Prep Baseball Report

Top Performers of 2019: Pitcher Velocity

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

With 2019 winding down, we take a look at the Top Performers in the state from Prep Baseball Report Nevada events starting with the Top Velocity. The Top Velocity list is littered with uncommitted prospects who sit in the mid to upper 80's, seven out of the top ten to be exact, with actions that project to add more velo as they continue to add strength and size. Each of the primary pitchers also showed feel for secondary pitches highlighted by Uncommitted 2020 Jasper Nelson with his sharp 11/5 curveball that occasionally flashed back up action inside to right-handed hitters and Southern Idaho commit Andrew Baughn who was able to throw each of his three secondary pitches for strikes with ease. Noah Glaser, Reed Schafer and Nolan Patterson are a few of the top remaining left-handed pitchers in the state, all sit mid 80's and will all have an opportunity to update their PBR Profiles at each of their high school's Scout Days. This is a group of prospects that you will want to keep tabs on heading into the 2020 high school season.

Thomas DiLandri OF / RHP / Home School, NV / 2021

Max Fastball - 91 MPH

DiLandri is a 2-way prospect going into his junior year. The TCU commit is physically gifted with an athletic body that definitely looks the part on the ball field. On the mound, Thomas displayed good mound awareness with a smooth, clean delivery. Staying back over the rubber during leg lift, Thomas gathers and accelerates down the mound into foot plant, with good shoulder/hip separation. Arm action is clean with plenty of arm strength, throwing from a 3/4 slot, Thomas FB clocked in 88-90 touching 91. Thomas did not throw any breaking pitches but did use his CH 79-81, as his off speed out. Thomas will be one to follow in the 2021 class of prospects.

Jasper Nelson RHP / Palo Verde, NV / 2020

Max Fastball - 89 MPH

6-foot-2, 195-pound frame. Lean, athletic build, long limbs, room to add strength and size. Nelson is a high ceiling prospect who threw an excellent bullpen, showing above average feel with each of his three pitches. Starts on the far-left side of the rubber, narrow, hybrid set up. Quick, repeated delivery, some effort, tall-tilt type, high peaking leg kick, on-line stride, square landing, athletic finish. Long, loose arm action, ¾ arm slot. Works quickly. Uses a three pitch mix: FB, CB, CH. Fastball, sat 87-89 mph, above average life, jumps out of his hand, arm side run, lives in the zone. Curveball, 71-73 mph, 11/5 shape, sharp action, occasional back up action, located down in the zone. Changeup, 77-79 mph, circle change grip, slightly slows body, arm side fade and sink, locates well, above average feel. 

Samuel Simon OF / RHP / Centennial , NV / 2021

Max Fastball - 88 MPH

UNLV commit Simon is a potential 2 way player but on the mound really passes the eye test as a prospect. Simon has a great build having a high waist and long levers with room to put on strength, all this adding up to a power pitcher. His delivery was fluid and moved well for size. Samuel showcased a FB ranging 86-88 with good carrying life in the zone. Samuel did not throw any change ups but did show a serviceable CB, 68-70. Samuel is currently uncommitted but that might not be for long as he will be on plenty of short list this fall and/or spring.

Bryton Locks RHP / OF / Spring Valley, NV / 2020

Max Fastball - 88 MPH

Southern Nevada Scout Day - No Player Report



Andrew Baughn RHP / Rancho , NV / 2020

Max Fastball - 88 MPH

College of Southern Idaho commit, 6-foot-2, 190-pound frame, develops, athletic, strong build, proportionate strength. Starts on far left side of rubber, slight hybrid start, repeated, smooth, coiled, delivery, tall-tilt type. Swinging, high leg kick, on-line stride, heavy, square foot landing, high effort, works quickly. Long, loose arm action, high ¾ arm slot. Uses a four pitch mix: FB, CH, CB, SL. Fastball sat 84-88 mph, downhill action, arm side fade and sink, lives in the zone, locates well. Changeup, 78-80 mph, circle change grip, heavy, sink and fade, similar arm action to fastball, locates well. Curveball, 72-75 mph, 12/6 shape, spots up, occasional back up action, slightly slows up delivery. Slider, 77-78 mph, 11/5 shape, late action, down in the zone, same arm speed as fastball.

Sam Smith RHP / 1B / Reno, NV / 2021

Max Fastball - 87 MPH

Projectable, 6-foot-5 195, 6-foot-5 190, Smith has a large frame with room for weight and strength gains. He throws from a ¾ slot with a loose, quick arm. He displayed occasional sink with his fastball that ranged 85-87. He shows feel for his breaking 67-69 as well as his changeup 72-74.  Both off-speed have solid definition with minimal change in arm speed. He maintains an upright delivery with length left in his stride. Smith looks the part and has the stuff to go with it. Future development could make him special with ceiling as a top of the rotation type guy at the next level.

Noah Glaser LHP / 1B / Bishop Gorman, NV / 2020

Max Fastball - 86 MPH

5-foot-11, 185-pound left-handed pitcher, stocky, athletic build and a strong lower half. One of the top remaining arms in the ‘20 class. Polished, repeated mechanics, drop and drive type, rhythmic delivery, soft landing with stride on-line. Clean, loose arm action from a high ¾ slot, repeated on all pitches. Feel for each of his three pitches. Fastball, sat 85-86, arm side action, jumps out of his hand, lives in the zone. Changeup, 72-76, arm side fade and sink, eventually above average action, his go to pitch. Curveball, 67-69, 11/5 shape, sharp downward action, slightly curls arm, stays down in the zone.

Nolan Patterson LHP / 1B / Coronado, NV / 2020

Max Fastball - 85 MPH

The 6-foot-2 175 Patterson has some upside. With a feel for 3 pitches and a fastball that topped out at 85, he is positioned for some velocity jumps with delivery adjustments.  He throws from a ¾ slot with solid zone feel and pitch definition. Patterson pitches with a slight cross to an upright delivery that may provide more velocity with adjustment. Patterson featured a curveball 69-70 and changeup 73-75. He has natural run on his fastball as well as his changeup.

Reed Schaefer LHP / 1B / Desert Oasis, NV / 2021

Max Fastball - 85 MPH

Reed has a definite projectable body with a high waist and long levers that will put him in the prospect category for 2021 being that he is left-handed. Reed showcased 3 pitches, FB, CB, CH, all showing plus at times. Reed did struggle with strike zone consistency and will have to improve his control if he wants to standout in the 2021 class. Reed showed athleticism as he moved well through his delivery displaying solid mechanics that forecast him to be a potential left-handed power pitcher. He has a high 3/4 arm slot with his FB ranging 81-85 with good carrying spin. His arm slot also allows him to throw a CB, 64-69, with good spin as well with 11/5 break. Reed also flashed some changeups with plus feel, 70-72, with good deception off his FB. The future is bright for Reed Schaefer and will be a fun one to watch develop the next couple years.

Jonathan Merino RHP / OF / Centennial , NV / 2021

Max Fastball - 85 MPH

6-foot-0, 165-pound frame, lean build, long limbs, room to add strength and size. Starts from left side of the rubber, he has an athletic, slightly rushed delivery, raw mechanics, tall-tilt type. Throws over a high front side, high ¾ slot, long, loose arm action. Athletic finish. Fastball, sat 82-83 mph, has been up to 85, jumps out of his hand, slight arm side run, more in the tank. Changeup, 71-72 mph, slows down delivery, flashes sink and arm side fade. Curveball, 64-66 mph, 11/5 shape, potential above average pitch, slight arm curl slowing down his motion. 

Scout Day Season is right around the corner, so be sure to sign up for your team's Scout Day to update your PBR Profile with your most current stats. These Scout Days will allow prospects to join our network of over 850+ college and professional scouts with a headshot, verified stats and video uploaded to each players’ personal profile as well as content to continue pushing out your players through our social media accounts following the event. The player profiles will also provide the PBR Nevada staff with a place to upload any write ups that we may do on your specific player or team throughout the year. Lastly, the Scout Days will play a key role in helping the PBR staff identify players and how they stack up against their peers to generate the most accurate PBR Rankings possible.