Prep Baseball Report

Catching Analysis From June 21st Prospect ID

Dan Cevette
New York Scouting Director

Catching Analysis June 21 Prospect ID

Zach Fascia  C/RHP (Turner Fenton, Ontario 2016)
Fascia stands 6-foot-1 190 pounds and looks like a next level catcher now. Fascia receives the ball very nice and works with very quick footwork and ball to hand transfer. Pop times were all consistent at 1.91-1.92 on all throws and accurate. Fascia swings a nice stick from the left side with a knee to knee load and balanced approach.

Chris McDonnell C (Bath Haverling HS, NY 2016)

McDonnell stands 5-foot-10 147 pounds and receives the ball very well. His pop times were consistent around 2.2 and accurate. There is a lot to like with his ceiling. At the plate he sets up open and drops his hands some on the load. He needs to stay back a little better but this kids a sponge and will improve. He does show good hands but gets around it at times, from the tee his exit velocity was 71 mph.

Ryan Richer C (Horseheads HS, NY 2015)

Richer stands 5-foot-10 175-pounds and has nice footwork behind the plate with a quick release and 2.28 pop time. His velocity is average at 76 mph but accurate, he needs more time behind the dish to receive more comfortable. With the bat Richer wraps some on his load but gets inside the ball nice. His exit velocity is 84 mph showing signs of some pop. He shows a short stride and some balance in his approach.

Dawson Fascia RHP/C (Turner Fenton, Ontario 2015)

C/Hitting - Fascia shows good footwork and a fast release, an accurate arm with a pop time of 2.34. Has some bat lag but stays inside the ball nice. Exit velocity of 76 mph of the tee. He has a nice approach and stays balanced