Uncommitted Upperclass: Catcher Analysis

Brett Harrison
Nevada Scouting Director

The Uncommitted Upperclass Showcase brought in a wealth of talent at all positions. Starting off the position analysis is a group of catchers that showed impressive tools behind the plate with each prospect delivering a sub 2.10 pop time. Highlighted by Jonathan Leal, who threw an event best 1.97 pop time while Jaren Gillespie earned the highest velocity out of group at 73 mph. Here is the analysis of each catcher in attendance:

Alec Barrett, C, Faith Lutheran, 2021
5-foot-11, 175-pound frame, athletic, long limbed, has room to develop strength and size in his. Behind the plate, Barrett delivered a 2.06 pop time, high transfer and short, quick arm action; 70 mph C velo. On-line footwork, balanced throughout, receives well. Projects sub 2.00 pop time with improved his footwork and arm strength. 8.05 60 laser timed 60. At the plate, has a wide, slightly squatted stance. Push back load off of his front foot, short stride, balanced throughout. Level swing swing, ability to spray the ball to all fields, efficient hand path, quick hip action and high finish; 82 mph exit velo. 

Jaren Gillespie, C/RHP, Elko, 2020
6-foot-3, 185-pound frame, lean, athletic build, long limbs, room to add strength and size. A 2.01 pop time, clean fundamental, on-line footwork, high transfer. Quick, short arm, above average carry; 73 mph C velo. Offensively, starts in a narrow, closed stance, hands shoulder high, weigh over his back leg, subtle hand load, soft stride, level, on plane bat path, rotational swing, with shoulder high, two-handed finish, ability to hit the ball to all fields; 82 mph exit velo. 7.92 laser timed 60-yard dash

Cannon Greene, C/1B, Green Valley, 2021
6-foot-0, 190-pound frame, athletic, developed build, strong lower half, room to develop upper half strength. At the plate, starts in a slightly open, athletic stance, fluid hand rhythm, loads into a high, hanging leg kick, small hand coil, lands with weight over his front foot, level swing with natural lift, good extension, drives the ball gap to gap, flashes of above average power to the pull side. 2.06 pop time, raw mechanics, slightly open throwing stance, ¾ arm slot, arm side run; 67 mph C Velo, receives well. Greene will be a prospect keep an eye out for heading into his junior year as he continues to develop his game both at and behind the plate. Short strider, some under way speed, 7.65 60 time.

Jonathan Leal, SS/C, Frontier (CA), 2021
5-foot-11, 155-pound frame, lean, athletic build that has room to develop strength and weight. He proved that he could get it done both as an infielder as well as behind the plate. Behind the plate, quick footwork not evident in his 7.90 60 time, a chest high exchange, on-line stride, short, quick arm cycle, high ¾ arm slot, flashes of carry; 71 mph C velo, event best pop time of 1.97. At shortstop, had feel for both the forehand and backhand plays, average range, made the routine plays, short, quick arm action with carry, accuracy; 77 mph IF velo. At the plate, starts in a tall, narrow, open stance. High hand position with slow rhythm, long stride, landing with some weight on his front foot, quick hip action. Efficient, slight upper cut swing, living mostly to the pull side with an open finish; 82 mph exit velo. 

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