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PBR MN Prospect ID- Mankato: Catcher Evaluations

Andy Judkins
Prep Baseball Report Minnesota

The PBR MN Prospect ID- Mankato event took place on Tuesday, July 9, 2019. The event was held at Franklin Rogers Park in Mankato, MN. The event featured prospects from the 2020 - 2023 grad classes; and included many breakout performances from this year's participants. Players showcased their talents in front of our scouting staff and college coaches in attendance. Thank you to the players, parents, my staff; along with Coach Ryan Kragh from Bethany Lutheran College for such a great event.

There were a number of great individual performances this year at the PBR MN Prospect ID- Mankato event.


Below we have listed our evaluations for the players in attendance at the event; broken up by position.

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Mason Cox, C, Minnesota Valley Lutheran, 2020
6-foot-4, 195-pound right-handed hitting catcher.  6.92 runner.  Athletic slightly open stance.  Small leg lift and hand load down.  Strides to square.  Flat swing plane and pushes barrel through zone.  Stiff finish.  Middle approach with ground ball to fly ball contact.  Inconsistent contact and flashes some strength in barrel.  82 mph exit velocity.  C- Athletic stance with good balance.  Average glove to receive.  Average movements to block.  Longer exchange and footwork on throws.  2.21-2.45 pop times.  Average accuracy and fade carry with 68 mph arm strength.

Luke Johnson, C/RHP, Mankato West, 2022
5-foot-7, 155-pound left-handed hitting 2-way player.  8.02 runner.  Balanced athletic stance.  Body load and toe tap with hand load down to start.  Flat swing plane with a short finish.  Ground ball and line drive contact.  Average barrel contact with 81 mph exit velocity.  C- Slightly open balanced stance and sits high.  Shows ability to hold pitches with average glove.  Average exchange and can be longer.  Feet have good direction.  2.21-2.30 pop times.  Longer arm action with below average carry and average accuracy.  73 mph exit velocity.  On mound- Threw from stretch.  Simple leg lift to balance point.  Lands and throws across body.  Falls off glove side.  Fastball is straight with slight run for strikes at 76-77 mph topping at 78 mph.  Curveball has early 11/5 break for strikes at the bottom of strike zone at 64-65 mph.  Change-up is inconsistent at 68-70 mph. 

Samuel Karrick, C/1B, Minnetonka, 2020
6-foot-1, 175-pound right-handed hitting catcher.  7.57 runner.  Shoulder width balanced stance with high handset.  Strides with small hand load.  Lower half gets through swing well.  Swing plane has slight lift through zone creating line drive and fly ball contact.  Average barrel contact with some pop.  82 mph exit velocity.  C- Balanced and flexible stance.  Average glove and holds pitches.  Average blocker.  Clean exchange with longer foot work and arm action.  2.15-2.31 pop times.  73 mph arm strength with average carry and accuracy.  IF- Attacks ball and average feet to field.  Can rush at times.  Stiff glove and makes routine play.  75 mph arm strength with average carry and above average accuracy.

Jordan Sagedahl, C, BOLD, 2020
6-foot-1, 180-pound right-handed hitting catcher.  South Dakota State Commit.  6.72 runner.  Athletic build.  Balanced and slightly open stance.  Strides to square and hands load back.  Aggressive swing and flashes bat speed.  Flat swing plane through contact.  Mid/pull approach with ground ball and fly ball contact.  Consistent contact and flashed strength in barrel.  92 mph exit velocity.  C- Slightly open balanced stance.  Flexible and sits low.  Good glove and holds pitches.  Average movements to block.  Average exchange.  Feet can get long.  1.98-2.12 pop times.  83 mph arm strength with above average carry and average accuracy.