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26 players from the Old Line State, Virginia, and Pennsylvania participated in this year's Top Prospect Games West at Frederick CC. Players were put through a pro-style workout and played a game in front of our PBR Maryland staff and various college coaches from across the Mid-Atlantic region. Below are evaluations on the six outfielders at the event. 



(Listed Alphabetically)

Keegan Johnson LHP / OF / Urbana, MD / 2023

Body: 6’2’’, 180 pounds. Strong, well-put together frame with a good lower half. 
Hit: LHH. Balanced, upright stance with loose hands starting on the shoulder; utilized a lift and replace stride on time with a barrel tip at the top of the load, the swing entered the hitting zone through a flat path with increased bat control at impact. Got on plane early with the baseball flashing connection in both the lower and upper halves. Featured plenty of burst on pitches up above the belt, sending one as far as 350 feet per Trackman Baseball. Quality hitter overall with a mature approach yielding hard contact all over the field. 
Power: 95 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Home run juice to pull and occasionally backside LCF as well. Really stays connected with above-average bat speed to boot. 
Arm: LH. OF - 87 mph. Loose, whippy actions and stays rhythmic in the release from H3/4. Accurate on the plate. 
Defense: Projects to play at any two of the three outfield positions with a smooth operation during defensive evaluations. Got the chest downhill with a quick first step, working banana routes around and through the baseball. Efficient reads and made decisions quickly in stride. 
Run: 7.31 60-yard time.

John Kirstukas OF / LHP / Dulaney, MD / 2022

Body: 5’9’’, 160 pounds. Lean, athletic frame with connection in the movements. 
Hit: LHH. Balanced, even stance with the hands starting at the shoulder. Utilized a leg lift initiating the hands through a quick and flat path into the hitting zone. Worked mostly from the middle of the field to pull with a short stroke into a moderately high finish. Demonstrated the ability to keep the ball on a line at head height with occasional burst. 
Power: 87 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Doubles power to pull-side and can go the other way for occasional XBH.
Arm: LH. OF - 75 mph. Short and quick high ¾ slot; accurate. 
Defense: Quick first step and adequate footwork overall, maintained balanced while playing through the ball at the fielding window. Medium high center of gravity fielding off his right foot and funneling into the belt loop.
Run: 7.50 60-yard time.

Brady Larkin OF / LHP / The John Carroll School, MD / 2024

Body: 5’7’’, 156 pounds. Lean, compact frame with sneaky strength.
Hit: LHH. Narrow, open setup with a slight bend in the knees, the hands worked above the shoulder at the load with a high elbow placement. Utilized a barrel-wag and lift and replace stride to initiate his swing through a mostly vertical, direct path into the hitting zone. Handled the low pitch well and showed lift to the pull-side gap; recorded a 282 foot peak batted ball distance demonstrating occasional gap to gap juice. 
Power: 86 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Doubles power and comfortability elevating to pull. 
Arm: LH. OF - 70 mph.  Short and quick on the front side, accurate on the plate. 
Defense: Got downhill through the baseball with a soft glove hand that could play actively out in front, decent pace allowing for an accurate arm to work on time in the slot. Left field projection moving forward. 
Run: 7.60 60-yard time.

Jacob Roy OF / James Wood , VA / 2022

Body: 5’10’’, 145 pounds. Lean, athletic build with some interesting attributes. 
Hit: RHH. Wide, even stance with rhythm in the hands, uses a no stride look with slight weight shift over the backside and into impact. The barrel worked mostly flat into the hitting zone generating a line drive approach through both gaps. Has room to continue getting more lower half involved in the swing. 
Power: 81 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Developing doubles power as he works to get extended at the front of the plate.
Arm: RH. OF - 74 mph. Short, over the top slot with quickness at release. 
Defense: Will be stationed in left field moving forward, though the foot-speed helps the case with good reads and athletic play style in space. 
Run: 7.23 60-yard time.

Farrell Souders RHP / OF / Mifflin County, PA / 2024

Body: 5’8’’, 128 pounds. Lean, developing frame with room to hold strength. 
Hit: LHH. Balanced, even stance with the hands showing slight rhythm high by the head. Utilized a lift and replace stride to initiate the swing through a flat path with some length into the hitting zone. Showed comfortability to pull while getting around it at times with long levers. The barrel whipped when on-time flashing some jump to pull, more bat-speed on the way soon. 
Power: 80 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Developing doubles power. 
Arm: RH. OF - 75 mph. Quick and short, athletic arm circle with accuracy on the plate.
Defense: Really solid routes, getting to the spot he wants on time with slight downhill momentum, kept a low posture and trusted the glove hand. Projects to possibly move into any outfield position as he develops his frame. 
Run: 7.60 60-yard time.

Britton Wildasin OF / RHP / Oakdale , MD / 2024

Body: 5’11’’, 147 pounds. Long, projectable frame with room to fill out as he matures. 
Hit: RHH. Crouched, even stance with a slight rock back to the right side to stack on the load; utilized a short lift and replace stride to initiate the hands through a fluid, flat path and into the hitting zone. Featured a line drive approach all over the middle of the field with ability to be on time at impact. Strength should continue climbing over the years, leading to more extra-base hits and bat-speed. 
Power: 80 mph exit velocity during BP per TrackMan. Developing doubles power.
Arm: RH. OF - 72 mph. Quick and whippy, low ¾ slot that can get on the side at times. 
Defense: Attacking style of play working positively through the baseball. Adequate reads and stayed behind the ball well when needed. Will stay in left field moving forward. 
Run: 7.99 60-yard time.


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