New York Games Spotlight: Frankie Pizzo, 3B, Shenendehowa HS, NY (2016)

Dan CevetteFrankie Pizzo
Director, New York

Name: Frankie Pizzo
High School: Shenendehowa
Grad Year: 2016
Position: 3B

Scouting Reports
10/18- Pizzo stands 5-foot-9, 175-pounds with a very strong lower half. From the infield he shows next level actions, staying around the ball and through the ball on his throws. Fields the ball to his arm side, clean exchange, smooth arm action, throws from a mid-3/4 slot with above average arm strength at 85 mph (In Feb he was 90 mph across the field). At the plate uses a small stride, short path to the ball, level bat plane, hands stay inside the ball with signs of power potential (84 mph exit velocity off a tee). Nice long extension through contact, shoulder height finish. Home to first time was 4.7, pro agility time was 4.78.

Pizzo stands 5-foot-9 175-pounds with a solidly built frame. At the plate he starts wide with some weight shifted on his back side and he keeps his hands high. On the pitch he uses a back load, heel lift and stride before driving his hands inside the ball with a short path. His bat plane is slightly inclined through the zone and his finish is shoulder height with some recoil. He shows signs of a powerful swing generating 84 mph off a tee exit velocity. At 3B he has smooth, clean actions to the ball, funnels the ball to his belt with a clean transfer. He uses a short arm action to a low 3/4 slot showing above average arm strength at 82 mph. Fun player to keep an eye on.

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