Fall Underclass: Outfield Analysis

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

The PBR Nevada Fall Underclass Showcase was an event featuring 2023-2024 players with aspirations of playing at the next level. The event consisted of a Pro-Style Workout that included a Laser Timed 60 Yard Dash, Batting Practice tracked by Blast Motion and Trackman, Catcher Evaluations, Outfield Evaluations, Infield Evaluations and concluded with TrackMan analyzed Pitcher Bullpens. The event was designed highlighted each players abilities using the most advanced technology in the game in Blast Motion and Trackman. Following a Prep Baseball Report event, players received unrivaled access to their advanced ball-tracking and swing metrics through the TrackMan and Blast Connect apps as well as the players metrics snapshot uploaded directly to their PBR Player Profiles.

We continue the Fall Underclass Analysis with the Outfield Analysis highlighted by Fernley product, Jake Cumming, throwing an event best 86 mph followed by a trio of Northern Nevada prospects, Christian Obos, Same Kane and Michael Rubino. 


Jake Cumming RHP / OF / Fernley, NV / 2023

Body: 6-foot-3, 185 pounds. Long, lean build with some wiry strength. High waisted frame that projects to add significant size and strength. Has added physicality since February where his numbers have steadily improved since. 
Defense: OF. Currently a corner outfielder type. Athletic actions through the ball. Efficient exchange. Could make the transition to centerfield as his 60 time continues to improve.
Arm: RH. 86 mph. Loose arm with carry. 
Hit: RH. Tall, slightly open set up. Toe tap load with an exaggerated stride. Weight transfers to from side into a rotational type swing. Level to uphill bat path through the zone. Lives mostly to the pull side. Has improved Exit Velocity by 10 mph since Februrary. 
Power: 91 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 6.97 Laser Timed 60 

Christian Obos RHP / OF / Spanish Springs, NV / 2023

Body: 6-foot-4, 180 pounds. Lean build on large frame. Long limbs. Some present wiry strength. Has plenty of room to add size and strength. 
Defense: OF. Corner OF type. Clean, confident actions through the ball. Feet work well through the ball. Exchanges chest high. Simple catch and throw.
Arm: RH. 80 mph. Loose, quick arm. 
Hit: RHH. Tall, slightly opened set up. Subtle hand rhythm. Rotational, uphill type swing. Produced a fly ball filled round. Pull side power potential.
Power: 91 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.52 Laser Timed 60 

Sam Kane SS / RHP / Bishop Manogue, NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-11, 160 pounds. Lean, athletic build with present wiry strength. Some present twitch. Has room to add size and strength which should amplify each part of his game.
Defense: 1B/SS. Athleticism off the bag. Feet work well through the ball. Fluid fielding actions. Feel for the bag with some flexibility in his stretch. Some range to both sides. OF. Aggressive through the ball. Feet work well to get around the ball/on line to his target. Efficient chest high exchange. Corner OF with type. 
Arm: RH. Short, quick arm action. High ¾. IF – 84 mph. OF – 79 mph.
Hit: RHH. Wide, squared set up. Swaying rhythm in his pre pitch. Efficient into the zone with lift through extension. Stays balanced throughout. Present power to the mid-pull side. Produced one of the top rounds of the day.
Power: 96 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.29 Laser Timed 60

Michael Rubino OF / RHP / Bishop Manogue Catholic, NV / 2024

Body: 5-foot-8, 150 pounds. Young, developing build. Some broadness in his shoulders. Projects to add significant strength and size to his frame.
Defense: OF. Current corner outfield type. Aggressive routes through the ball. Feet work to get him on line. Clean transfer through the mid section. Projectable athlete that should be able to hold down the CF position with physical development.
Arm: RH. 78 mph. Accurate with some carry.
Hit: RHH. Athletic, squared set up. Toe tap load with some arm bar action. Weight transfers to front side. Swings tends to get rotational. Stay level throughout. High two handed finish.
Power: 82 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.32 Laser Timed 60 

Trevor LaPres OF / RHP / Lake Mead Christian, NV / 2023

Body: 6-foot-2, 155 pounds. Long, lean build. High waisted with some wiry strength. Has the frame to add substantial strength and size.
Defense: OF. Corner OF type. Smooth through the ball with glove tap during his exchange. Athletic movements to get around the ball and on line with his target. As speed continues to progress, could eventually transition to premium position in CF.
Arm: RH. 75 mph. On target. 
Hit: RHH. Tall, narrow set up. Sinks into his load with a high, knee to knee leg kick. Some arm bar action in his separation. Bat gets into the zone early with some lift through extension. Line drive type with some present pull side power. Expect power to parallel his physical development.
Power: 95 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.13 Laser Timed 60 

Ty Phillips OF / LHP / Coronado , NV / 2023

Body: 5-foot-8, 155 pounds. Medium, developing build. Some present, proportionate strength. Room to add strength and size.
Defense: OF. Corner outfield type. Aggressive route to and through the ball. Receives the ball with two hands. Mid-section exchange. Feet work well to get him on line with his target.
Arm: LH. 79 mph. Long, loose arm. 
Hit: LHH. Squared, athletic set up. Toe tap load with arm bar separation. Bat enters the zone early. Rotational type swing with some lift. Finishes balanced.
Power: 81 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 7.34 Laser Timed 60

Sebastian Cadena Jr. OF / Damonte Ranch , NV / 2023

Body: 6-foot-0, 160 pounds. Long, lean build with some present wiry strength. Has plenty of room to add size and strength.  
Defense: OF. Developing outfield actions. Relies on his athleticism coming through the ball. Extended exchange from glove to hand. 
Arm: RH. ¾ arm slot. Slinger type. 
Hit: RHH. Athletic, tall set up. Exaggerated load with quick pick up/put down leg kick. Compact swing path with minimal extension. 
Power: 68 mph Exit Velocity via TrackMan
Run: 8.23 Laser Timed 60