On Deck Preview: 2018 RHP/3B Nick Comunale (Sachem East)

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

Name: Nick Comunale
High School:  Sachem East
Grad Year: 2018
Position: RHP/3B
Rank: No. 146
Next Event: Long Island Top Prospect

Scouting Report  
Nick stands an athletic yet slender 6-foot-1, 160-pounds. Pitching- From the windup he starts with his hands high.  Bring his hands to his center during his side step.  Good rhythm to a high knee lift.  Counter rotates nicely at his balance point. Leads with his hip. Land leg swings out a bit making him fall off to the glove side slightly.  Once he's able get his nose over his front foot, you should see his velocity jump up.   Impressive 77 mph fastball, with -10mph differential on his change-up.  Offensively- At the plate, Nick stays balanced with his stance a little more than shoulder width apart.  Starts slightly open and loads with the pitch.  Lets the ball get deep in the zone.  Short but quick swing shows signs of power. 77 mph exit velocity.  A slight back shoulder dip keeps him from getting full extension, and creates a slight lean out over the plate. Stays inside the ball, High finish. Defensively- In the field he moves well from side to side and shows an above average glove.  Keeps his hands out front, and keeps a wide base when receiving the ball.  Long loose 3/4 arm slot from the field. Attacks slow rollers well, and moves through the baseball. Was 70 MPH across the diamond.

What to Expect 
"Two years ago at our first ever Futures Event Comunale was one of many young players who stood out. What was most impressive was his overall hand speed; incredibly quick acceleration with a repeatable delivery getting up to 77 MPH. His present day ranking is more of a reflection of that event so we are beyond pumped to see his progress on January 16th, not just on the mound but as a position player also. At an inch taller and 15 pounds heavier we're sure to see a bump in numbers as his mechanics and abilities were advanced when we last saw him and can handle the effort. Additional strength and leverage will be major players for him. "

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