The Outer Black: Oppurtunites Expand at the College Level

Jared Carrier
Scouting Director, New York

We've added another feature to our steady stream of information available to the Empire State as we debut the "Outer Black" today. Topics will include goodies that have been on our mind for some time but haven't made out of our heads and onto paper (or into a computer). We also hope to include additional topics such as human interest stories, on and off field thoughts and general observations. Much like the "The Outer Black" of the plate, a place we hope to get to as a pitcher and cover as a hitter; valuable nuggets of information to help better serve the New York baseball community.

Opportunities Arise

As we head to to the final month of 2017 we want to highlight some of the start up programs in New York that potentially can add roughly 75 or more players to NY college rosters in the next year. All of the mentioned programs have been regulars at our events this past year as they look to load their rosters with homegrown talent.

SUNY Cobleskill (NCAA D3, Cobleskill, NY)
We welcome back the Tigers, who were once a Junior College program, as they have returned to compete at the four-year level.  They will open their 2018 season on February 24th. Cobleskill is led by Robert Fisk, a Michigan native, with prior coaching experience at Philadelphia University, Swathmore College and Eastern University.

The College of New Rochelle (NCAA D3, New Rochelle, NY)
The Blue Angels will take to the diamond this spring as well. Led by Head Coach Thomas Cannella, who has deep roots in the NY metro area, expect a mix of Junior College players and local talent to help springboard the program.

Monroe College - Bronx Campus (NJCAA D3, Bronx, NY)
New York now has a 3rd "Monroe". Not related to the successful NJCAA D2 program in Rochester (Monroe CC), The Monroe "Express" of the Bronx is a branch campus from the powerful NJCAA D1 Monroe College located in New Rochelle. Another opportunity for NYC/Metro area players to stay close to home develop their abilities to move on to the next level. Rockland County native Albert Gonzalez will take the reigns for the Express.

DYK (about JV/ Club Teams)?

Junior Varsity programs have been around for some time at the 4 year level in New York. A recent trend that has surfaced is the inclusion of a JV programs at the Junior College level. The main focus at the JV level is to develop a player who can contribute at the varsity level, provide roster depth and continue to compete under the umbrella of the respective institution's athletic program. A little known rule is that a player that competes at the JV level and for a school's club team (that also offer's a varsity team) will use their eligibility once they compete. Important information to know when a player transfers.

The aforementioned Monroe College (NJCAA D1) is now into it's 3rd year of a JV program, SUNY Sullivan (NJCAA D2) has just announced the addition of a JV program starting in the fall of 2018. Monroe already plays a very respectable JV schedule and the intentions at Sullivan are the same. Do your homework and find out what other opportunities are out there.

Club teams, although not associated with the sanctioned programs, can still provide that baseball fix and plenty of talented players make up these programs. There may even be the occasional success story of a club player getting noticed and offered a varsity roster spot. Many major universities across the country and within New York offer club programs with rosters made up of Junior College players or varsity players that no longer compete for the school's team (for good and maybe not so good reasons). Here's a comprehensive list of Club Programs.

The bottom line is the Division I dream is a great one to have but the opportunities alone presented in New York and the Northeast with the plethora of D2, D3, JUCO and Club programs is unmatched. Some of the best professionals in the game (off the field and occasionally on) all had their starts and experience at these various levels.


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