Prep Baseball Report

New York Games: East Futures Complete Analysis From July 7-9

Dan Cevette
Director, New York

Jared Carrier
Special Assistant

East Futures Team Analysis

John Hipsman, OF, Chester Academy, NY (2018) Well put together outfielder who stands at 5-foot-9, 155-pounds. Ran an impressive 6.78, showed some arm strength at 77 MPH and featured an 82 MPH exit velocity. Offensively John hits from an upright setup and slightly open. Flattens the barrel slightly during load phase while gaining some ground forward and back to even with stride. Stays short into the zone and accelerates through the zone. Showed some pull side pop but yet can cover the whole plate. Defensively John was very impressive in CF, can cover the gaps well and gets a tremendous read and first step. Next level center fielder for sure who may have the arm strength to handle right field when it's all said and done. Recently returned from lower back injury and showed no ill effects whatsoever.

Evan Norman, 3B/SS, Saugerties HS, NY (2018) Evan, a filled out 5-foot-8, 170-pounds, who is more agile then his overall foot speed would indicate (7.53 60). Matched his 82 MPH exit velocity from the winter. Checked in with a 70MPH infield velocity. Offensively Evan hits from an upright and open stance with barrel laid across the shoulder. Slides hands back from this position for his load. Brings stride foot in before gaining ground out in front, covers a good amount of distance here but gets foot down in time and is ready to hit. Weight can slide into contact early at times. Stays inside the ball well and covers the whole plate. Hands back over shoulder and upright with finish. Line drive results. Defensively Evan shows good actions, constantly moving feet and soft with glove. Projects as more of a 3B/2B type and may be better suited long term at 3B. Occasional glove tap with an additional shuffle step before release, would need to eliminate both to be more efficient with his release. More in the tank arm strength wise as he uses a short arm action from a side arm release.

Joseph Garcia, 1B/RHP, Red Hook HS, NY (2018) Garcia, one of the more intimidating physical presences on the mound and at the plate, will be a 2018 grad at Red Hook HS. Featured an exit velocity of 91 MPH (up from 88 in February) while also improving his 60 from 7.50 to 7.41. Was 77 MPH across the diamond from 1B. Defensively Joey is primarily a first baseman he presents a large target at 6-foot-4 but also has a soft glove and is clean with his footwork around the bag. Offensively Joey is quiet with his timing mechanisms, stays back into contact and explodes through the heart of the baseball. High ceiling within the power department. Pitching Joey showed a clean delivery and big curveball from a high 3/4 slot. More in the tank velocity wise, looking forward to see his progress as he could develop into a legitimate "2-way" player at the next level.

Luke Gold, 2B/SS, Ballston Spa HS, NY (2019) Great athlete's body at 5-foot-10, 150-pounds. He improved his exit velocity from 79 to 83 MPH and showed a 75 MPH arm across the diamond. Shows more athleticism then his 7.81 60.  Offensively Luke hits from a spread position with hands pre-loaded. Uses slight knee rotation and heel lift to kick start timing. Generates hip rotation with aggressive back foot, stays behind the ball and produces some extension to his pull side. Line drive results with some slight lift. Simple timing and repeatable swing. Defensively Luke is extremely active from the waist down but super smooth with the glove. Shows good bounce and the ability to change direction. Occasionally has small stutter step during transfer but when he gets the ball out right away he flashes some next level shortstop abilities.

Lewis Clarke, OF, Saratoga Springs, NY (2018) Clarke will be 2018 graduate at Saratoga Springs HS. This was PBR-NY's second look at Clarke as he attended the Futures Showcase in February of 2015. Clarke improved his 60 time, getting it down to 6.91 from 7.02, improving his OF velocity from 76 to 79 MPH and his exit velocity from 77 to 84 MPH. Defensively Lewis was even more impressive was his in game play where he demonstrated a tremendous first step in the outfield, tracking down balls in the gap. Arm is accurate with room for additional growth, Will project as a next level centerfielder. Offensively Lewi showed some explosive bat speed at the plate. Clarke has a bit of high leg kick but when he gets his foot down he can get through the zone quickly. His elongated and elevated finish, coupled with his speed will make him an extra base threat for years to come.

David Yankowski, 3B/RHP, Ichabod Crane HS, NY (2018) David, a well-built 5-foot-9, 150-pounds INF/RHP, had a tremendous jump in his exit velocity from 76 to 85 MPH. Ran a 7.45 60 and maintained his 80 MPH positional velocity. Popped a personal best 82 MPH from the mound. Offensively David hit's from a wide stance with simple timing mechanisms (short load, heel lift). Good back foot/hip rotation while staying behind the ball. Accelerates through the zone with a short stroke and extension to all fields. Very easy effort and repeatable swing. Defensively Active footwork in all directions, hands out in front with quick transfer. More than suitable left side arm (80 MPH). Serviceable at shortstop but could handle 2B/3B with ease. Pitching David uses a high leg kick that pushes his shoulders back slightly. Controlled stride with length and direction, using tall and fall method. Area of concern is front leg on landing which features a 90 degree collapse bringing body position much lower to the ground and losing the downward throwing plane. Arm action is long and clean, coming through at high 3/4 slot (1:30) with good extension despite front side concerns.

James Flood, OF/RHP, Red Hook HS, NY (2018) James, an impressive athlete, was able to improve his measurable statistics from February with a 60 time that now stands at 6.98 (was 7.32), an exit velocity that bumped from 75 to 82 MPH. Working out as an outfielder he was up to 77 MPH. Offensively James hits from a slightly crouched over setup with a controlled load and a slight stride forward. Stays behind the ball and is explosive with lower half. Barrel stays above contact but level in and after the hitting zone with a high finish. Limited weight transfer. Repeatable efforts with line drive results. Defensively: Light on his feet in the outfield, able to stop and switch and/or change directions with acceleration. Uses long arm action and is accurate with some carry. Would benefit from being more aggressive into his crow hop footwork to eliminate any flat foot throws. Pitching James was rained out of his start on Day #3 of the Futures Games. Look for him to throw August 12th at the Hudson Valley Open.

Owen Dando, INF/RHP, Vestal HS, NY (2018) Our second look at Dando allowed for us to see his versatility. An athletically built 2018 grad who improved his 60 time to a sub 7.0 number (6.97 from a 7.13). Offensively: Owen features a controlled load of his hands with a short stride forward that can occasionally draw his weight forward prematurely. When staying back he gets aggressive hip rotation and keeps the barrel slightly above the ball into the zone. High finish with functional weight transfer. Flashed some pop to the pull side gap. Stroked two doubles in Futures Game #1. Defensively: Owen is best suited at 2B at this point but will run well enough to possibly be moved to an outfield position if need be. Moves well to his glove side, gathers himself and showed an accurate arm (as evidence by a full layout during games). Continued improvement in the arm strength department could open some additional left side opportunities. Pitching: Another aspect of Owen's game is that he is a strike thrower. Clean delivery that features a compact balance point with center chest hand position. Strides slightly open to the 1B side but maintains some front side closure with front foot angle. Could benefit from a firmer front side to create a better down hill angle. Arm path is clean and comes through at 3/4 slot. Additional velocity gains (presently upper 60's to low 70's) will be beneficial but has a firm foundation to work from.

Nelson Arroyo, C/RHP/OF, Burke Catholic, NY (2018): Arroyo impressed with his versatility and also put up some very well rounded measureables. The 2018 grad of Burke Catholic projects better behind the plate then on the mound or in the OF, although serviceable at both, especially in the OF with a 6.84 60 time. Arroyo featured an 83 MPH exit velocity, 2.12 pop time and was 79 MPH from the OF. Pitching On the mound he sat in the upper 70's and featured a tight slider. Compact build and short arm action more suitable behind the dish but will work in short scenarios on the mound. Offensively Will benefit from calming his movements at the plate as he has a few extra moving parts during the timing phase. Gets through the zone quickly with a high finish. Defensively: Arroyo presents a great target behind the plate and has significantly cut down his release time by staying low and working on transfer. Becoming a better receiver and blocker as game experience continues. Arm strength is there. In the outfield, because of his speed, he can have a legitimate secondary option after catching. Uses a short arm action with accurate throws. Would benefit from a more substantial crow hip to produce better carry.

Joshua Rudock, 3B/RHP, Susquehanna Valley, NY (2019): One of the few 2019 participants at the Futures Games Josh showed that he will be a player to follow. Well put together at 5-foot-7, 155-pounds Josh ran an impressive 6.98 60, a slight improvement from his February performance. Also showed a bump in exit velocity (74 to 77 MPH). Offensively Josh features a slightly spread stance with a short stride. Hands dip some during take back causing some bottom 1/3 contact on the baseball. Stays in that direction with finish creating some lift. Will be a player that can split the pull side gap. Defensively Josh fields everything out in front and showed an accurate arm from the left side. Above average arm strength at 75 MPH for his age. Projects as a 2B/3B type but runs well enough to possibly pursue a corner outfield spot if needed. Pitching Josh works from a compact balance point with a high 3/4 arm slot, almost over the top. Movements are a bit stiff on the mound, relaxing arm slot here may be beneficial in freeing him up. CB had some 12-6 action with late bite. Finishes square to the plate and in a good fielding position. Velo sits mid 70's, will be interesting to watch his progress as a 2019 graduate.

George Rainer, INF/C/OF, Mt. Sinai, NY (2018): Athletically built 2018 grad who can handle multiple positions. Ran a respectable 60 at 7.18 along with 78 MPH arm strength and 83 MPH exit velocity. Offensively George sets up off his back leg, slight shift of the weight with controlled load of hands. Gets aggressive lower half rotation, balanced swing to swing.  Bat path drags some into the zone but also stays with the ball post contact (extension). Defensively George is active with his footwork into groundballs. Would benefit from some additional acceleration of feet during throwing footwork and cleaning up his transfer. Adequate left side arm. Projects more as a 2B/3B type but also filled in at 1B and behind the plate during games. Athleticism could also carry him to the outfield if need be.

Nicholas Rivera, INF, Monroe-Woodbury, NY (2018) Lean yet athletic build at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. Nick showed serviceable foot speed with 7.14 60 time. Adequate left side arm with room for some growth at 73 MPH with and exit velocity of 81 MPH. Offensively Nick showed some juice in his bat, specifically to his pull side. At the plate Nick features a leg kick with some ground gained. Stays behind the ball well with minimal action with the bat barrel during load. Demonstrated aggressive back foot/hip rotation. Keeps hands inside contact and barrel angle above the ball. High finish with hands but with minimal weight transfer. Can handle the good fastball. Projects possibly better at 2B/3B in the long run but made all the plays at SS during games. Defensively Nick is extremely active with his footwork into the ball. Keeps steps choppy yet soft and changes directions well. Tends to field the ball underneath and on heels. Would love to see momentum maintained into fielding position and through throws.

TJ Gregory, INF, Chester Academy, NY (2018)
TJ features a wiry/athletic build at 5-foot-10, 155-pounds. Put up some respectable measureables with 7.09 60, 77 Exit velocity and 76 MPH arm strength across the diamond. With his frame and athleticism, expect those numbers to jump over the years ahead. Offensively TJ hits from an upright position that is slightly open to start. He gets back to even with the stride and gains some ground, occasionally pulling weight forward to soon. Slight coil with load and barrel stays above hands. Keeps hands inside contact and clears lower half through consistently. Finish up and away from body towards first base line and foul territory. Showed some pull side pop but can still cover all fields. Defensively TJ is active with his feet and keeps hands out in front. Serviceable left side arm that uses a short arm action and low 3/4 slot. More in the tank here. Occasional extra shuffle step delays transfer and release. Runs well enough to pursue corner outfield spot if needed, body may grow into 3B type frame as well.

Stephen Fisher, C/3B, John Jay HS, NY (2018) Stephen features a compact build at 5'5" 150 lbs. Showed a 2.20-2.38 pop time range, positional velocity of 72 MPH (INF) and 71 MPH (C) to go along with a 75 MPH exit velocity, all numbers that showed improvement from February. Defensively: The coaches developed a true appreciation for Stephen as he is simply put, a "grinder".  Where he will most impress is behind the plate handling different pitchers, staying in the dirt and being soft on the edges when receiving. Room for improvement with transfer and continuous motion during throwing as he spiked a few throws, working "downhill" with his throws (weight over front side, extending down and not out). Showed well in the footwork department with groundballs but will need to connect his shuffle step better to his his throwing action to make for a more fluid transition. Body type and physical actions suited more for 3B when playing infield. Offensively: Stephen displayed a short, repeatable stroke with great balance throughout. Easy take back with hands and weight. Uses lower half well. Barrel levels out a bit early but stays in the hitting one a long time. Work ethic, attitude and willingness to stick it out (caught a ton of innings & bullpens over 3 days) will be part of what helps Stephen get to the next level.

Sachin Nambiar, RHP/1B, Mamaroneck HS, NY (2018): Ideal pitcher's frame at 6-foot-1, 185-pounds. Worked out positionally but ceiling is higher on the mound. Respectable measureables for 60 (7.32), exit velocity (78 MPH) and INF Velocity--after pitching day before (76 MPH). Pitching Sachin showed a long and loose arm action with some velocity projection, sitting in the upper 70's. Closes himself off with stride towards the third baseline, landing on heel and collapsing front side. Once he is able to get delivery in alignment and able to repeat he will see better command, downhill action and consistency with secondary pitches. Breaking ball featured 2-8 action but was early and rolled some due to an extended release. Offensively Sachin starts from a slightly narrow and upright position. Short and simple with timing mechanisms. Hits a bit flat-footed and bat sweeps through hitting zone. Would like to see a more aggressive and involved lower half, effort and balance wise. Defensively Sachin would project best at 1B, presenting a large target with an extended reach. Moves feet well and would not be considered a clogger with a 7.32 60 as a corner INF. Needs more game experience here.

Jesse Romao, RHP/1B/3B, Saunders Trade, NY (2018): Lanky build, long armed RHP/Corner INF. Below average speed but suitable corner INF arm (75 MPH) and an 81 MPH exit Velo. Projects better on the mound but did show power potential at the plate. Offensively Jesse hits from an upright stance with weight distributed 50-50 and tilt from front shoulder to back shoulder. Maintains bat angle during load and controls weight shift swing to swing. Flashed some pull side pop both in BP and in game. Very easy effort into the zone with an elongated finish. Defensively Jesse showed soft hands and an accurate arm. Stays a bit taller than most when in fielding position and tends to cut off his finish with a pitcher's follow through on throws. Below average speed & power potential will relegate him to a corner INF spot, possibly 1B over the long term. Pitching On the mound is where Jesse looks the most comfortable. Has a slight kick out to the 3B side on way up to his balance point with a low set position at the belt with his hands. Long arm action with little resistance, working from a high 3/4 slot. Slight hesitation with lead leg into landing, possibly slowing momentum before contact to the ground. Would like to see a more aggressive finish over front side and with back leg lift. More in the tank here, look for Jesse to make that mid to upper 70's jump to the low 80's. Features a 1-7 breaking with tight spin and occasional early action.

Jonathan Anderson, LHP, Paspick Hills (NJ) 2018:  Anderson, a Middletown, NY resident, attends Paspack Hills HS in New Jersey. The LHP was the talk of Game 1 of the Futures Games, throwing 3 innings of masterful baseball. The slightly built 2018 grad has room for growth on his 6' 150lb frame. Featuring a fastball in the low to mid 70's Anderson does not rely on above average velocity but being able to use all three pitches and work both sides of the plate. Not afraid of pitching backwards or getting in on RH hitters. Working from a low 3/4 slot, Anderson hides the ball well. Stays closed and gets up and over front side. Is able to repeat delivery from windup and stretch. Breaking ball has sharp rotation with 10-4 action, change up with late arm side fade. Pitchability, mound presence and being able to control the running game at this age is rare. Projectable frame that will bring additional velocity with physical maturity.

Christian Italiano, RHP/OF, CBA-Albany (2018): Our second look at Christian really allowed for him to show his complete game. Smaller but ultra-athletic frame, Christian shaved down his 60 time from a 7.12 to 6.84. Maintained velocity measureables and improved exit velocity to 82 MPH. Offensively Christian uses a wide setup at the plate with a hand position that starts in the center of his body. Snaps hands back to create proper spacing during load with limited movement downstairs (heel lift). Creates torque through lower half and core, quick wrists/forearms creates some whip through the zone. Smoked a couple of line drives on letter high fastballs during games. Defensively Christian has suitable OF foot speed and possesses an accurate arm. Would like to see an elongated arm action to allow for additional carry and momentum build into release. Uses more of catcher/2B short arm action right now. Fast twitch with footwork allowing for quick first steps and full acceleration within a few steps. Pitching Christian threw 2 impressive innings featuring a mid to upper 70's fastball with a tight/compact slider that showed late tilt. Compact delivery with short arm action where ball rolls under the hand on the upswing. Arm works quickly at a low 3/4 slot. Tends to recoil with follow through. Arm action and finish right now could lead to some stress over time if pitching becomes an extended part of his game.

Kevin Brennie, INF, Highland HS, NY (2018): Athletically built at 5-foot-11, 170-pounds, Kevin ran a 7.31 60 , showed 71 MPH arm positionally and had an exit velocity of 78 MPH. Offensively Hits from an upright stance with flat bat angle to start. Slight drift onto front side with stride with weight. Lifts barrel to an angled position during load. Little bit loose with lower half movements but maintained an easy upper body effort swing to swing. High finish out in front on back end of swing. Would like to see adjustments made where he can stay back and gather his legs underneath to be more aggressive. Swing path could use some shortening but overall he gets the barrel to the ball. Inside out contact at times. Defensively listed as 2B but body type and actions may allow for a move to 3B. Tends to stand up during transition from fielding to throwing. Moves feet well and has room for gains in the arm strength department. Pitching Showed a quick arm with a mid-70's fastball. Arches back some leading out of balance point into his landing with a high 3/4 slot. Throws against an overly closed front side (which will force an earlier release and arm side misses).  Gets over front side and finishes aggressively with back leg. Good pitcher's frame for his age. Improved fastball command and consistency with secondary pitches will round out Kevin's development.

Brett Young, 2B, Albany Academy, NY (2018):
At 5-foot-9, 160-pounds, Young's skill set plays much larger. Listed as a 2B but all measureables, body type and skill set point to a potential next level 3B. Offensively Brett features a slight wrap of the barrel during load but maintains a positive bat angle and displayed one of the more compact/explosive strokes during his BP rounds. 85 MPH exit velocity coupled with his swing path will allow him to handle above average fastballs and plus off-speed. Different sound to his BP as ball jumps off the bat. 7.38 60 could be improved but average if at a corner spot. Defensively Brett displayed some of the best actions not only into the ball but through his throws which were accurate with good carry. Arm strength checked in at 76MPH but more in the tank as most throws came off a quick release/short arm action. Displayed soft hands and an above average transfer. Will be comfortable at 2B/SS/3B.

Drew Jemison, 1B/3B, Monroe-Woodbury HS, NY (2018): Drew features a prototypical corner infield build at a compact 5-foot-10, 185-pounds with broad shoulders and strong legs. Due to pre-existing injury Drew was unable to complete the 3 day workout. Did run a 7.44 60 on day 1 with an injury that would alter that time.  Offensively We have seen Drew a few times prior to the games and he hits from a wide base with minimal actions during timing. Above average bat speed and can get to the middle in fastball. Will benefit from additional lower half aggression to reach his ceiling in the power department. Defensively Drew can handle either corner infield position. Moves feet well and good with the glove at both spots. Will only get better as agility and arm strength continue to improve. Looking to forward to seeing him again at full strength.

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