Get To Know: 2017 RHP Ryan Lambert (Colonie HS)

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Name: Ryan Lambert
High School:
Grad Year:
State Rank:
No. 5
National Rank:
No. 249

PBR: Let's start with your baseball commitment to Binghamton University. Tell us about the process and how you decided on the Bearcats? How excited are you to play in the American East Conference?

Lambert: The recruiting process was a very hectic and exciting time for me. It was pretty late when I committed to Binghamton. There were only a few schools that I was considering at that point. I was attracted to Binghamton because it is a fantastic school and they have also had a lot of success on the field including trips to regionals in three of the last four years. I really connected with the coaching staff from the first time I talked to them. They just received a very generous donation to add field turf and lights to an already beautiful facility. I'm extremely excited to play in the America East with the great competition and also I will be close enough to home so that my parents will be able to see me play. 

PBR: Baseball has an unbelievable way of positively shaping young man on and off the field. Tell us one life-lesson you have picked up over the years playing the game, and how that life-lesson may impact you later in life?

Lambert: Throughout my baseball career so far, I've learned many life lessons. One lesson that resonates with me most is that hard work will get you farther than talent ever will. The work ethic that I've developed from playing baseball has helped me in other areas of my life.

PBR: If you were a baseball scout and just watched yourself play, what would that scouting report look like? 

Lambert: If I were a scout and I saw myself pitch, the things that would jump out at me would be my arm speed and my slider. Also, I've got above average velocity and I don't walk a lot of batters.

PBR: This one is for our strictly baseball-minded readers. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses on the field. 

Lambert: One of my biggest strengths is that I'm able to throw an off-speed pitch in any count. Also I'm a tough competitor and I don't give into the batter when I'm in a difficult situation. One thing I'm trying to work on is getting more movement on my fastball and changeup.

PBR: You can only pick one, but who is your biggest baseball influence and why?

Lambert: My biggest baseball influence would have to be my dad. He was the person who got my baseball career started back when I was six years old and he signed me up for T-Ball. He's also taught me and my brothers everything that we know about baseball and pitching.

PBR: We are knee-deep into the off-season schedule. Tell us about your training, and spring preparation. 

Lambert: I work out five days a week with Leo Corvino at Corvino Performance because he's had so much success with many other baseball players from my area. Right now I'm just trying to get stronger and put on some more weight before next season. I shut down throwing as soon as I got back from Jupiter but I'll probably start throwing again in January

PBR: Anyone that plays the game with true passion hopes to leave their own legacy. Tell us how you want to be remembered for playing the game?

Lambert: Hopefully after my baseball career is over, people will remember me as someone who would do anything to help his team win. Also I'd like to be remembered as someone who was a great teammate and played the game the right way.