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Top Performers of 2019: Outfield Velocity

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

As we continue the break down of the Top Performers of 2019, this group of high level outfield arms features seven athletes committed to play at the next level, highlighted by USC commit Carson Wells who has drawn national buzz for the upcoming MLB Draft in June and one of the most "tooled up" athletes to come out of Nevada in recent years, TCU commit Tommy Dilandri. But, the Top Outfield Velocity of 2019 belongs to uncommitted 2021 OF/RHP Callan Hermansen, son of Chad Hermansen who was drafted 10th overall in 1995 out of Green Valley, who threw an easy 91 mph from right field. '21 Jace Avina (Spanish Springs) and '20 Max Leuga (Green Valley) are the other two remaining prospects in the group, both throwing 87 mph on line with seemingly more in the tank as they continue to develop fluidity through the ball. With Scout Day Season approaching, these prospects will have an opportunity to update their numbers to show off the progression they have made not just in arm strength, but in all aspects of their game. 

Callan Hermansen OF / RHP / Green Valley, NV / 2021

Outfield Velocity - 91

Uncommitted 6-foot-3 180. Hermansen has a projectable body with plenty of room for weight and strength gains. He is a better underway runner and posted a 6.83 60-yard dash. He has a manageable length to his swing, recording an exit velo of 88 MPHHe had two very good rounds of batting practice, where he sprayed the ball over the field. He had a gap-to-gap approach, flashing power while making consistent loud contact. Defensively, his positional velocity was an event best 91 MPH. He had a very clean round during the skill evaluation with on-target throws and solid outfield mechanics. He stayed behind the ball and played through it often. Still developing physically, he has to work to stay in defensive rhythm but as his growth stabilizes, so will his game. Look for him to be a big time player.

Thomas DiLandri OF / RHP / Home School, NV / 2021

Outfield Velocity - 90

TCU Commit 6-foot-3 195. Simply put, DiLandri is “tooled up”. He has present strength in an athletic build that is well proportioned. He consistently runs well, but due to some tenderness sat out the 60-yard dash this time around. He has electric bat speed, posting an event best 101 MPH exit velocity off the tee. His first swing in BP drove the ball beyond the fence. At times there is so much strength and bat speed, he can be a little short through the zone, but contact is loud to the middle and pull side of the field consistently. Defensively, DiLandri has a strong arm with a positional velocity of 89. He has a longer exchange with some violence to his throwing action but his arm strength makes up for any loss of time in transition. His tools provide the ability to profile at all three outfield spots and be a middle of the order type bat at the next level.

Diego Trujillo 2B / OF / Laughlin , NV / 2020

Outfield Velocity - 88

College of Southern Nevada commit. 6-foot-0, 160-pound frame, lean, athletic build, room to add strength and size. Trujillo, a two-sport athlete, is a high ceiling prospect from small school prospect with raw above average tools starting with a 6.9 60 yard dash. Athletic set up, aggressive first step, fluid actions, midsection exchange. Over the top arm slot, loose, short arm cycle and good carry; event high 88 mph OF velo. At the plate, from the left side, starts in an athletic, open stance, high back elbow. Slight arm bar, toe tap load, small leg kick, on plane bat path, natural lift, excellent barrel awareness. Sprays the ball to all fields, flashes of pop to the pull side; 80 mph exit velo.  

Jace Avina OF / SS / Spanish Springs , NV / 2021

Outfield Velocity - 87

6-foot-1, 170-pound frame, lean, athletic build, long limbs, wiry strong. Avina improved on his 60-time lowing it from 7.03 to 6.89 as well as improving his outfield velo from 86 to 87 mph. Defensively, quick first step, aggressive routes, quick exchange at midsection. Loose, quick arm action, high ¾ slot, accurate and carry; 87 mph OF velocity. At the plate, starts in an athletic, narrow stance. Slight bat wrap load, simple, short stride. Efficient, level bat path, high one-handed finish, good extension. Gap to gap approach drives ball to the big part of the yard, flashes of pop to the pull side; 82 mph exit velocity. A young prospect to keep an eye out for as he continues to progress in his all-around game. Infield, starts in a wide, athletic set up, active feet, showed comfort fielding to both side, quick exchange, ability to throw from multiple arm angles, accurate with carry; 80 mph IF velo. At the plate, starts in an athletic, narrow stance. Slight bat wrap load, simple, short stride. Efficient, level bat path, high one-handed finish, good extension. Gap to gap approach drives ball to the big part of the yard, flashes of pop to the pull side; 82 mph exit velocity. A young prospect to keep an eye out for as he continues to progress in his all-around game.

Maxwell Leuga OF / C / Green Valley, NV / 2020

Outfield Velocity - 87

6-foot-0, 190-pound frame, physical athlete, develop, athletic build, tapered with strong lower half, proportionate strength with strong forearms and hands. High ceiling prospect with above average tools, evident by his 6.85 60, had the best overall showing at the event. Offensively, starts in a spread, athletic stance, hands shoulder high with easy rhythm, subtle rhythm in legs. Early load, low hovering leg kick. Above average bat speed, efficient hand path, on plane swing with natural lift, quick hip action, one handed high extension. Gap to gap approach, drive the ball with authority, left the yard twice; 93 mph exit velocity. Defensively, polished mechanics through the ball, chest high exchange, strides on-line. Quick, loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot, accuracy and carry; 87 mph OF velocity. 

Irvin Weems III OF / Durango, NV / 2021

Outfield Velocity - 87

San Diego State commit

No Player Report - GBG Vegas Scout Day

Grayson Grinsell OF / LHP / Reno, NV / 2022

Outfield Velocity - 86

Oregon commit. wiry, 5-foot-10, 140. Grinsell has an athletic build. This projectable two way player is as loose and natural as they come.  On the mound, his delivery is smooth and easy from the windup, gathering over the rubber and releasing from a ¾ slot. His fastball has some straight fade on his arms side.  His curveball is lite but shape and spin are there.  Like the fastball, his changeup has fade life to his arm side.  From the stretch, he rushes a bit with the use of a slide step which hinders velocity, but the zone feel remains good.  In the field, Grinsell possesses good rhythm with a long loose release and solid carry.  He plays the arm side run from the outfield well.  Size and strength gains might potentially shift him to corner outfield, but his quickness makes a stay in CF prominent. Grinsell stands in at the plate with an open stance, tapping back to straight knee to knee and then striding. He shows heavy hand load, tipping the barrel behind his head, providing major separation.   He hits against a firm front side with some natural loft. His barrel is free and easy with whip at the end. He makes consistent hard contact and flashes raw power. He is a projectable 5 tool type player.

Santino Panaro OF / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2021

Outfield Velocity - 85

UNLV commit, 5-foot-9, 160-pound frame, tapered, athletic build, added 10 pounds since the State Games in August. An extremely athletic prospect uses his speed and quickness to enhance every part of his game. Defensively, his elite athleticism shines, above average first step, aggressively routes to cut ball off. Short, quick arm cycle from the left side, high ¾ slot with carry, accuracy; 81 mph OF velo. At the plate, starts with narrow, open stance, a high, slow hand rhythm, efficient path to the ball with advanced barrel awareness, sprays the ball to all fields, remains balanced throughout swing, flashes of power to the pull side; 88 mph exit velo. 

Carson Wells OF / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2020

Outfield Velocity - 85

Southern California commit. Athletic, 6-foot-1, 185, Wells is a projectable outfielder with present strength. Really impressed with this young man’s game.  Weight and strength gains have stabilized movements providing body control and solid transition to throw. He aggressively looks to play short hop outfield ground balls, carrying him into his online throws.  There is a noticeably arm strength that could be enhanced by stepping right over left in throwing footwork, but the step behind is his natural movement. As a hitter, he has good, balance approach with easy, fluid rhythm to accompany strength and bat speed.  He has a naturally lofted swing, matching plane with pitch and providing an ability to drive the ball regularly.  His 6.47 60-speed provide the ability to stay in centerfield, one can expect to hear a lot about this young man for the next few springs and may be many to come. 

Samuel Simon OF / RHP / Centennial , NV / 2021

Outfield Velocity - 84

UNLV commit. 6-foot-3 195. Simon is physical in a large frame with present strength. He is not fleet of foot but profiles as a corner outfield, middle of the order type bat. Offensively, he has projectable power in a mostly pull side approach with a slightly uphill swing path. He recorded the second highest exit velocity of the event at 96 MPH off the tee revealing good strength and bat speed. He made loud contact during his batting practice rounds and carried it into game with multiple quality at bats.  He kept his barrel in the zone well. Defensively, he has good arm strength with solid online carry, prototypical of a future rightfielder. He runs better underway and caught what he got to, but his lack of footspeed could land him at first base down the line if he continues to hit, for he may profile better on the mound at the next level. 

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