Prep Baseball Report

Northern Nevada Underclass Trials - Quick Hits

Buddy Gouldsmith
Nevada Scouting Director


OF Sean Pauly (Galena), 6-foot-3 205, Pauly is athletically built with present strength. Profiles to be a physical corner outfielder. He ran a 7.0 60-yard time on a damp track and is a better runner underway. He has reliable outfield actions with serviceable arm strength at all three outfield positions. He throws from a ¾ to overhand slot with accuracy. He has room to grow both as a defender and offender. At the plate, Pauly has strength in a flat swing with consistent hard contact and power potential. With his feel for the barrel and raw athleticism, Pauly could profile as a middle of the order bat when all comes to fruition.


RHP, Sam Smith (Reno), 6-foot-5 190, Smith has a large frame with room for weight and strength gains. He throws from a ¾ slot with a loose, quick arm. He displayed occasional sink with his fastball that ranged 85-87. He shows feel for his breaking 67-69 as well as his changeup 72-74.  Both off-speed have solid definition with minimal change in arm speed. He maintains an upright delivery with length left in his stride. Smith looks the part and has the stuff to go with it. Future development could make him special with ceiling as a top of the rotation type guy at the next level.

INF/C, Andrew Guidara (Damonte Ranch), 6-foot-175, Guidara is athletically built with room for growth. He has reliable infield actions and speed that would lend to a corner or an offensive second baseman. At the plate, he has an aggressive swing with natural loft and a solid combination of strength and bat speed. It is likely that his bat will carry him and it is easy to see the power potential. As he grows the left-handed bat accompanied by foot speed and arm strength cold very well land him behind the dish at the next level.

UT, Carson Smith (Damonte Ranch), 6-foot 195, Smith is strong, sturdy bodied player with tremendous utility. He has reliable actions in the outfield as well as the infield and fills up the strike zone on the mound. However, his future lies behind the plate. He maintains the durability as well as actions for the position. With steady time at the catching position, footwork and receiving skills will polish.  At the plate, he maintains balance throughout his swing with strength and bat speed, making consistent loud contact. He posted an event best 95 mph exit velocity. He moves well for a big guy with some first step quickness, an asset to the position.

OF, Amare Canner (Damonte Ranch), 6-foot 160, Canner has room for weight and strength gains. He has capable outfield skills and the athleticism to play there at the present level but may profile better on the mound down the road. He has a quick arm throwing from a high ¾ slot. He establishes consistent down plane with his fastball.  He maintains his arms speed on his curveball that has solid shape.  He showed feel for a changeup and with physical development should see the velocity improvement to be a 3-pitch mix type guy at the next level. 

INF/RHP, Matthew Sigafoos (Damonte Ranch), 6-foot 155, Sigafoos is a projectable right-hander with the athleticism to be a two-way player at the present level.  His future is likely on the mound. Although present velocity would not indicate, Sigafoos has a tendency to rely heavily on a good breaking ball which may stunt present velocity development. He has solid area control with his fastball throwing from a high ¾ slot. He displayed solid feel for his breaking ball with consistent depth. He shows an intriguing athleticism on the mound with potential as a 3-pitch mix type guy. PBR Nevada will look forward to his maturation.


INF, Aiden Hall (Spanish Springs), 6-foot-3 195, Hall is physical with present strength. His infield actions accompanied by size and range lend better to first base where his bat can carry him. He maintains a strength over bat speed approach, lending to a middle of the order high school bat with power potential. Refining his defensive skills will be imperative to his future down the line, but his bat will have a chance to carry him.


INF/RHP, Jackson Sanford, 5-foot-6 115, Sanford is a developing player with an intriguing youthfulness to his game. He is twitchy with wiry strength and a substance over swagger skill set that shows arm strength, bat speed and control of his body. He makes all the necessary plays in spite of less than perfect rhythm and footwork. Equally impressive was his strike zone feel off the mound with multiple pitches. Hard to tell exactly what his future holds, but steady skill development accompanied by his tools could provide him the ability to play just about anywhere.