7th Inning Snaps: Our Snapchat Story

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

SC: pbrnewyork

Prior to the ball dropping in Times Square we jumped into the fire that is known as Snapchat, the ultra-popular social media app. At our PBR-NY summit held in late November the idea was tossed around the table with, to be honest, no clue of what the app offers. So after some time and critical insight from the experts (our players), we have devised a short term plan that has already offered some amazing insight.

As asked in our weekly Twitter poll, we were looking for a name for the features that we could offer. The winner was "7th Inning Snaps", of course a play off the 7th Inning Stretch. A close second was "Relief Chatter", referencing a relief pitcher that would come in throwing gas to replace the tiring starter. In short the staff has decided on a few features that will run back-to-back here in NY from now until the end of the high school season; including the MLB Draft.

Relief Chatter

From Jan 1st through March 6th we will offer out to our followers the opportunity to "take over" our Snapchat with a 3 day look into their preseason preparation. We've so far seen 2017 3B Mateo Gil (Grand St.) with some amazing training from the Sport Science Lab in Staten Island and 2018 C/RHP Jeremy Lieberman (Liberty) with a Snapchat shoutout from former 12 yr MLB outfielder Michael Tucker when in Fort Myers for winter break. The Snap schedule will be two weekly shifts; Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday.

Snap Squad

Starting the week of March 6th (the standard start of preseason practices across the state) we will then feature a team of the week that takes our followers on a weekly journey of their preparation. As the postseason approaches we will be looking to add some teams that are making a push for a state title.

Draft Snap

With several players here in NY that could hear their named called in early June, we are excited to have them potentially take over our account for that magical moment.

Dugout Chatter

This will be for our live events. Looking to debut this feature at our Long Island Top Prospect Showcase on January 16th and use throughout the year.

Want to nominate yourself or a teammate to take over the "Relief Chatter" or possibly your team for the "Snap Squad" come March 6th, send an email to: [email protected]