Prep Baseball Report

10.26.13 Unsigned Senior Showcase: The Two-way Players

By Mike Penn
Michigan Director of Scouting

The two-way players at the Unsigned Senior Showcase presented the best collective group of overall talent headlined by Damon Ellis (Garden City HS).  The athletic Ellis showed well above average tools with his best upside on the mound and took home top prospect honors.  Take a look at who did what below.

Top Prospects

1. Damon Ellis, OF/RHP, Garden City HS, 2014
One of the best athletes in his class.  Raw athletic ability.  6.77 runner.  85mph from the outifield.  Best upside is on the mound.  86-88mph.  Hitters will be uncomfortable.  Plus bite and spin on breaking ball.  Needs to command it better but has the makings of an above average pitch.  If his verlocity climbs he should see some draft interest.


2. Kevin Suwarsky, OF/RHP, Paw Paw HS, 2014
Suwarsky showed well overall.  5-foot-11, 170-pound strong bodied athlete. In the field projects best as a corner outfielder. Above average arm strength (87mph).  Played through the ball well.  At the plate had one of the best exit velocities (88mph) Occasional gap power.  Explodes well with the lower half.  On the mound has more in the tank velocity-wise.  Intense competitor.  83-85mph on this day.  Sharp biter with 11/5 shape for his breaking ball. Left it arm side but has good shape and depth.  Change up is still a work in progess


3. Austin Lukaschewski, RHP/OF, Bishop Foley HS, 2014
Proven winner at three time state championship program, Bishop Foley.  Committed to Illinois-Springfield after the event.  7.27 runner in the 60. Good arm strength from the outfield 84mph.   Good hands at the plate.  Uses the whole field.  Overall good athlete. 82-84mph on this day although has been higher.  Armside ru with the change.  Throws breaking balls for strikes.


4. Ryan Kasprzyk, OF/RHP, Sterling Heights Stevenson HS, 2014
Rising senior with good upside.  More in the tank as he is just coming into his own. 6-foot, 170-pound athletic frame player.  Plus speed with 6.72 in the 60. 86mph from the outfield. Soft hands plays through the baseball well.  One of the best sleepers in the class of 2014.  On the mound sat 82-85mph.  Has tighter break in the breaking ball.  Raw talent but definite upside


5. Jacob Rogers, 3B/RHP, Sterling Heights Stevenson HS, 2014
One of the biggest risers in the class. Rogers continues his ascent.  6-foot-2, 205-pound infielder with soft hands and accurate arm. Big time pop in the bat. Does not get cheated.  Showcase best 88mph exit velo.  Explosive lower half.  ON the mound was the best we have seen 82-83mph.  Two-way potential for the right school.  Definite follow.


Best of the Rest (Alphabetically)

Aaron Ajrouche, SS/RHP, John F. Kennedy HS, 2014
Smaller but athletic middle infielder and right-handed pitcher.  5-foot-9, 150-pounds.  Quick reactions in the infielder.  Slinger arm action.  Accurate throws.  Slow pull at the plate. Got extension well.  ON the mound pounds the zone.82-83mph.  Quicker arm action.  Small school player.  Can definitely play.


Owen Bischoff, C/RHP, Eisenhower HS, 2014
Long limbed athletic player. 6-foot-3, 180-pounds.  7.3 runner.  Good shoulder trigger at the plate.  Smooth load and short stride.  Behind the plate has longer arm action Pop times ranged between 2.04-2.29.  Liked him the most on the mound. 79-80mph.  Spins the ball well.  Hid the ball well.  Like his future potential.


Alex Duncan, 3B/RHP, South Lyon HS, 2014
Big body 6-foot-1, 170-pound 3B/RHP.  Shorter arm action although arm strength needs to improve 71mph.  8.1 runner. On the mound he kept the ball down well. 75-78mph.  Good bite on the breaking ball 68-70mph.  Easy effort.


Adam Gentry, 1B/RHP, Grand Rapids Union HS, 2014
6-foot-3, 190-pound infielder/RHP.  65mph across the diamond.. Gets cut off at the plate.  Fastball ranged between 75-76mph.  Needs to work on consistency of breaking ball and secondary stuff. 


Hunter Holcomb, RHP/1B, Lakeshore HS, 2014
Big 6-foot-6, 225-pound athlete.  Picked everything at first base.  Soft hands.  Pull hitter with open stance.  Can pop the ball with a faster bat.  Got to extension well. On the mound has good potential  77-79mph.  Turns it inside out.  Rushes out a bit. Definitely something in there. Needs to refine his skillset.


Nathan Langenfeld, LHP/OF, Grand Ledge HS, 2014
Lanky athletic OF/LHP. 6-foot-1, 160-pounds.  Liked him the most on the mound eventhough he isn’t a hard thrower.  77mph with the fastball.  Perhaps a good JUCO option.  Tighter spin on the breaking ball.  Hid the ball well.  Easy effort. 74mph from the outfield.  Long arm action.  Balanced at the plate.  Needs to work on lower half.  Some projection. 


Adam Lantzy, RHP/3B, Lansing Catholic HS, 2014
5-foot-11, 201-pounds.  76-78mph. Slider 69-70mph.  Quicker arm.  Kept hand speed near fastball.  7.44 runner.  Shorter arm action in the infield.  Upright and open stance at the plate.  Occasional pop.  Gets a cut off a touch.


Sean Petroski, SS/RHP, Cousino HS, 2014
6-foot-1, 150-pound MIF/RHP, Interesting athlete.  Soft hands in the middle infield.  75mph across the diamond.  Open stance at the plate with good balance and  occasional pop.  Sit and spin hitter with a  little swagger.  Definite follow. On the mound was solid.  73-75mph.  Threw strikes.  Not overpowering.  Smooth.


Travis Peterson, LHP/1B, Monroe HS, 2014
Long arm action in the infield.  Picked it well.  Sit and spin hitter at the plate.  Solid runner at 7.25.  68mph in the infield. Funky delivery on the mound creates deception.  73-75mph.  Frisbee style breaking ball.  62-63mph.  Side sub delivery.  Should get outs. 


Austin Thomas, 3B/RHP, Watervliet HS, 2014
Good overall athlete. 7.19 runner. 6-foot-1, 180-pounds.  79mph across the diamond.  Longer arm action.  Good hands.  Gets a little cut off at the oplate.  On the mound load and go pitcher.  79-80mph. Ball had some natural cut.  Smooth delivery.  Long arm action on the mound.


Tyler Waslawski, RHP/OF, Traverse City St. Francis HS, 2014
5-foot-10, 170-pounds.  7.44 Runner.  73mph across the diamond.  Projects better in the infield if he stays there.  Longer arm action in the outfield. 76mph.  Toe Tapper at the plate.  Occasional pop with good bat speed. On the mound has good feel for his change.  Bugs bunny action.  Fastball sits primarily between 75-7mph.  Slurvy breaking ball that shows promise.