Prep Baseball Report

Central NJ Preseason ID: Top Performers

TJ Hunt
Director, PBR New Jersey

PBR NJ held its annual Central New Jersey Preseason ID at Iron Peak Sports on Feb. 20th, where we were able to get our first look at some top prospects from NJ ahead of their upcoming high school season. Keep reading for some detailed reports on some of the top performers.

CLICK HERE for a full list of the stats from the event. 

2024 Top Prospects

+ 2024 OF Nicholas Urioste (Delbarton HS) showed out with one of the top all around performances of the day. Possesses a real strong and athletic frame at 6-foot, 180-pounds. Swings with controlled aggression, advanced feel for the barrel. Ball jumps off the bat, easy gap-to-gap with true power potential. 7.08 second 60-yard dash, up to 85 MPH on throws from the outfield. Exit velos consistently in the 90’s, top of 97 MPH.


+ Another 2024 to highlight is C Matthew Johansen (Absegami HS). Showed consistency in his BP round, from an athletic and crouched stance. Pre-pitch rhythm in the hands, smooth weight transfer. Efficient lower half, hips clear through the zone. Top exit velo of 88.5 MPH. Impressive behind the dish, with pop times ranging from 2.02-2.15 seconds and up to 76 MPH on throws. Stays low and athletic through throws, quick feet with a compact arm action.


+ Keeping the theme of backstops, got a good look at 2024 C Zach Barbash (Lenape HS). Strong frame at 5-foot-10, 180-pounds. Slightly open stance with a toe-tap stride, stays on time. Hands get loaded into position, powerful through the zone in a compact approach. Exit velos up to 90 MPH. Top velocity on throws to bases was 75 MPH.


+ 2024 OF Ezra Sadowsky (Ridge HS) has an athletic and broad-shouldered frame at 6-foot-2, 190-pounds. Proportional strength, evident in his actions. Quick load, average leg kick. Strong through the zone with gap-to-gap pop. Strength and balance in the lower half. Exit velos up to 93.7 MPH. Controlled approach in the outfield, throws topped at 87 MPH.


+ Another physical build out of 2024 C Louis Friedrich (Delbarton HS), standing at 5-foot-11, 192-pounds. Balanced and even setup offensively. Explosive lower half from a firm base. Slight uphill path to the swing, consistently on the barrel. Top exit velo of 90.7 MPH. Strong defensive set, with pop times in the 2.05-2.17 second range, 74 MPH arm.


+ 2024 1B Chase Muchowski (Florence HS) is broad-shouldered at 6-foot-2, 240-pounds. Tall and relaxed setup, really coils into his back hip. Slow and gradual hand load directly back. Accelerates through contact, advanced bat speed. Extension through the zone. Strong exit velos throughout with a top at 96.8 MPH and max distance of 368 feet.


+ 2024 C Tyler Schoppe (Delsea HS), another physical catcher at 5-foot-10, 190-pounds. Hands are cocked back into position pre-pitch, minimal stride. No wasted movements at the dish. Compact approach, creates extension in the back leg. Some uphill tilt to the swing. Strong contact through the middle of the field. Top exit velo of 92.3 MPH.

+ The first arm is 2024 RHP Evan Doyle (Scotch Plains Fanwood HS). Physical and durable at 6-foot, 220-pounds. Efficient lower half in his delivery, rides the slope. Hands work in sync with his lower half. Maintains his stride direction with even shoulder tilt. Long, loose, clean arm action, high ¾ arm slot. FB sat in the 84-85 MPH range. Showed a high aptitude for spin, with his SL reaching spin rates of up to 2692 rpm. Late lateral sweep, his S/M pitch. Showed a CH at 76-78 MPH.


+ 2024 RHP Tommy Martin (Randolph HS) is long and extremely projectable at 6-foot-4, 190-pounds. Upright in his delivery, simple movements down the mound. Gradual start with an aggressive frontside. Slight uphill shoulder tilt. Gets over a strong brace leg. Arm action is long and clean, high ¾ slot. Creates some downhill plane on the FB, at 83-85 MPH. CB showed up/down action, at 68-70 MPH and spin rates up to 2322 rpm. Feel for a CH that displayed both run and sink at 75-77 MPH.


+ 2024 RHP George Starr (Delsea HS) has a lean and athletic frame at 5-foot-10, 165-pounds. Tempo to the delivery. Both halves work in sync. Athletic mover, is efficiently engaged. Shoulders stay even. Over-the-top arm slot adds some deception to the FB, which was 83-84 MPH. Downer action to the CB at 68-71 MPH. Mixed in a CH at 74-77 MPH.


+ The first two way to take a look at is 2024 RHP/OF Ryan Quinones (Scotch Plains Fanwood HS). Has an athletic build at 6-foot, 185-pounds. At the plate, has a wider and open stance with hands near the body. Hanging stride, creates rhythm in the upper-half. Hands stay inside the ball, quick through the zone. Top exit velo of 92 MPH. On the bump, showed intent down the mound with repeatable actions. Creates torque at footstrike. FB sat in the 86-87 MPH range, for strikes. CB at 73-75 MPH and CH at 75-76 MPH.


2025-2026 Top Prospects

+ One of the top athletes from event was 2025 OF Josue Holloway (Cherry Hill West), at 6-foot-1, 175-pounds. Wide and athletic stance, into his base. Explosive lower half paired with a smooth weight transfer, easily clears the hips through the zone. Pre-pitch rhythm in the hands, ability to turn the barrel. The ball jumps off the bat. Impressive set of measurables with a 7.00 second 60 yard dash, 93 MPH exit velo and 84 MPH arm from the OF.


+ 2025 RHP Josh Litsky (Cherokee HS) is strong and athletic at 5-foot-11, 180-pounds. Rhythm and tempo to his delivery on the bump. Hands stay up high until his descent down the mound. Strong frontside. Arm is long and loose with some whip. Located the FB, which was 83-84 MPH. CB sat 71-72 MPH, sharp downer tilt at times. CH at 74-77 MPH, occasional depth.


+ The first 2026 we highlight is SS/RHP Aiden Ogando (St. Joe’s Montvale). Lean athlete at 5-foot-11, 140-pounds. Tons of projection left in the frame. Upright and relaxed stance. Efficient lower half, explodes through the zone. Feel for the barrel, line drives to all fields. Top exit velo of 85.4 MPH. Strong showing in the infield, active lower half with multislot ability. On the bump, Ogando showed a gradual delivery with a shorter arm swing. Slightly closed at footstrike. FB sat 81-82.8 MPH. Showed a CB at 66-68 MPH, bigger 11/5 shape. CH at 72-73 MPH.


+ The last top performer we take a look at is 2026 INF/RHP Jake Frankel (West Windsor Plainsboro HS). Already with a strong and athletic frame, standing at 6-foot-1, 192-pounds. Upright stance, creates pre-pitch rhythm in the hands. Outward stride. Brings the back elbow to parallel while the barrel moves up. Extension out front, line drives throughout his round. Top exit velo of 93.1 MPH. Ran it up to 81.8 MPH on the mound. Compact delivery, starts preset into his back leg. Short arm action, repeatable actions. SL was 67-70 MPH, CH sat 68-71 MPH.