On Deck Preview: 2019 RHP/3B Marc Stockhausen (St. Raymond's)

Jared Carrier
Director of Scouting, NY

Name: Marc Stockhausen 
High School:  St. Raymond's
Grad Year: 2019
Position: RHP/3B
State Rank: No. 32
Next Event: Downstate Fall Preview

Scouting Report

Athletic 2019 grad standing at 5-foot-10 and 150lbs. Offensively- Hits from a strong athletic base generating good bat speed with the lower half. Hands start slightly above the back shoulder and get into a strong launch position. Gets the front foot down and keeps the hands behind the rotation of the hips consistently, generating an exit velocity of 74 MPH. Ran a 4.79 from home to first. Defensively- Used good pre-pitch movement to approach the ball  aggressively but under control. Transfer can be a bit quicker and more efficient which will improve the registered 72 MPH arm velocity. Pitching- Gets good extension with the back leg, generating good arm speed. Fastball showed some promise sitting at 73-74 and topping out at 75 MPH. Curveball was a bit inconsistent and backed up a bit, as the tempo of the delivery was a bit slower. With an adjustment of tempo and not wrapping the wrist, should show more consistent break and velocity. Curveball topped out at 55 MPH.  Change-up showed more promise, as the tempo and delivery were much more consistent. The pitch showed good depth and arm side run and good differential off the fastball topping out at 64 MPH.

What to Expect

"Stockhausen had a solid showing last February at our Pre-Season Long Island Event. Features a low slot on the mound with a fastball that should show some gains come this October 2nd. Not to be outshined on the mound, expect Stockhausen to flash a steady glove and a repetitive line drive stroke. "

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