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Inside the Recruitment: '16 RHP Karl Kauffmann commits to Michigan

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Karl KauffmannKarl Kauffman, RHP, Brother Rice, 2016

PBR: What drew you to baseball as a youth?

Karl: As a kid I played every sport and whatever season it was, that was my favorite sport. As I grew older I was attracted to baseball because I felt I was pretty good at it and was able to throw pretty hard.

PBR: Were any of your relatives involved in baseball?

Karl: Other than playing baseball for fun as a kid or being a fan of the game, none of my family is involved with baseball.

PBR: Who has influenced you most in baseball? Why?

Karl: Coach Riker and coach Kalczynski definitely have had the biggest impact on me. Growing up going to the Brother Rice baseball camps, it was a week every summer and winter that I got to spend with some great coaches and players that drilled in the mentality of what it would take to play at the next level.

PBR: You're an elite baseball player where does your drive and passion for the game stem from? 

Karl: Being a baseball player from Michigan, and knowing that on a national scene, everyone will doubt you just because you're from the north. It's a drive to be the best version of yourself and taking advantage of every opportunity you have to get better and striving to be the best.

PBR: You've been a starter at perennial state championship contender Brother Rice every year, what does that mean to you?

Karl: It is amazing to be a part of such a great program but my past three seasons have been failures and we are all sick of just being "contenders"

PBR: I've seen your fastball get up to 95 mph, but you're more than a thrower what makes you such a good pitcher?

Karl: I feel like every year I get a better feel for the game and can slow the game down to make pitches when I need to. I’ve began to realize a well located 90 mph fastball with movement is much more effective than trying to light up the gun and as a result, puts the team in a better spot to win games because you're able to throw complete games.

PBR: Who is the toughest hitter you've faced during your career?

Karl: Hands down Joe Rizzo from Virginia. He has hit everywhere and anything I have seen thrown to him.

PBR: This summer you participated in a few national events, how was your experience competing in the Perfect Game All American Game on national television?

Karl: It was absolutely amazing. Growing up it was always a dream and there is no better feeling that when your dreams become reality. It was also really cool getting to meet kids from around the country all summer and I can't wait to see what the future holds for all my teammates.

PBR: What made you commit to University of Michigan?

Karl: The coaching staff and being a part of the Michigan tradition. Coaches Bakich and the staff are bringing an SEC type program to my backyard and have some of the best academics and facilities in the country. It was a no brainer.

PBR: Outside of athletics, what else interests you? If sports weren’t an option, what kind of career would you choose?

Karl: I love to fish and do anything that involves competition. If I couldn't play sports, I would try and start my own company.

PBR: Last year you played with 1st round draft pick Nick Plummer. How has that experience prepared you for your upcoming senior season?

Karl: It was really cool and I think it will take a lot of pressure off of myself seeing first-hand what he went through, but the only thing I have on my mind about next spring is winning games and not just being a contender.

PBR: What goals do you have in your final season of high school baseball?

Karl: Win a state championship