Prep Baseball Report

Best of 2021: JUCO Top Pop Times

By: Diego Solares
Associate Scout, Staff Writer

For the first time this fall, PBR Illinois made a concerted effort to check in on several of the state's JUCO programs and familiarize ourselves with that aspect of amateur baseball. Our staff ran 10 total junior college events this fall - nine of which were individual scout days and we also hosted the Region IV Showcase for the first time.

We collected an abundance of data throughout our extensive coverage of the JUCO realm this fall and now, as the year comes to an end, we're eager to take a look at which players put up the most impressive numbers.

Below you'll find the top pop times from our JUCO fall events, led by Lincoln Trail C Kaid Muth.

top pop times

Rank Name School HS Grad Year Pos Pop Time
1 Kaid Muth Lincoln Trail JC 2020 C 1.84-1.96
2 Chris Akers Southwestern Illinois JC 2021 C 1.87-1.94
3 Cole Christman John A. Logan JC 2019 C 1.88-1.99
4 Joseph Schmidt John A. Logan JC 2019 C 1.89-1.95
5 Noah Jouras Triton JC 2021 C 1.93-2.01
6 Julio Cajigas Harper JC 2019 OF 1.93-2.03
7 Ben Hartl Heartland CC 2021 C 1.93-2.07
8 Jayden Gibson Parkland College 2019 C 1.94-2.01
9 Matthew Cusumano Rock Valley JC 2019 C 1.94-2.15
10 Bryant Byrd Southeastern Illinois JC 2021 1B 1.95-1.98
11 Jackson Holcombe John A. Logan JC 2019 C 1.95-2.03
12 Krayton Morse Lincoln Trail JC 2021 C 1.95-2.04
13 Matthew Murphy Heartland CC 2020 C 1.96-2.03
14 Geon Yoon Lincoln Trail JC 2020 C 1.97-2.01
15 Mason Sawyer Heartland CC 2020 C 1.97-2.03
16 Quinton Dacus Kaskaskia JC 2021 C 1.97-2.06
17 Jacob Schroeder John A. Logan JC 2019 C 1.98-2.01
18 Ethan Toone Bryant & Stratton - Wisconsin 2019 C 2.00-2.04
19 Harmon Clifton Kaskaskia JC 2020 C 2.00-2.06
20 Ben Peltz McHenry County JC 2020 C 2.00-2.11

For an in-depth look at all the JUCO Scout Days we ran this fall, including a complete list of gathered statistics, click HERE.