pitch for Curler. It has tight, sharp 11/5 break with swing and miss ability and was thrown with really nice feel and command to the bottom of the zone. The change-up showed some feel with late dive action at 80-82 mph. At the plate, Curler showed off impressive barrel control and a strong middle of the field line drive approach. The bat path is more level and direct to contact, keeping his hands inside the ball well, registering an impressive 96 mph exit velocity off the tee. Look for Curler to make some serious noise in the future, both on the bump and at the dish.

Dane Harvey 1B / LHP / Southern Fulton , PA / 2023

Solid 6’4’’, 255 pound frame with projection in it. Worked off the bump and at first base during the scout day. Controlled side-step wind-up with a high kick-out leg lift into a tall balance position. Smooth stride down the mound with clean hand separation in take-away and lands in-line to the plate. Throws with long arm action from a high three-quarter slot with light effort. Fastball sat 72-74 mph and the slider showed more gradual 11/5 shape to it at 59-61 mph. Also threw a change-up that showed occasional slight fade at 63-65 mph. Hits from the left side at the plate from a slightly open stance and creates some separation. Uses a small, quick leg kick to load and stays short to the ball with some extension. Swing is more level with some tendencies to get uphill at times. Worked mostly pull-side and showed some present power also recording a 92 mph exit velo off the tee.

Bryce Hendricks OF / RHP / Delmar , DE / 2023

Hendricks was a bright spot all day long, showing off an impressive two-way ability. The body frame is athletic and strong at 5’10”, 170 pounds and has the makeup to add even more strength and muscle. Hendricks started his day with an impressive and eye-opening performance on the bump. Throws with long, loose arm action from a high three-quarter slot and gets down the mound quickly with solid extension. The fastball came out of the hand really well and commanded both sides of the plate with some late arm side run at 80-83 and touched 84 mph. The curveball shows swing and miss ability with big 11/5 shape and feel at 66-67 mph. At the plate, Hendricks hits with solid hand rhythm and balance with quick hands and bat speed through the zone. Whippy type barrel action through contact, creating some extension. Consistently barreled up balls with a more level swing path and a really nice middle of the field line drive approach. Hendricks has the make-up to be a high level player throughout his high school career and I look for him to make a serious jump once his body continues to fill out.

Timothy Jones RHP / 3B / Laurel, DE / 2023

Projectable 6’1’’, 155 pound frame. Slower more methodical build-up into a closed and compact balance position. Delivery shows some drop and drive to it landing slightly closed to the plate. Throws with short arm action from a high three-quarter slot with some intent and generates some arm speed through release. Gets extension over the front side and mixed in four pitches for strikes in his bullpen. Fastball sat 79-81 mph with slight arm-side run at times. Change-up showed really nice fade at 70-72 mph and featured two breaking balls; curveball showed more 11/5 shape at 61-62 mph and slider was tighter at 65-71 mph.

Reed Linzey RHP / OF / Parkside , MD / 2023

Was impressed with Linzey the entire day, He began his impressive performance on the bump, where he showed command and feel for a three pitch mix. The windup starts with a short rocker step into a rhythmic toe-tap gather and strong lower half drive off the rubber. Throws from a high three-quarter slot with short, quick arm speed and a slight recoil after release. The fastball was thrown with intent to both sides of the plate with slight arm side run at 76-79 mph. The curveball showed some swing and miss ability with a bigger 11/5 shape at 62-63 mph and the slider was thrown with a more sharp 10/4 shape at 68-70 mph. The changeup was shown to be more of an out pitch with really nice late fade down in the zone at 72-74 mph. Later in the day, Linzey took the same tenacity that he had on the mound into the cage during BP. He attacked the ball with intent and consistently peppered the middle of the field with line drive tendencies. The hands were quick and the bat speed was fast through contact with a slightly uphill swing path. Created solid extension through the zone with some present pop into to the gaps and alleys.

Ryan McLaughlin SS / RHP / StePHen Decatur, MD / 2023

Really exciting two-way prospect in the 2023 class that continues to develop and has added a ton of strength to his already projectable 6’0’’, 165 pound frame. Amazing how much the body has matured since last summer’s Top Prospect Games II in late July. Began the day on the bump with a bullpen that saw him sit 83-85 mph with easily more to project in the tank. Delivery is controlled and repeatable working both out of the wind-up and stretch. Low take-away throwing with longer arm action from a high three-quarter slot with light effort. Arm is quick through release and gets good extension over the front side with a full athletic follow through and finish. Hammer breaking ball thrown for strikes with sharp 11/5 shape at 75-77 mph. At the plate, McLaughlin showed much more pop consistently squaring balls back up the middle with loud contact. Hits from an open stance with a quick tow-tap load and creates some hand separation. Stays short to and long through contact. Recorded an 87 mph exit velo off the tee and also ran an event best 4.16 home-to-first time. Advanced defender as well in the middle infield with a strong enough arm (83 mph) to stick on the left side and plenty of mobility. Easy range, fluid, rhythmic actions, soft hands, and clean exchanges. Really impressive all-around day from McLaughlin who will surely be a highly scouted player by many schools this year.

Jase Mitchell C / 3B / Cape Henlopen , DE / 2025

Very interesting 2025 to keep an eye on. Athletic and projectable 6’1’’. 155 pound frame with plenty of room to fill out. Hits from an open stance from the left side with a knee-to-knee load. Stays short and through the ball with some extension at the plate recording an 83 mph exit velo off the tee. More middle to pull-side approach that found a bunch of barrels. Advanced receiver for age behind the dish and showed quick and clean exchanges on pops ranging 2.05-2.09 and a 72 mph arm velo.

Casey Parsons RHP / 3B / Parkside, MD / 2024

Solid 5’8’’, 150 pound frame with a strong lower half. Controlled wind-up into a tall balance position on the bump. Smooth and effortless delivery landing closed to the plate with some cross-body action. Throws with long arm action from a high three-quarter slot with easy effort. Showed some arm speed through release and am intrigued by what’s left in the tank down the road. Fastball was 77-78 mph and the breaking ball showed gradual 11/5 shape at 61-63 mph. Change-up was 66-69 mph with some fade to it. At the plate, Parsons hits from a slightly closed stance with minimal load and stays really short to the ball with a more level swing path. Showed some pop to the pull-side gap recording an 84 mph exit velo off the tee.

Garrett Rosenberry 3B / RHP / Waynesboro, PA / 2022

Strong, athletic, projectable 6’0”, 185 pound frame. Rosenberry started his impressive day on the mound where he showed command and feel for a strong 4 pitch mix. Throws with long to short arm action from a high three-quarter slot. The fastball was thrown with some ride through the zone and command mostly down at 79-82 mph. He showcased two different breaking balls; one a more 11/5 shaped curveball and the other a tighter 10/4 shaped slider. Rosenberry showed some feel for the curveball at 67-69 mph with some strong downward tilt. The slider showed more swing and miss ability with tighter, sharp spin that has the make-up to be a real out pitch at 69-72 mph. The change-up had some late dive action at 74-75. Rosenberry really impressed in the cage during BP. He hit from a balanced, open stance with really nice hand separation and fast bat speed through contact. Stayed behind the ball well and attacked it with intent, showcasing present strength and power to the pull side gap. The power is impressive and looks to continue to progress as he gets bigger and stronger.

Kaden Shockley C / 2B / Laurel (DE), MD / 2023

Athletic 5’10’’, 160 pound frame with room to add strength. Hits from a more slightly open stance at the plate and stays behind the ball well. Doesn’t get cheated at the plate showing quick bat speed through the zone and a solid middle of the field line drive approach with some pop. Uses a toe-tap load and gets the barrel on-plane early. Swing has some uphill tilt to it and really nice extension through contact. Quiet receiver behind the dish and also showed a quick transfer on pops consistently ranging 2.01-2.04. Throws were accurate to the bag and arm velo topped at 75 mph.

John Smith LHP / OF / Parkside, MD / 2023

Strong 6’2”, 185 pound frame with plenty of projection left to the body. The big southpaw impressed with his command and feel for the three pitch mix. He throws with a drop and drive delivery with long to short arm action and quick arm speed through release. He showed ability to throw from various arm slots; one being a mid to high three-quarter slot and the other being a low three-quarter slot. Showed really nice command of the fastball mostly to the arm side with some run at 78-80 mph. The breaking ball showed swing and miss ability with a more 2/8 shape and had tight, sharp spin at 65-67 mph. The change-up had some really nice late fade action at 74-76 and was thrown with command down in the zone.

Cole Swift SS / C / Snow Hill, MD / 2023

Athletic, wiry 5’9”, 160 pound frame. Swift started his day in the cage for BP, showcasing a strong middle of the field approach with doubles power to the gaps and alleys. The hands are quick through the zone, creating some bat speed and balance throughout. Hands are loose through the back load with strong lower half involvement. Sticks it well behind the dish with really nice block and recover ability. Showed quick feet and a strong arm from behind the dish with accurate throws to the bag. At the shortstop position, Swift showcases quick, active feet with soft hands and the ability to make difficult plays look easy. Swift will continue to improve his game and make some serious strides once he continues to add strength to the body.



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