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Get To Know: 2019 RHP Jason Diaz (Kellenberg HS)

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Jason Diaz
High School:
Grad Year:
State Rank: No. 2
National Rank: No. 32

Let's start with your baseball commitment to Miami. Tell us about the process and how you landed in South Beach? How excited are you to play in the ACC?

The recruiting process all started with an annual camp that Miami holds in the offseason for high school baseball players. My parents and I thought this was a great idea knowing that it has always been a University that has stood out to me. I played some-of-the best baseball I ever have that weekend, which resulting in the coaching staff showing interest. Later on in the year I went to a Travel Tournament with my summer team, the Long Island Titans. I pitched one-of-the games of my life, which led to coach DiMare making me an offer after the games were completed. I committed a short two-days after receiving the offer. Playing in the ACC was also a huge reason why I committed to Miami simply because of the high-end baseball competition and deep-history it the program holds.

PBR: Baseball has an unbelievable way of positively shaping young man on and off the field. Tell us one life-lesson you have picked up over the years playing the game, and how that life-lesson may impact you later in life?

Diaz: Baseball is a game of brotherhood. Since I was 11 years old, I have had four 100 plus game seasons, and seeing my teammates has never been a complaint of mine. Winning is the best feeling in the world, and as a baseball player knowing that all nine players, including the bench and coaches have clicked and united that game. Playing with brothers I know will do anything on that field for me makes me put my 110% effort towards that same goal. This will surely guide me later in life because of the pride and ownership of my actions, my competitiveness to be great, and amount of respect I have for all people around me.

PBR: If you were a baseball scout and just watched yourself play, what would that scouting report look like?

Diaz: I've always looked deep inside myself and seeing more potential. For example, with my mechanics I don't seem to use my lower half enough, knowing that I could gain three-to-five MPH on my fastball if I would. I also see myself developing a two-seam fastball that can chew up right-hand hitters, with swing and miss potential.

PBR: This one is for our strictly baseball-minded readers. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses on the field.

Diaz: Base running, two strike approach hitting, and pitching with runners on base are strengths I take pride in. Those are the times I can dig deep and get the job done. Reading pop-ups and attacking left- handed-hitters are some of my weaknesses, but I've been working hard on improving them this off-season.

PBR: You can only pick one, but who is your biggest baseball influence and why?

Diaz: My baseball influence would have to be Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays. Stroman, having grown up on Long Island gives me something to relate to, some real-hope that anything is possible. Also, the amount of work he puts in inspires me to work even harder. Stroman is the most emotional and inspiring Major League Baseball player we have from around here, because he always has people doubting him saying he can't do certain because of his height. His passion drives me to play like him with a chip on my shoulder.

PBR: We are knee-deep into the off-season schedule. Tell us about your training, and spring preparation.

Diaz: This off-season I've been focusing on strength and conditioning 3-5 times a week. The days I'm off I'll take some cage-swings and keep my arm loose doing long toss. I've been working on increasing my arm-velocity a lot as well.

PBR: Anyone that plays the game with true passion hopes to leave their own legacy. Tell us how you want to be remembered for playing the game?

Diaz: For being remembered forever, that has always been a goal of mine since day-one. I'd like to also be known as the player that never gave up, always worked hard, strives for success on the field, and being an amazing teammate.

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