Prep Baseball Report

Call to the Hall: Stat Release and Insight

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director


Prep Baseball Report - New York's first annual "Call to the Hall" showcase and games skirted around the weather at both Sidney HS and Cooperstown's Doubleday Field on Tuesday afternoon. With a few roster additions of some local uncommitted players, the game went off without a hitch. 

We break down the day statistically but also highlight some of the top performers.

Measurable Statistics

Pitching Measurables

Position Player Measurables

Pitching Standouts

Best Fastball (Present): 2020 RHP Jason Savacool (Baldwinsville / Maryland Commit) sat 90-91, clipping a 92 MPH in his one inning or work before Area Codes. Third time in the last 6 weeks we've seen him in this range. Two of the those were postseason starts where he carried the velo into the 7th innings.

Best Fastball (Future): 2020 Uncommitted RHP Teddy McGraw (Oneonta). First warmup "toss" was 88 MPH and only threw a couple FB below that mark in his 2 innings. Touched 90 MPH on several occasions with minimal effort. 6-foot-2 180 pound frame will hold plenty more. Will be on Team New York at the Future Games next week. Eyes will be opened (see best slider and change categories). 

Best Curveball: 2019 Cregg Scherrer (Skaneateles / Albany Commit); large 2-to-8 sweeper with some depth that many RHH gave up on and he was able to back-door. Tough match up for a LHH.

Best Slider: McGraw; almost unfair that a player that is barely old enough to drive himself to the game can dot the bottom of the knees and nip the edges of the plate with a razor blade slider at 80-81 MPH. Had at least 6 called strikes on glove side sliders to RHH and back-doors to LHH in a short two innings. Savacool is a close second with a hard lateral action slider at 82 MPH; his second breaking ball. 

Best Change up: McGraw again takes the prize here. Threw three of them at 82-83 MPH with some come-back action to his glove side vs. RHH. Savacool with above average feel as well.

Best Movement: 2019 RHP Jed Boyle (Thomas J. Corcoran / Le Moyne Commit); the recent commit was able to throw two innings featuring a late arm side/sinking FB  in the mid 80's that resulted in awkward swings. Also featured one of the better curveballs with late 11-to-5 break. 

Best Arsenal: Savacool; dubbed the "El Duque" of upstate NY by yours truly. All four offerings can be used in any scenario. Loves to pitch backwards even when it's not needed and then shove 90+ to a corner. Only two more years Central New York hitters!

Best Pitchability: 2020 LHP Joseph Vetrano (Lakeland / Boston College Commit); at times it appears that he can get into cruise control mode and when a hitter fouls off a couple pitches he just dials it up to 89 or 90 MPH or sharpens the knife to his breaking ball. Loves to challenge RHH inside with the FB and attack LHH with his 74-75 MPH breaking ball that has some sweep. We've seen 3 outings from him in the past 6 weeks and he could get outs with a 78 MPH FB let alone 88 MPH. When he gets the change up rolling for the next level, look out. 

Top Newcomer: Uncomitted- McGraw for sure. Committed- 2020 RHP Connor Bovair (South Glens Falls / Siena). Really like what we saw; athletic frame with an easy 87 on multiple occasions and flashed some feel to the breaking ball. Looking forward to seeing him again.

Best Sluggers on the Bump: A tie between 2019 RHP Jack Scanlon (Suffern / Texas Tech Commit) and 2019 Avery Cook (Whitesboro / St. John's). These two giants will be better suited losing baseballs over the fences at the next level but both show some competitiveness on the mound, including Scanlon getting up to 87 MPH with an old fashioned over-the-top 12-6/11-5 CB. Vetrano could also be jumped into this group. 

Position Player Standouts

Best Speed: 2019 OF Joshua Rodriguez (St. Joseph's Montvale, NJ / Rutgers Commit); ran a 6.89 60 in damp/drizzly conditions on a spongy turf surface. What's even more impressive is that it comes from a extremely physical 6-foot-3 195 pound frame. 

Best Athlete: Rodriguez, Vetrano and 2019 SS Fritz Genther (Kingston / Virginia Tech). Each in their own way. Rodriguez receiving the ball on a wide receiver screen pass would present some difficulties for the opposing teams secondaries. Vetrano is not your typical 1B/LHP. He ran an impressive 6.91 60, is athletic around the bag, can swing it and the southpaw can touch 89-90 on the bump. Genther gets everything possible out of his 5-foot-9 155 pound frame.

Best Arm: Genther checked in a 87 MPH across the diamond but in-game scenarios it goes to 2019 SS Aaron Perez (All Hallows / Maryland Commit) who can make the play in the hole, on the move and still get some steam on the ball. Rodriguez from the outfield made 6 throws all to the knees of the 3B and catcher on a dead line. His best number was 85 MPH but it played bigger then that. 

Best Defender: Perez and 2019 Tyler Holmes (Fairport / Hartford Commit). Perez is simply silk with the glove; Genther can also make the "wow" play. Holmes continues to be the catcher you don't even realize is there until he unleashes a bullet to 2B. 

Best Average Potential: Genther or Vetrano could be easy picks but I'm going with three dark horse catchers. 2019 Colin Williams (East Syracuse - Minoa / Farleigh Dickinson Commit), 2020 C Nicholas Castellana (Lancaster / Niagara Commit) and Holmes. All three with balanced approaches, short swings and some pull side pop at times. Castellana and Holmes both with future power potential. 

Best Power: Tough call at this event but Avery Cook, who stands 6-foot-6 245 pounds, creates tremendous lift and even when he misses one, it's long gone. A youngster in Sidney, NY may be walking down Main St. this weekend and see a baseball that is still rolling off the hilltops from the high school. Scanlon, Paulsen, Vetrano, Rodriguez and several others fill in behind Cook. 

Best Ceiling: 2019 MIF David Curreri (Honesdale, PA / Stony Brook); we've seen Curreri many times over the years. The arm continues to grow, the 60's have dropped. He is still a way from filling out his 6-foot-1 160 pound frame; the defensive actions play right now at the next level and with more consistency at the plate he should be a player that blooms at the right time. 

Toughest Out: Every time we see 2019 INF Zachary Selinger (Kennedy Catholic / Fordham Commit) we know their will be a bunch of quality at-bats had. In an event filled with impressive athletes he posted the best exit velocity at 99 MPH; creating all kinds of torque from his 5-foot-11 170 pound frame. 

Scrap Dog: Genther...gets after it everytime he steps in the box; handles above average pitching with a grinder's mentality. Very easy defender with glove side range; continues to get stronger physically and with his arm. 

Mr. Blue Collar: 2019 INF Brett Paulsen (John Jay - Cross River / Stony Brook Commit); packs his lunch and is ready for a 40hr week. Nothing flashy but makes the plays and put on a show during his BP rounds. Strong 6-foot-2 165 pound frame that might project as a big time 3B in the long term. 

Most Improved: Many players tend to plateau after committing, which was not the case in this event and may hold true for Northeast baseball overall. The player that caught our staff's eye was 2019 MIF Michael DeStefano (Liverpool / Canisius Commit); worked the gaps from the lefty batter's box, showed improved hands/transfer/arm during the workout. Physically still a long ways from where he will end up.

The Future: The event was in need of a few outfielders for the game; 2019 Sam Allen (Oswego), 2020 Brendan Harris (Guilderland), 2019 Utility Pierce Hendershot and 2019 Isaiah Logan (Canjoharie) all held their own. Allen and Hendershot were both Future Games attendees in 2017, Harris will be there next week (smoked a line drive single in the game) and Logan is riding a very hot bat since the spring. Special thanks to these players, including McGraw, who were able to help out on the day. 


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