Prep Baseball Report

Missouri Class of 2024 Rankings: Update

By: Diego Solares
Central Region Media Director, Scouting

As their final year of high school baseball is now underway, our staff is updating our in-state board for Missouri’s 2024 class. This group has transformed greatly over the past four years and it’s a talented bunch that’s firmly imprinted their mark on the landscape of high school baseball in our state.

Missouri’s baseball scene as a whole has been trending up over the past few years. In each of the past three MLB Drafts, a Missouri high school player has signed with a professional team for over a million dollars: C Carter Jensen (Park Hill, 2021; Kansas City Royals), RHP Karson Milbrandt (Liberty, 2022; Miami Marlins) and INF Nazzan Zanetello (CBC, 2023; Boston Red Sox). Aside from that trio, several other Missouri natives are making an impact at the next level, whether it be for their college programs or at any stage of professional baseball. 

With that being said, this 2024 class has the makings of a potent group that could produce similar to those that came before them. Simply put, the top of this board is loaded with talent that scouts, cross checkers, and scouting directors are going to want to see this spring. And, as you make your way down the list, you’ll find a multitude of names likely to help mold the collegiate program they’re signed to once they make it onto campus. 

Countless hours of hard work and dedication have made this group into what it is, and each and every one of these players will look to put the finishing touches on their high school careers with a positive end this spring. Continue reading below to gain more insight on the top of this class as a whole.


+ There’s a new No. 1 on our board in this update, as SS/OF Tytus Cissell (Francis Howell; Mizzou signee) vaults his way up to the top spot. Few in the country have generated more buzz this winter than the 6-foot-1, 180-pound switch-hitter, and Cissell came away from the Super 60 as one of the event’s biggest winners on the position player side. He’s a dynamic athlete with the tools and skill-set to positively impact the game in multiple ways each time he steps onto the field. As the heart of a Francis Howell team that’ll enter the year as state favorites once again, Cissell is certain to draw professional attention throughout the course of his senior year and is trending towards hearing his name called come July’s MLB Draft. 

From 2/6/24: “...if you were looking for a breakout candidate coming into the event, Cissell would have been a great choice. A fierce competitor who appeared determined to make an impact at the Super 60, the Missouri native did just that… and potentially more. Measuring in at just under 6-foot-1 and 180-pounds, the wiry-athletic, switch-hitter posted some of the loudest athletic measurables including a 6.53 60-yard dash time and an event-best 38.6 peak jump height along with some of the top rotational acceleration at the plate. Cissell was noticeably more comfortable (and dangerous) from the left side where the positive movement through impact provided for an explosive flat path that ignited in an instant before culminating in a loose, single-handed finish. Still showcasing some twitch from the right side, there was a bit more of an abrupt hitch of the hands with some fighting of the hips. However, it was hardly anemic, and the tough grading is likely more so of a product of just how good the left-handed stroke was. A bit less fluid on the infield with what appeared to be more average hands, Cissell showed off a strong arm (91 mph) across the diamond with a quicker first step. Though there is still a chance that he sticks on the dirt in some capacity, the idea that his athleticism provides a clean transition to an impact outfield role is also a strong possibility. The buzz-worthy performance in Chicago is likely to yield early Day 2 consideration heading into the spring, and with a quality showing in game play,there is a chance that Cissell catches even more helium.

Ty Cissell

+ INF Trey Snyder (Liberty North; Tennessee signee) and INF Drew Dickerson (Lee’s Summit West; Oklahoma signee) are at No. 2 and No. 3 overall in this update, respectively. Both from the Kansas City area, Snyder and Dickerson turned heads at the Super 60 in their own regard. Snyder has one of the more polished skill-sets on both sides of the ball in the entire Midwest, while Dickerson’s powerful right-handed swing and dynamic athleticism give him a fairly high ceiling on the diamond. 

Trey Snyder SS / Liberty North, MO / 2024

From 2/6/24: "...Snyder’s steady track record as a prep standout depicts that of a wiley veteran albeit one with youthful measurables and intriguing power potential. The state champion football standout measured in at 6-foot-1, 191-pounds with lean, defined strength throughout an impressively athletic frame. He posted a 6.92 60-yard dash time with one of the top peak jump heights of 35 inches. Steady across the board with a peak exit velocity of 97.5 mph (348 ft. distance max), the right-handed hitter put together a pair of mature rounds that saw quality hands separation providing an uphill path with noticeable length in the zone. Working effortlessly from gap-to-gap, the movement patterns of the swing have become more and more athletic throughout his high school residency, as the swing still maintains a tighter connection throughout. Amplifying his prospect status was crisp performance at shortstop with soft hands that transferred efficiently with accurate, stronger throws. Although his first step is more controlled, there is balance and fluidity to the movements, and while the frame and potential power profile depict more of a second or third baseman, his sure-handedness qualifies for at least the potential to stick at shortstop. Moreover, the makeup and moxie that Snyder carries himself with hold an impressive 'it-factor' that helps lift his floor above many of his peers with similar prospect profiles, and it seems wise to bet on his future success."

Drew Dickerson SS / Lees Summit West, MO / 2024

From 2/6/24: "...Dickerson’s raw athleticism showed up in all facets of the event, and was downright blinding at times given his Adonis-like, 6-foot-3, 205-pound frame. The long-limbed shortstop glided to a 6.56 60-yard dash time before utilizing that speed and quickness on the infield with a silky performance with the glove that allowed him to come off script in showcasing some exciting upside. However, it was his right-handed stroke that is sure to perplex some scouting departments as he took less consistent rounds while still showcasing some eye-opening outputs. Loading onto the back side with a higher leg hang, there was some steepness to the barrel as it worked slightly uphill through the zone with a tighter turn and late collapse. Though the timing varied along with the barrel accuracy, the ball jumped off at upwards of 105.5 mph exit velocities, and perhaps most notably, some of his mishits were triple-digit offerings. While this particular day did not see the swing in peak form, it is specifically for that reason that he finds himself on this list for the fact that the ceiling is set high with the unteachable tools and characteristics that the Missouri native carries."

+ Long known to us as a highly competitive arm on the mound that can flat-out pitch, LHP Cole Gibler (Blue Springs; Arkansas signee), appears to have taken a jump in stuff this winter. We saw the 6-foot-2, 180-pound southpaw up to 91 mph at the Area Code Games last August, but Gibler’s fastball keeps trending upward and is reportedly now comfortably sitting in the mid-90s. He’s always known how to get outs at a high rate, but sustaining an uptick in sheer stuff should unlock another gear for Gibler moving forward, whether it be at Baum Walker or in professional baseball. 

+ LHP Brady Kehlenbrink (Parkway South; LSU signee) and RHP Jack Nobe (St. Francis Borgia; Xavier signee) check in at No. 5 and No. 6 overall, respectively. The pairing made the trip to Chicago for the Prep Baseball Super 60 in early February and did well for themselves, leaving the event as names-to-know for those in attendance. Kehlenbrink ran his fastball up to 95.5 mph, sitting at 93-94 mph throughout, while Nobe worked around the zone with a real three-pitch mix, including a heater that bumped up to 93.5 mph on his firmest bullet. 

Brady Kehlenbrink LHP / Parkway South, MO / 2024

From 2/6/24: "...Kehlenbrink’s 6-foot-1, 210-pound frame looks like a linebacker with a barrel chest, thick legs, and defined lean strength throughout, and there is an imposing presence to his stature on the mound. Utilizing somewhat boring arm action, he overpowered the ball with quickness out front working strong down the mound, and posting a max fastball velocity of 95.5 mph. The pitch featured considerable late life with an average of 20 IVB and -6.8 HM coming from a higher, near over-the-top slot in exhibiting swing-and-miss characteristics. A more gradual, near 1/7 curveball was seen in this look (2579 rpm max) as the pitch backed up, but there is a chance for at least a future average offering (and previous reports would suggest even better). The changeup was similar, thrown semi-sporadically at 77-81 with a similar profile to the fastball. The sheer arm talent is rare from a prep southpaw, and there are some intriguing metrics, especially with the fastball (high slot sink) that are sure to be given value. Given his premium makeup, should the secondary click more throughout the spring, Kehlenbrink should have a chance to catch some helium."

Jack Nobe RHP / St Francis Borgia, MO / 2024

From 2/6/24: "...A revelation at the event, Nobe likely opened many eyes with his performance. Providing a true starter upside, the 6-foot-2, 177-pound right-hander delivered an excellent bullpen with a glimpse at a quality three-pitch mix. Free and easy out of the glove with a clean and continuous arm stroke, the fastball jumped out of the hand and at the plate with an average of 2401 rpm and a max velocity of 93.5 mph. He routinely found a high ¾ slot in pounding the zone with the heater, and spun a quality slider at 79-83 (2511 rpm max) that took short and late lateral movement. Although the changeup (83-85) was a clear third option, he threw enough strikes in this look to warrant future average upside. A two-way athlete at the collegiate level, the pitching profile and athleticism yield much to get excited about as the frame continues developing."

+ A fresh face in the top-10 for the first time in his high school career, slotting at No. 8 overall in this update: RHP Tristan Hunter (Forsyth; Kentucky signee). An old school type of arm with a hand-over-head type of delivery, Hunter’s power stuff from his unconventional operation makes him an even tougher at-bat for the everyday hitter. We saw him sit 92-94 mph in a ‘pen this winter, while also showing a low-90s power sinker, and he throws a true swing-and-miss breaking ball at 78-79 mph. 

Tristan Hunter

+ Rounding out the top-10 is INF Grant Hollister (Blue Springs South; Indiana signee), who may have the highest floor in the entire class. All he does each time we’ve seen him is perform in-game, doing so against quality competition throughout the high school and summer circuits. Hollister represented Missouri at the Super 60 this winter and took a highly polished round of BP, spraying line drives off the barrel to all fields from a clean, rhythmic right-handed swing. He’s as sure of a bet to hit at the next level as you’ll find in the state and should be a welcomed addition to an Indiana program that’s been on the rise over the last few years. 

Grant Hollister


These are all players we saw this winter that impressed at our events. 

Brady Picarelli OF / Eureka, MO / 2024

From 3/3/24: "...There’s no shortage of physicality with the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Picarelli, who’s assortment of tools and inherent strength rival that of anyone in the state. Picarelli ran one of the fastest 60 times of the event (6.72), a metric even more impressive given his physical stature. He was all over the barrel in BP, generating explosive bat speed from a fast left-handed swing engineered to elevate the baseball. Picarelli drove the day’s furthest batted ball (404 ft.) and hammered baseballs on repeat, averaging 96.9 mph per barrel with a max mark of 103.9 mph. After an explosive spring season for a 30+ win Eureka squad as a junior, Picarelli will look to put the finishing touches on his high school career with an even more impressive offensive season this year."

Ross Lawrence LHP / Rogersville, MO / 2024

From 3/3/24: "...has long been known to have highly advanced pitchability and polish on the mound from the left side. The 6-foot-2, 180-pound Missouri State signee filled up the zone with his entire arsenal, working his fastball on the corners at 85-86 mph. Lawrence threw two breaking balls with differing action; a 73-74 mph curveball with bend/depth to it and a harder, tighter, and laterally spun slider at 75-77 mph. He also turned over a 75-78 mph changeup with natural arm-side fade to it, giving him a true four-pitch mix to work with on the mound."

Casen Murphy LHP / Park Hills Central, MO / 2024

From 3/3/24: "...continues to show our staff high-end impact on both sides of the ball. A considerable talent on the football field for the Rebels, Murphy swung a fast and physical left-handed barrel that averaged 93.6 mph per batted ball event, peaking at 99 mph, with a max batted distance of 353 feet (267 ft. avg). He took the mound and pounded the strike zone at 90-92 mph with a high spin fastball (T2643 RPM, 2496 RPM avg). Murphy’s breaking ball flashed sharp spin and late action at 76-78 mph and his 80-83 mph changeup played with natural arm-side run throughout his ‘pen."

Nathan Negre SS / Berean Christian Academy, MO / 2024

From 1/23/24: "...boosted his prospect status after Sunday’s performance. Negre’s added more physicality and size to his frame, now listed at 5-foot-11, 183-pounds of muscle. The bat speed, balance, and ease of power he’s able to generate at the plate are noteworthy, doing so in this look with a wood bat in BP. He exerted minimal effort to generate upper-90s exit velocities consistently, reaching a peak barrel of 101.3 mph, though also producing 98.9 mph and 99 mph barrels as well. With that, Negre posted four 340+ foot batted balls to the middle of the field, including a 350 ft. peak. Negre bounced around the infield with a confident presence to him as well, showing confidence in his glove and footwork throughout his round. His arm played easy and accurately from multiple angles, peaking at 92 mph across the diamond."

Austin Marsh OF / Lee's Summit West, MO / 2024

From 2/19/24: "...was on the barrell throughout his round of BP, with a short, powerful swing that produced line drives through the middle of the field for a max exit velocity of 96.1 mph. His furthest ball traveled 354 ft - the highest mark of the day. From the outfield, Marsh showed off his arm strength, leading the event in outfield velocity as well with a 91 mph bullet. The 5-foot-10, 170-pound senior, showed no shortage of athleticism, running a 3.73 30 (top 2 at the event) and posting a event leading 38.2" vertical."