Prep Baseball Report

Program Spotlight: The Meadows

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

This year, in addition to the Scout Day Showcases, we are also going to spotlighting programs as a whole with an interview with each participating teams head coach providing insight into their expectations for Spring 2021, key players, incoming players, players expected to have breakout seasons, how they have navigated the past year and much more. The Meadows has planted their flag among the top programs in Southern Nevada as they have attracted some exciting prospects while Coach Concepcion builds the program from the ground up.


The meadows SPOTLIGHT
Head Coach, Andy Concepcion

What are your expectations for your program for the 2021 Spring Season?

Our 2021 goal was to bring home a state championship but with the current Pandemic situation we will not have the opportunity this year. We will continue to keep our focus on developing our student athletes.

Who are the top returning players you have coming back this Summer? Expectations of those players?

LJ Mercurius (2023), Mick Corrigan(2021), Aidan Holbrook (2021), Sean Gosse (2023). Our expectations for them is to continue to work hard both in the classroom and on the diamond.

Who on your roster do you expect to have a breakout season in 2021 Summer? 

LJ Mercurius - 2023
Aidan Holbrook - 2021
Sean Gosse - 2023
Derek Bain - 2024
Jordan Almendarez - 2024
Gage Rinetti - 2024
Tanner Woods - 2024
Aidan Otano - 2024

How does your program differentiate from others? What does your program do in the Summer and Fall Seasons? 

We offer a tremendous college-preparatory curriculum that provides our student athletes for success. With the addition of one of the best Human Performance Coaches in the country in Charles Sams. Coach Charles is here full time and works closely developing our student athletes for success. Most of our student athletes here play multiple sports so our summer and fall programs are starting to be developed.

How are you preparing for the Spring?

We continue to prepare for the Spring season by getting bigger, stronger and faster in the weight room directed by Coach Charles Sams.

What has your program done to combat the restricted ability to play baseball over the past year? 

With School athletics shutdown most of our top players are staying active by playing with their travel / club teams. While the others continue to focus on getting better every day.

Do you have any college commits within the program?

 We currently don’t have any Athletic college commitments at this time. Soon to change.

Besides a winning tournaments, what do you try to accomplish within your program every year?

 Every year we focus on player development with the goal of bringing home a State Championship.


PBR Nevada Director of Scouting, Brett Harrison

The Meadows program has steadily become a destination for some of the top players in Southern Nevada behind the efforts of Head Coach, Andy Concepcion. The collection of talent they have assemble for this Spring is heavy in the freshman and sophomore classes, highlighted by #2 ranked 2023 and Future Games standout, Leighton "LJ" Mercurius, and #5 ranked 2024, Derek Bain. Along with the high expectation on the field, The Meadows offers an elite level college-preparatory on the academic side, ensuring that the athletes that come out of this program are college ready both in the class room and on the field. The expectations for The Meadows program is to be among the top baseball programs in Nevada and they are well on there way with the players are attracting, academics they are offering and facilities they are continuing to improve to provide every resource for their players to excel. Keep an eye on this program over the next couple years as they are building something special on the north-west side of town.