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26 players from the Old Line State, Virginia, and Pennsylvania participated in this year's Top Prospect Games West at Frederick CC. Players were put through a pro-style workout and played a game in front of our PBR Maryland staff and various college coaches from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Below are evaluations on the five catchers at the event. 



(Listed Alphabetically)

Alex Biars C / 1B / Dematha Catholic , MD / 2022

Body: 5’10’’, 185 pounds. Strong and thick, well proportioned frame with tangible power in his game. 
Hit: RHH. Balanced, slightly open stance with a quiet start. Utilized a quick leg lift to a wide land position coupled with a deep, stretched load creating increased bat speed at impact when launching. The bat head worked through a flat path and matched pitch-plane up, taking pitches for a ride deep to the pull-side with regularity. Hit behind the ball, staying stacked on the backside during rotation. Above-average feel at the plate and knowledge of how to handle pitches on either side for extra-base hits. 
Power: 92 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Gap to gap power with home run juice on occasion to pull. Solid connection at the plate should continue leading to positive results in-game. 
Arm: RH. C - 74 mph. Strong arm from short, H3/4 on the bag with accuracy. Slight load up and fires allowing for some carry to the target. 
Defense: Pop times ranged 2.03 - 2.18. Low center of gravity with butt down low in traditional setup, lets the rhythm work through the catch allowing for quick transfers in and out of the glove. Room to be even quicker on the release, but absolutely stood out as a seasoned defender during defensive evaluations. Solid blocker and simple receiver to; heightening his stock. 
Run: 7.98 60-yard time.

Ben Flood C / 3B / Saint John's Catholic Prep, MD / 2024

Body: 5’7’’, 185 pounds. Compact, thick frame with tangible strength throughout. 
Hit: RHH. Crouched even stance with rhythm in the hands at the shoulder; utilized a controlled leg lift stride to initiate the hands through a flat path with authority. Stayed relatively calm and repeatable in the swing, generating hard contact to the pull-side through the 5-6 hole. Could elevate at times into a high/deep finish yielding occasional extra-base hits. 
Power: 87 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Doubles when getting extended on pitches out over the plate, likes the pull-side to do damage. 
Arm: RH. C - 68 mph. Quick release and a fast, short H3/4 slot with accuracy on the bag. 
Defense: Pop times ranged 2.18 - 2.32. Got the foot in the ground with advanced directional footwork, clean exchange absorbing the ball into the throwing ear for a ready-to-go transfer. Can really play behind the dish; received well too with a soft glove hand. 
Run: 8.25 60-yard time.

Nick Miller C / OF / Oakdale, MD / 2024

Body: 5’11’’, 180 pounds. Traditional, strong frame with some feel for his body in all phases. 
Hit: RHH. Open, slightly bent setup with proper movements at the plate; leg lift that’s controlled to it’s apex and a low/deep attack position in the hands. The barrel entered the hitting zone through a high intent, flat path with some burst when getting a little extended to pull. Wide base, strength exuding in the lower half, and violent turns through the baseball. Generated a 307 foot peak batted ball distance per Trackman Baseball. 
Power: 89 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Doubles power to both gaps with occasional home run power down the LF line when getting it just right. Power will continue rising as he furthers refinement. 
Arm: RH. C - 73 mph. Powerful, simple operation from H3/4 (short takeaway) allowing for repeatability and accuracy on the bag. 
Defense: Pop times ranged 2.03 - 2.10. Got the back foot in the ground immediately coupled with quick transfers to the throwing ear, kept momentum forward and low posture to positively increase the chances for accurate pops. Liked the ability to handle pitches on catch/throw in any quadrant of the plate, no issue. Soft glove hand while receiving should give him a solid defensive base skillset to build off of. 
Run: 7.64 60-yard time.

Ethan Murley C / RHP / Walt Whitman , MD / 2024

Body: 6’4’’, 190 pounds. Big, projectable frame with fairly proportional strength. 
Arm: RH. C - 70 mph. Low ¾ release with quickness out in front, room to add strength as he keeps maturing
Defense: Pop times ranged 2.18 - 2.42. Got straight line in the footwork while slightly getting vertical up out of the crouch into a higher center of gravity. Presents a big target with adequate receiving skills showing solid glove hand traits. Average flexibility overall working out of traditional mainly. 
Run: 8.34 60-yard time.

Charles Musser IV C / 2B / Linganore, MD / 2023

Body: 6’0’’, 160 pounds. Long, lean frame with developing athleticism. 
Hit: RHH. Crouched, wide stance with the bat starting near the shoulder to begin, utilized some rhythm with a jumpy leg lift right before bursting through a flat path into the hitting zone. A lot of pace to the swing and finished slightly short and low to the shoulder. Feel and comfortability shown on swings over the SS head into the LCF gap from a leveraged, high intensity approach. 
Power: 80 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Developing doubles power to pull side, can get lengthy at times when lofting in the air.
Arm: RH. C - 71 mph. Lots of pre catch rhythm, got straight line with narrow footwork in the setup, and release from a short, high ¾ slot. Slight sink onto the bag. 
Defense: Pop times ranged 2.19 - 2.30. Stood up and got vertical, allowing the arm to do the work. Could get rid of it quickly on transfers with more strength coming. Developing receiver behind the dish from traditional setup. 
Run: 8.24 60-yard time.


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