Prep Baseball Report

Commitment Q & A: Meet Dominick Spinoso

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

This week we strike up a conversation with recently committed 2017 RHP/SS Dominick Spinoso of Christian Brothers Academy in Syracuse.   Spinoso is ranked No. 38 overall in our latest 2017 Rankings.   The impressive dual position prospect has shown great left side actions defensively; a balanced and aggressive stroke at the plate with a mid 80's fastball and above average 2-to-8 curveball. Spinoso will head off to NCAA D1 Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey next fall.


PBR: What’s the biggest part of your game that has improved over the last year?

SPINOSO: I got my velocity up and have more command of all my pitches.

PBR: What is an area you would like to become more consistent with?

SPINOSO: Confidence in my change up.

PBR: What was the biggest thing you’ve been able to take away from the PBR experience?

SPINOSO: I got to meet some more players and got a lot of exposure to scouts.


PBR: Name the best position player & pitcher you’ve witnessed over your high school years and why.

SPINOSO: Duke pitcher and infielder Zack Kesterson (New Hartford HS; Class of 2015), he topped out at 92 and has insane athleticism.

PBR: Toughest pitcher & hitter that you’ve faced and why?

SPINOSO: All the pitchers I faced in Jupiter, that was the first time that I faced players who sat low 90s.

PBR: Current or former pro player that you would like your game to emulate?

SPINOSO: I emulate my game after Marcus Stroman because he is the same height as me and has similar mechanics.


Give us 3 goals for this upcoming 2017 season.

SPINOSO: 1) To win sectionals again. 2) Sit low 90s 3) Continue to improve my pitching ability.

PBR: What were the deciding factors on choosing Fairleigh Dickinson?

SPINOSO: It just felt like a place that I wanted to spend the next 4 years at. I really like coach Puccio and coach McKay, they are both great coaches with a ton of knowledge. Also one of my teammates that I've been playing with since I was 10 is committed to FDU.

PBR: How are you hoping to contribute during your freshman at Fairleigh Dickinson?

SPINOSO: I am looking to help the team as best I can to win a conference championship.


PBR: Ok, let’s finish with some fun...Favorite pre-game snack or meal?"

SPINOSO: I like to drink red bull to get me even more focused.

PBR: Most embarrassing moment on a baseball field?

SPINOSO: In high school when I fielded a ball at shortstop and tripped over the grass lip while I was throwing, but I still got the out.

PBR: Superstitions?

SPINOSO: Don't really have any.

PBR: Choose your eternal walk up song (Edited Versions of course).

SPINOSO: Any Travis Scott song.