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Scout Day: Baseball U CT - Quick Hits

Dennis Healy and Trevor Brown
PBR New England Co-Directors of Scouting

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We would like to thank all who participated in The PBR New England 2021 Scout Day: Baseball U CT. This was a great opportunity for 2023-2025 prospects to be put on college recruiting boards. Many players impressed during their individual workouts at the showcase. Below we have the complete statistical results from the event as well as the top performers across various different categories.

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Complete Statistics

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Scout Day: Baseball U CT - Quick Hits

The Position Players

  • Owen Arias, C, Canterbury School, 2023- A right-handed hitting catcher, loose and whippy hands through the zone, creates backspin driving the baseball to the gaps with an exit of 99 mph. The arm was clocked at 71 mph with a pop time of 2.09-2.15.
  • Will Eustace, OF, Fairfield Warde, 2023- A right-handed hitting outfielder, big bodied frame advanced strong. The path is flat/level to up, drives it with serous authority to the gaps, exit velocity of 94 mph. From the outfield, arm is clean, long and loose, clocked at 82 mph, good looking athlete.
  • Paddy Galvin, SS, Fairfield Warde, 2023- A right-handed hitting middle infielder, has good flow, smooth actions, clean arm, clocked at 78 mph, life across the diamond. At the plate, life in the hands, line drives all over the yard, with an exit velocity of 92 mph.
  • Joel Strand, C, Greens Farms Academy, 2023- A monster right-handed hitting catcher, had the top exit velocity of 101, length and lift to the swing, hitting multiple balls out of the park. Athletic and quick behind the plate. 
  • Stephan Polizzi, C, Fairfield Prep, 2024- A right-handed hitting catcher, spread out approach, level path, hands inside the baseball, line drives all over the field. Behind the plate, had a pop time of 2.2, arm clocked at 73 mph, working with easy effort. 
  • Charlie LaFreniere, OF, Greens Farms Academy, 2023- A right-handed hitter, a taller stance, high hand set, level to up path, creating backspin, rolling hands late. Showing power to all fields, having an exit velocity of 96 mph. High level athlete.
  • Anastasios Panagiotids, INF, Norwalk, 2023- A right-handed hitter, short, quick, clean stroke, hands inside the baseball. Line drives to all parts of the field. Defensively, soft hands, clean feet, arm at 69 mph across diamond.

The Arms

  • Deron Koppel, RHP, Norwalk, 2023- A right-handed pitcher, long and loose arm action. The fastball was up to 81 mph, heavy action to the arm side. Breaking is late and tight, clocked at 71 mph. Delivery works with easy effort.
  • Paddy Galvin, RHP, Fairfield Warde, 2023- A right-handed pitcher, arm quick and loose, 3 pitch mixer, pounds zone, finishes in good fielding position. Fastball was up to 81 mph, with more in there. Plus feel and tempo to him.
  • Ryan Oshinskie, RHP. Fairfield Prep, 2023- A long and loose right-handed pitcher, arm is quick and fast, reaching 84 mph with minimal effort. Shows a breaking ball that will play, huge projection with this one.
  • Eric Osterhus, RHP, Westhill, 2023- A big bodied right-handed pitcher, working from strength, uses a power leg kick, is loaded on the backside and gets down the mound. Fastball is heavy at 84 mph, and showed a good looking breaking ball. Look for the velocity to climb.
  • Tristan Pearl, LHP, New Canaan, 2023- A long and lean left-handed pitcher, fastball up to 79 mph, with a ton more in there. Dropped the arm angle, more of a ¾ slot, showed a very good breaking ball at 67 mph.
  • Nevin Belanger, LHP, Greens Farms Academy, 2023- A left-handed pitcher, arm is quick and clean, working from a ¾ slot, fastball reaching 81 mph, with life and action to arm side. Both secondary pitches will work at the next level, showing an above average changeup. 
  • Zach Worzel, LHP, Foran, 2023- A left-handed pitcher, fastball up to 78 mph, the breaking is his top pitch, can really spin, a legit out pitch.

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