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Canes West - Las Vegas Scout Day: Quick Hits

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

The PBR Scout Days have become our way of kicking the year off with an event where players throughout Nevada are provided an opportunity to update their PBR Player Profiles with the base level information retrieved. From the PBR Scout Day, we are able to track players progess, highlight standout performances and begin the process of selecting the very best to represent Nevada at the 2022 Junior Future Games (2026/2027), the 2022 Future Games (2024/2025) or the 2022 West Coast Games (2023). Both high school programs and club organizations have an opportunity to provide their players with an exclusive Scout Day for players within their program. 

This year, we will be adding the use of our TrackMan System to provide each player with the most accurate and relevant information from both hitting and pitching standpoint. Along with the TrackMan, we have rebranded our Open Scout Days in both Northern and Southern Nevada as the Northern Nevada Preseason ID and the Southern Nevada Preseason ID. These new event will provide the same opportunity as the exclusive Scout Days hosted by the high schools and club programs, as they will play a vital role in the selection of Team Nevada for the Summer of 2022. 

During the Canes West - Las Vegas Scout Day, we retrieved an abundance of information on each player, including a Laser Timed 60, TrackMan Evaluated Batting Practice Session, Catcher Evaluation, Outfield Evaluation, Infield Evaluation and TrackMan Analyzed Pitcher Bullpens, that now lives in each players PBR Player Profile. The metrics retrieved help provide in-depth information on each player, but does not paint the entire picture of what they are capable of on the field. For younger players, this information collected is a way to assess your progress you have made in recent months, providing context for accurate projection in the years to come. 

Today, we will be highlighting some of our first impressions from the event with our Quick Hits  

To view the full event stats click HERE.

Canes West - Las Vegas: Quick Hits

+ Kaiden Smaka - 2022 | Palo Verde | Uncommitted - The Uncommitted two-way had himself a day on both sides of the ball, earning his spot at or near the top of every statistical category that applied to him. He got his day started off with a 6.60 Laser Timed 60, earning him the second fastest time of the day, rolling straight into a batting practice session that proved to be one of the best of the day with seven 94+ mph TrackMan Exit Velocities. Finally, he posted an Outfield Velocity of 89 mph, earning him a share at the top of the leaderboard. The athleticism and improved physical strength he now possesses has allowed him to continue taking his game to the next level that projects to translate well to the next level. His day continued on the mound where he showed an improved arsenal of pitches that he commanded well in the zone with is fastball topping out at 83.3, but there could be more their down the road. The progress made in his secondary arsenal is what stood out during his bullpen with a potential plus changeup that flashes heaviness and depth in to his arm side paired with a breaking ball that showed some late bite when he got it out front. Smaka will play huge role on both sides of the ball for Palo Verde this Spring and we expect him to be a player that could be coming off the board in the near future.


+ Nicolo Guevara - 2022 | Faith Lutheran | Uncommitted - The 6-foot-3, 195 pound right hander showcase an improved delivery that had his polish and repeatability, allowing him to command each of his three pitches. His fastball continues to climb, running it up to 86.1 mph via TrackMan with seemingly much more in the tank as continues to incorporate his lower half more. His high 3/4 slot helps him create downhill action on both his fastball and changeup, with 11/5 shape on his breaking ball at he showed an ability to spot up, but still has room to improve the tightness of the pitch with his current spin rate mirroring his fastball spin. Guevara has all the physical features you want in a potential arm with the attractive looseness to go with low/medium effort in his delivery and seems to only be scratching the surface of what could come down the road.


+ Tyler Tiedeman - 2023 | Faith Lutheran | Uncommitted - Tiedeman came into the Canes West - Las Vegas Scout Day after a huge summer that saw him drum up a ton of interest and he did not disappoint. His line drive filled round of batting practice where he lived in the middle of the yard, proving his ability to find the barrel with authority. His offensive performance caught the attention of the the PBR Staff, but his clean, fluid defensive actions projects that he can stay up the middle at the next level, especially with his foot speed and arm strength continuing to trend in the right direction.


+ Caden Richards - 2023 | Faith Lutheran | Uncommitted - The Under the Radar middle infielder games into the event as a "player to keep an eye on" and went on put together one of the top overall performances at the Canes West - Las Vegas Scout Day. The slick fielding shortstop showed off his advanced defensive actions, then topped out at 83 mph across the diamond, earning him a share of the events Top Infield Velocity. The junior has made considerable strides over the past year, drumming up interest from a number of schools and rightfully so. After his exceptional Summer with the Canes and a standout performance at last weekend's Scout Day, we expect Richards to have his breakout Spring for the Crusaders that is primed for a deep playoff run.


+ Alec Vincent - 2022 | Palo Verde | Williston State Commit - The recent Williston State commit has shown significant progress over the past year and his performance at the Canes West - Las Vegas Scout Day was no different. He added physical strength has translated to a handful of personal bests in his metrics gathered at last weekend's event. He got his day started with a 7.09 Laser Timed 60, showcasing the work he has put in, not only in the strength department, but a focus on his quickness as well. He then put on a loud TrackMan analyzed batting practice session where he was one of two prospects to post 100+ Exit Velocities, posting seven 96+ mph Exit Velocities in total. Though he projects to move on as a catcher, he did flash some ability to hold down a corner outfield spot if needed where he went on to earn a share of the event's Top Outfield Velocity of 89 mph. 


+ Kyle Williamson - 2022 | West Career & Technical Academy | Yakima Valley College Commit - Williamson may have seen his stock rise the most after his performance at the Canes West - Las Vegas Scout Day. The Uncommitted prospect has added obvious size to his 5-foot-10 frame with additional broadness in the shoulders and back that came into play throughout his day. He plays with bounce and showed it early with 6.58 Laser Timed 60, the fastest of the day, just ahead of his fellow Panther, Kaiden Smaka (6.60). His day was not over though, after earning the Top 60 Time, he posted the Scout Day's Top TrackMan Exit Velocity at 100.7 mph, his biggest improvement among all of his metrics that could be attributed to his added strength. This could be a prospect who makes a huge jump heading into the Spring and we will be there to cover his progress along the way.


+ Tanner Johns - 2025 | Palo Verde | Uncommitted - The freshman standout has all the makings of a legitimate prospect that stacks up among the top players in Nevada's 2025 Class, which has been considered one of the deepest classes in recent years. The lefty-lefty already possesses a stout, proportionate frame at 6-foot-1, 185 pounds and he may not be done growing yet either. The numbers he posted show his youthfulness, but the actions are all there on both sides off the ball with his power at the plate, foot speed and arm strength all expected to make significant jumps over the next few years making him a very intriguing player to know. Johns will be a one to watch with the initial 2025 PBR Player Rankings coming out shortly after the conclusion of the the 2022 Scout Day Season in February.



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