Get To Know: 2018 RHP Tommy Bednarski (Alden HS)

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Name: Tommy BednarskiThomas Bednarski
High School:
Grad Year:
State Rank:
No. 19

PBR: Let's start with your baseball commitment to Niagara University. Tell us about the process and how you decided on the Purple Eagles? How excited are you to play in the MAAC?

Bednarski: The recruiting process is a one of a kind experience. I first came in contact with Niagara when Coach Spatafora gave me a call and talked about a possible visit. After touring the campus and talking with Coach McCoy I knew Niagara would be a good fit. Playing in the MAAC will definitely bring some tough competition. It will give me the opportunity to play against guys I've been playing with in school and summer ball. Very excited to be a Purple Eagle.

PBR: Baseball has an unbelievable way of positively shaping young man on and off the field. Tell us one life-lesson you have picked up over the years playing the game, and how that life-lesson may impact you later in life?

Bednarski: Baseball is a game that is full of mistakes. The game taught me that mistakes will happen, but you can't dwell on them. You have to move on, forget about it and be ready for the next thing that will be thrown at you both on and off the field.

PBR: If you were a baseball scout and just watched yourself play, what would that scouting report look like?

Bednarski: If I was a baseball scout and saw myself play I'd see a strong arm off the mound, but also I'd notice that I do not finish through my pitches and struggle with a third pitch.

PBR: This one is for our strictly baseball-minded readers. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses on the field.

Bednarski: My biggest strength as a pitcher is by far my fastball. However, it can also be my biggest weakness when I overuse it. Developing a good change-up and improving my curveball are definitely two things that must happen to improve my game.

PBR: You can only pick one, but who is your biggest baseball influence and why?

Bednarski: My biggest baseball influence is my old coach Mike Jaskier. He taught me how to show respect and to shake someone's hand and look them in the eyes. When it came to the game of baseball he expected nothing but the best out of me and never seemed satisfied no matter the performance I had. This pushed me to always want to be better.

PBR: We are knee-deep into the off-season schedule. Tell us about your training, and spring preparation. 

Bednarski: Deep into the off-season, I've been practicing for a while with FCP. I'm there 3-4 days a week doing weighted ball training, lifting and other things focused around arm care.

Anyone that plays the game with true passion hopes to leave their own legacy. Tell us how you want to be remembered for playing the game? 

Bednarski: After I'm done playing baseball I hope to be remembered as the kid who came from a small school but worked hard to get where he wanted to be. Most of all, I want to be remembered as a good teammate.