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PBR Maryland Summer Kickoff Statistical Wrap Up

Kyle Campbell
Maryland Scouting Director


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Last weekend five travel organizations made their way to Mount St. Mary's for the annual PBR Maryland Summer Kickoff. It was an opportunity for each program to kick off their summer ball seasons while showcasing their players in front of the PBR Maryland scouting staff and local college coaches. Today we look at the statistical leaders from each team and for the tournament. A more comprehensive analysis will accompany these statistics with our tournament scout blog later this week.

Note: The final two games of the tournament were cancelled due to inclement weather. Therefore, the following statistics reflect the subsequent amount of games played for each team.

Maryland Prospects: 3 Games Played

WHC Renegades: 3 Games Played

Jefferson Cubs: 2 Games Played

Rawlings A's: 2 Games Played

Dig In Baseball: 2 Games Played


Overall Tournament Leaders


Hits Leaderboard

5 - Gabe Gonzales, Maryland Prospects

5 - Ben Huber, WHC Renegades

4 - Jaden Gilbert, Maryland Prospects

4 - Robert Bratchie, WHC Renegades

3 - Michael Sweeney, Rawlings A's

3 - John Carroll, Rawlings A's

3 - Kamien Gonzalez, Jefferson Cubs

3 - Stevie Lee, Jefferson Cubs

3 - Dylan McCartney, Jefferson Cubs

3 - James Walsh, Jefferson Cubs

3 - Zach Senders, Dig In Baseball


RBI Leaderboard

4 - Robert Bratchie, WHC Renegades

3 - Gabe Gonzales, Maryland Prospects

3 - Malaki Meadows, Jefferson Cubs

3 - Dylan McCartney, Jefferson Cubs

3 - James Walsh, Jefferson Cubs


SB Leaders

2 - Jaden Gilbert, Maryland Prospects

2 - Blake Desmond, Dig In Baseball

2 - Chase Anderson, Jefferson Cubs

2 - Noah DeLuca, Rawlings A's


Individual Team Leaders



Hits: Gabe Gonzales, 5

RBI: Gabe Gonzales, 3

SB: Jaden Gilbert, 2

Batting Average (Minimum of two hits): Gabe Gonzales .500 (5-for-10), Jaden Gilbert .400 (4-for-10)



Hits: Ben Huber, 5

RBI: Robert Bratchie, 4

SB: Jimmy Jaecksch and James Tolle, 1

Batting Average (Minimum of two hits): Ben Huber .625 (5-for-8), Robert Bratchie .667 (4-for-6), Jake Sutch .333 (2-for-6), Mason Khandagle .333 (2-for-6)



Hits: Four players tied with 4 (Kamien Gonzalez, Stevie Lee, Dylan McCartney, James Walsh)

RBI: Three players tied with 3 (Malaki Meadows, Dylan McCartney, James Walsh)

SB: Chase Anderson, 2

Batting Average (Minimum of two hits): James Walsh .750 (3-for-4), Stevie Lee .600 (3-for-5), Dylan McCartney .600 (3-for-5), Kamien Gonzalez .500 (3-for-6), Malaki Meadows .400 (2-for-5), Zac Rose .400 (2-for-5), Chase Anderson .333 (2-for-6)



Hits: Michael Sweeney and John Carroll, 3

RBI: Four players tied with 2 (Daniel Key, Jeremiah Jenkins, Cael Huyer, John Carroll)

SB: Noah DeLuca, 2

Batting Average (Minimum of two hits): Cael Huyer .667 (2-for-3), Cole Meyer .667 (2-for-3), Michael Sweeney .600 (3-for-5), John Carroll .600 (3-for-5), Jeremiah Jenkins .500 (2-for-4)



Hits: Zach Senders, 3

RBI: Zach Senders, 2

SB: Blake Desmond, 2

Batting Average (Minimum of two hits): Zach Senders .500 (3-for-6), Tommy Lewis .400 (2-for-5), Evan Summers .333 (2-for-6)