Inside The Recruitment: Cameron Ringo, RHP, Hamburg HS, NY (2015)

Dan Cevette
Cameron Ringo
Director, New York

PBR New York sat down with the No. 38 in the Class of 2015 Rankings, RHP Cameron Ringo, a standout for Hamburg HS, for a deeper look inside his recruiting process.

Name: Cameron Ringo
High School: Hamburg
Position: RHP
State Rank: 38
Commitment: Binghamton

Ringo's Top Three Schools: Binghamton, Gannon
Top Offer: Gannon

When did you start looking into schools?

Ringo: Junior Year

PBR: When did you go on your first college visit?

Ringo: August of this year

PBR: What did PBR offer you from a recruiting standpoint (The Process)?

Ringo: Exposure to a wide range of colleges and posting information that is available to recruiters everywhere.

PBR: What did you like about the PBR events you attended?

Ringo: The professional way that they are run, the videos that are posted online and the colleges that they get to attend the events.

PBR: Do you think showcases are necessary for players looking to pursue a collegiate baseball career?

Ringo: Definitely.  PBR’s Showcase is unique from others I’ve attended in that all information is posted online to provide additional exposure to coaches beyond those in attendance. 

PBR: How did you land at your commitment?

Ringo: My initial exposure to Binghamton happened at the PBR Top Prospect Games.  This put me on their radar.  I attended a follow up camp at Binghamton and a week later made an official visit.  I knew it was the right school for me after spending time with the coaches and players.  I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

PBR: What words of advice would you give for the upcoming classes based on your recruiting experience?

Ringo: You never know where doors will open.  I found the right school for me by taking advantage of opportunities as they became available.  Keep an open mind, attend events and always work hard. Knowing what you want to study greatly helps the decision process.

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